It Sucks Living in Prophetic Times

Fannie-FEMA-zazThere are many people out there sharing the very same visions but for what ever reason they are just not connecting. A real part of prophecy was that all you boneheads would have the opportunity to know the truth and ultimately the key to surviving the end of this era of stupid. But it was also prophesized many would not buy into any prophetic works and gleefully march to their own demise. Go figure… Continue reading

End of Times for Some, Renaissance for Others

molechThough we are living in the Contemporary Dark Ages it is heartening to note that the human spirit is persevering in spite of the ever darkening shadow of global greed and colonization. In fact the proverbial Dark Ages has become a rallying point where all cultures of the world can stand in solidarity in the face of global corporate tyranny. Inadvertently elitist stooges have drawn a line in the sand separating themselves from the rest of the global population for it is clearly us against them, provided you are aware.

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Earth Changes & Other Stuff You Might Already Know That Sucks

Fannie-FEMA-zazContrary to popular belief, Prophecies and the ‘Time of change’ are moving along as cautioned by the ancients and mankind has predictably chosen to ignore all the warnings. Ironically, as globalists and their paranormal butt crack pals try to alter the course of destiny, they are actually speeding things along and following prophecy like a script, quite nicely I might add. We’ve already begun the final decent into darkness and the fun has only just begun so you had better have your spiritual flashlight handy boys & girls. Continue reading

Earth Changes, Spinning the Wheel of Mankind’s Destiny

As man scrambles to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in the wake of another “coincidental” natural disaster it should be clear, the time of change has come. Unfortunately it was prophesized that much of the world’s populations would still be scrambling to find a “human” solution when the futilities of their efforts were ultimately revealed. With greed at the helm it is obvious modern society is on a ship of fools. A kingdom built on a foundation of sand is destined to crumble in the era we live. Silica sand and the world it offered will ultimately be an Achilles tendon as man flounders in the angry sea of change. And it’s about time. Continue reading

Welcome to The Dark Ages

It’s not hard to imagine how things were back when dogmatic zealots like Charlemagne and other pinheads were killing in the name of their respective G*D’s. Since the deaths of Mohammad, Jesus and other iconic figures, man has done a bang up job of murdering innocent villagers throughout the world in their quest for gold because G*D said so. Does not matter what dogma the invaders were, it was the innocent peasant who was universally terrorized, raped and murdered during these so-called holy wars. Millions were slaughtered in cold blood, their land and meager possessions confiscated and the bounty added to the coffers of some bogus kingdom or empire. It was the serf who paid the actual price for the building of Europe’s fraudulent kingdoms, financial empires and there was nothing noble about it. It is reprehensible that religion was the excuse to murder others throughout history. There was little concern for humanity and villagers were expendable, much like now. In fact whole villages were destroyed and inhabitants murdered at the whim of some twisted duke or other mindless royal. Ironically the descendants of these imperious criminal cartels still reign in fetid flare through shadow groups and monetary consortiums. And like their ancestors they are marching civil society back into the Dark Ages for fun and profit.

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The Prophetic World of Chaos and It Only Gets Better

From an indigenous point of view, I am giddy with excitement as prophetic signs of every kind come to pass with even greater frequency than before. The cool part about it all is the fact these signs are written within a myriad of dogmas not just mine. The riots and other forms of civil unrest, regardless of issues or pseudo political agendas, will spread throughout the world relatively quickly. Dabble in a few more ‘coincidental’ natural catastrophes to man’s misery and there will be a few more pissed off hungry human beings flipping over cop cars and torching up the neighborhood 7-11. And all the while the stock market keeps counting coup on the taxpayer to the joy of international globalists. With skyrocketing profits in critical sectors it is only clear that blatantly unwarrantable greed is the corporate axiom and justification for sharp increases in all consumer goods. There is no end to man’s unscrupularity but fortunately Ma Earth and her chums have another idea.

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Guizhou Pharmacist Dies in Prison after Being Disabled by Torture

Just making sure everyone knows where their frugal dollar is going when they buy Chinese goods. But after a few years of reporting the atrocities being committed by the Chinese Communist Party it is clear most people are to self-absorbed to care about the plight of others, Especially when the free world is financing crimes against humanity. Then you wonder why the earth is in such upheaval these days. Personally I am elated we are living in the time of change and eagerly await its’ judgement.

Mankind will reap what he sows in the months ahead, provided you are not one of the millions who lost everything this last year. As usual man is not even aware of the plights of fellow countrymen who’ve already lost everything to disasters or the on going bank and stock market fraud. So  instead, lets celibate Chinese New Years and all the accomplishments China has offered the world such as torture, rape and death to those who walks in a moral and disciplined way. Whether you’re a Falun Gong practitioner or simply a Christian or Buddhist one thing is for sure, you are an enemy of the state for privately daring to think and live morally.

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Coping with Supernatural Whizz-Bang’s

So some spirit moved your ashtray across the table and they keep whispering your name in a haunting surreal tone. While you’re trying to sleep someone pulls all your blankets off and the room gets freezing cold. Then they decide to look spooky and threaten you or your loved ones with morbid and horrific tales of death. For some, this type of encounter sends folks over the edge running down the street screaming at the top of their lungs in their boxers. Others “submit” to this unknown force only to be a conscript and do this apparitions bidding on earth, be it slaughter your family with a ball peen hammer or play Justin Bieber albums in the nude, gads talk about demonic possession. With the spirit world on a collision course with our plain of existence encounters of any kind are sure to increase and may people are sure to loose their sanity. If only someone gave them a heads up on dealing with Whizz-Bang spirits.

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Earth Change Round-Up

Nothing like watching prophecy unfold before my very eyes I always say. Ma Earth has already begun to cleanse herself of all that causes her discomfort with a little help from her friends, earth, wind, rain and fire. The sun and space are poised to perform a show that will stagger the imagination. Man’s interface with the spirit world is in full swing with a garden variety of good and bad spirits. The growing war between these entities has spilled out onto our plain of existence. The interaction with these entities will surely play on sanity with catastrophic results. Greed reigns over humanity as a hand full of billion and trillionaires manipulate almost every aspect of life for fun and profit. Tens of millions of people are facing starvation, death and plague in epic proportions with no relief in sight. Food is becoming scarce from crop failures, locusts, floods, fire and drought on every continent on the planet. And conflicts of every kind are breaking out around the world as the sun sets on civilization. Or maybe it’s just another coincidence.

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Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

With FEMA and other agencies around the world revealing that 2010 was the most virulent disaster year to date, it should be clear change is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of “IF” changes will occur but where. Oh well, it’s not like mankind was not warned considering our ancestors left volumes of warning signs for future generations to heed, but to no avail eh. If you don’t get it by now, you never will, I believe. It was also written in prophecies much of the worlds population would not get it either and blindly march to their demise, so you are not alone. But there is another side to the time of change that simply does not get enough press and that’s the supernatural side.

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Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

The time of change really is not a bad thing when you think about it. Cleaning the slate isn’t the best way to describe it but that is what it is. Call it an act of G*D, devil or just pure coincidence one thing is for certain, the Earth is changing radically in all plains of existence not just the physical. The reality of this ebbing cycle will soon dispel the myths of man with the harshest of its reality. Hopefully people will read the signs and seen the tide of change that has permeated every facet of existence or will they? Not everyone is destined to survive the transition but on the other hand not everyone is going to perish when pandemonium reigns across the globe. Survival will take on a new dimension as more and more people interface with elements of the supernatural. Surviving the onslaught of paranormal events will test the sanity of many people who will not be able to cope. If they don’t get a handle on it the paranormal aspect of change will be a cataclysm unto itself.

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Hope You Got Your Backpacks Ready

With Ma Earth entering a much more virulent phase of Earth Changes all bets are off since scientists will soon discover they are not as smart as they once thought they were. Technology will soon become a pariah and a most vulnerable Achilles Tendon. I don’t worry about censorship as much as the loss of electricity since that is going to happen sooner than people realize. Gads, I’m going to miss spell-check though. Fly-By-Wire will be more likened to Die-By-Wire as critical electronics fail at the worse possible time. In visions I saw airplanes falling like rain out of the sky, creepy. Expensive electronic gizmos will become worthless and advanced weaponry will cease to function. The modern world as we know it will soon begin to falter as electricity becomes quite unreliable. Frankly, I look forward to the demise of technology and this so called civilized era. Civil society has come full circle and now we are back to living in a feudal society writhe with corporate greed, deception and death. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

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Chilean Miner: “We Thanked G*D”

The rescue of the 33 miners in Chile was nothing short of a miracle considering the circumstances.  They were not discovered for 17 days and if it were not for Chilean President Sebastian Pinera’s insistence not to give up the search the miners would have been left to starve to death a half mile underground. This 69 day ordeal was a classic example of how people could survive insurmountable odds. It is clear Luis Urzua, foreman and last miner out of the hole, was a hero for his structured stewardship. But there was something else that played a vital role in their survival, the spiritual connection within their dogma.

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Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

It should be of no surprise that credible retired military personnel have stepped forward with tales of their encounters by UFO’s in sworn testimony before the *National Press Club this week. I reposted their testimony on my VOD Pod site just in case people missed it since there was barely a peep out of the mainstream media. Hopefully they will not disappear like many other videos have in the past. Remember the UFO that zipped over Obama’s inauguration in D.C. CNN captured on video? That one disappeared without a word. But the long and the short of it all is the fact these highly educated and credible people have risked it all to divulge the existence of UFO’s. But for many of us, this is old news. I must admit learning that space ships shot beams that incapacitated rockets with nuclear war heads during test launches was news to me eh.

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Metaphysical Survival Guide For The End Of Times.

Yeah, yeah, yeah talking about spirits seems sort of lame in this so called modern error, I mean era. Fact being, all dogmas address the supernatural and our direct connection with the spirit world. It’s not a secret homeboy. The spirit world is just next door and there are spirits who are here specifically to rain on your parade. Take it for what its worth but it was said in visions we all chose to walk this world with all the obstacles we face long before we were born unto Earth. The obstacles placed before us were challenges we, as spirits, needed to overcome before we could continue our journey. Our time on Earth was only one of many stops we were to make on our magnificent journey of great knowledge. There, I said it and soon people will be burning my effigy in Time Square for being a heretic. Continue reading

Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

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Earth Changes 101 (Lab)

By now it should be as obvious as the nose on a persons face that we are living in a time of dynamic change. Unfortunately, the world is focused on financial concerns while industrialists prepare to colonize the planet via Globalization. Humanity has taken a back seat as corporations encroach on populations around the world stripping them of their land, murdering all who resist and ultimately leaving the land in a state of catastrophic environmental ruin. World leaders have become nothing more than mouth pieces for the international industrial complex at the expense of their respective electorates. Campaign rhetoric (lies) has become a necessary evil in order to garner votes. “Tell the voters what they want to hear and you will win the election” has become the accepted axiom for political success.

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Dark Humor, Earth Changes and a Piece of Fry Bread

From the perspective on my people it is almost comical that this so called civil society can not see the signs that were taught to them within their respective dogmas. Signs of change swirl around almost daily yet a hopelessly ambivalent world fails to recognize the obvious. Granted, some people I have interviewed told me point blank they don’t care to recognize them and would rather die obliviously. Religions and belief systems from around the world hold the key to surviving the times that lay ahead but I guess these folks have not paid attention to these minor details or chose not to. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

I find this darkly humorous since these people don’t really follow the axioms of their dogmas. They cheery pick ideologies and scriptures that suit their needs then ignore the others that are to inconvenient. So, for these people the Time of Change will be the End of the World because money and material gain will have no meaning in the future. There is some poetic justice in this, don’t you think? For my people this era will remain the Time of Change and I welcome its arrival. Don’t think my people corner the market on the key to survival, not by a long shot. But there are some commonalities within all dogmas that are actually quite simple and I don’t think you have to slaughter your first born son either. I am tempted at times but that does not have anything to do with Earth Changes.

Surviving these times is no secret but one must have a very real spiritual connection. Simply dumping cash in offering plates will not buy spirituality nor guarantee safe passage in the coming days of pandemonium. The list of catastrophic events, both Earth bound and Stellar, will stagger the imagination and one’s sensibilities. Many events are still not known to modern science. The impossible will soon become the possible and we will wish explorers did not burn all the codices of ancient civilizations. Events will cross over into the paranormal aspect of our existence as well. Things we chose to consider foolish or ridiculous will wreak fear into the hearts of millions who never were taught the realities of the spirit world. Dealing with the supernatural will become common place for those who truly grasp this concept. Knowing which spirit is good or bad will be a major issue since this is where the key to surviving the changes lay. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

Whether you’re Celtic, Comanche or Kachin it’s all the same spirit world and basically the rules of engagement don’t change. The only real differences are the traditions that lead to the same end. If you expect to survive the Earth Changes then you had better know how to recognize the spirits that will approach you in the future. Sadly, for many people just the mere sight of a spirit will send them under their beds or grasping their bottle of Zoloft. People already freak out over space dudes whizzing around in their Dixie Cups and that is just plain silly. The secret to survival is knowing which spirit or entities are good or bad because we either heed their warnings or not. Sounds too easy but in all reality the key to survival is a simple one. But you must have absolute faith within the path or dogma you walk since you will have to ask (within your tradition) if a spirit is cool or not. You will need to have absolute faith within your dogma and accept the answer you receive. Once you have your answer you either listen to this spirit or tell this charlatan to bug off since there will be a bazillion false messengers eager to lead you astray.

One of the greatest falsehoods in all of civilization is the notion any one religion or dogma is better than the other. You need to get of this hobby horse of religious ego and except the fact the Creator sent messengers to all cultures in the universe. There is no such thing as a Holy War no matter what country purports this great lie. Small wonder we are living in the Time of Change. Mankind has bent religions to suit their world domination and monetary needs at the expense of humanity. But that will soon come to a close for Earth Changes will dominate the landscape as Ma Earth flexes her muscle and spanks humanity.

The key to survival is written on rocks, papyrus and paper. The time of change has been prophesized for untold millennia’s. The consequences of man’s greed were also foretold in a bazillion stories in every language in the universe. Signs of every kind were also foretold and they all share the same end. There is no altering the course of destiny of humanity at this juncture. It is foolish that world leaders have chosen to place monetary concerns over the concerns of human beings. They should be preparing their people for the inevitable catastrophes that are in store for all of mankind. Laughably this was also a part of prophesy as well since many people will be lead to their doom by false prophets and slick talkers.

As for me, I’ll just hang out with my family munching on some fry bread smattered in Indian butter, drink some tea and listen to our drum group. If a messenger (spirit) asks us to leave in order to avoid a flood, tornado or other life threatening event we will ask the Creator if this messenger was actually sent in a good way. If the messenger is a fraud I will swipe the last piece of fry bread before my cousin gets it. He always gets the last piece anyway. But if the messenger was sent to us by the Creator we will do as we have done for thousands of years and move our people to safety. We will build another village and resume our lives until the next messenger comes to us.

Your Devil’s Advocate


While on the Subject of Space Vato’s

I would wager that most of you folks out there in cyberland did not know that a UFO did a fly over during the presidential inauguration. Yes it is true and a major news broadcaster caught it all on tape while their commentators were chatting. Caught on tape then published on the Internet, this video clearly showed a vehicle that was not from Earth zip past the screen. There were many witnesses to this event but there was no mainstream news report on this event.

Almost as quickly as this video hit the Internet is was quietly removed from the public domain. Fortunately I managed to save a snapshot of the video on a hunch it would disappear like so many other incriminating news stories do, if you did not notice. That means we already are living in a revised form of censorship but that’s another story.

Personally, I’ve had my share of encounters and sightings and know of many other professional people who’ve seen the same things I did. From airline and fighter pilots to first responders and emergency personnel as well as regular folks like you and I, there are witnesses to the reality we have many visitors from other worlds. I don’t get all ga ga over it since this has always been common knowledge within traditional people from around the world. My personal encounters range from way cool to pissing me off since not all space dudes are cool. But for all intents and purposes I give them as much salt as I would their human counterparts.

Why don’t I have fear of these space travelers? Well it is really quite simple actually. It’s been a norm for me to deal with spirits and the gambit of so called paranormal events since I was a poop butt kid. They are all relevant to one another and my people have placed this stuff in its proper perspective. Frankly I did not really care for this skill or craft growing up since it was more of a burden and a royal pain in the butt. My question is why the rest of you carbon based life forms still go ga ga over space dudes and spirits? This will undoubtedly be your Achilles Tendon. Your Bibles and ancient works have addressed the paranormal adnauseum including how to deal with rouge spirits. If you spent the time studying your respective dogmas you’d discover that space dudes are in the same heap as man. The fact society is being artificially kept away from the knowledge of alien folks is all to clear for select group of people want this to be their secret or ultimate weapon. They are hording the secrets of the universe for the dumbest reason of all, power and material wealth. Sadly for them this is about to explode in their faces because I do not think they are hanging out with the good guys.

It’s really quite funny when you think about it though. The elite class is privy to these realities as well as traditional people. But the vast majority of the people in the middle are completely clueless about it all. Fact is most of the people relegate spirits and space dudes to “science fiction and horror flicks”. There is no question the US and other governments are playing ball with space dudes and they will most likely bank on fear and ignorance to promote their agendas while staging some kind of event with their alien friends. I will be unimpressed since I have a few secrets of my own and others who’ve experienced the truly benevolent beings from other world know exactly what I am talking about. If I’m wrong I’ll be zapped into a pile of ashes but I will not be intimidated by the bad dudes. Besides who wants to live on a colonized slave labor planet anyway? So if they whacked me it would be a blessing in disguise and I would continue my journey. With absolute faith within my dogma I will maintain my position in the face of all adversity and the bad dudes can all jump in a black hole or something.

The notion any of these space dudes are benevolent in any way is preposterous at the very least. If these space dudes were as cool and benevolent as the spin doctors will say then why are they giving technology to these corrupt politicians? Why are they allowing their Earth bound pals to continue to rape and murder Indigenous cultures from around the world and rip of their natural resources? In any event I am not impressed with these space dudes and their fancy space junk since they obviously are not the cool and benevolent ones mankind are hoping for. They are just as punk as the creeps who are trying to globalize the planet.

One thing is for sure, they do not hold the holy grail of the universe as they say and surely they are not the only visitors on this planet for there are others. I’ve seen them as well as other credible professional people. People who have encountered them agree they are here for the changes and to counter the foolishness of the other space dudes who walk in darkness. You don’t have to take my word on this and I really don’t care in all actuality. But from within my tradition it was once said that the Creator would allow for all of mankind to know the truth. That does not mean people would instantly believe my words, it only means that people would at the very least hear the truth. What they do with this truth is all up to them since mankind was also given the gift of free will. Take it for what its worth or toss it in the dumpster of political correctness because I could give a flying crappola what you do with it. I’m just keeping a promise.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Earth Changes, Survival and Spirituality

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As we enter the next phase of Earth Changes you would think mankind would be bracing for the much more virulent events that are just around the corner. Some nations are already reeling from these effects while others live with a feeling of immunity. Just remember what them old buzzards from all corners of the globe have said, no place on Earth will be spared from the cleansing. Also it should be pointed out that the only real way to prepare is within your heart.

The secret to survival is not storing up truck loads of goods, guns and goodies; it’s knowing when to leave, more on that later. Stuff might be nice to have but if you had to leave in a hurry from some cataclysmic event you would not have the time. You still would only end up with the cloths on your back and that silly Winnie the Poo Backpack filled with candy, crayolas and a couple of Hanna Montana CD’s. You should have taken the survival backpack angle more seriously eh. Remember, “What you can grab is what you will have”. A packed backpack filled with survival essentials is a wise investment. Chances are whence you returned to your home after disaster struck the landscape would have changed drastically and your stash would be history. That is if you even survive in the first place. Come on, the reality is many people will not make the cut so I guess it would be the end of the world for them eh. My people say it’s the end of the way of mankind, not the end of mankind. And this axiom is shared by all dogmas of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my field pack, FNFAL Assault Rifle, .45 jelly bean shooter, canteen and foul weather gear at the ready. Call it a basic LRRP pack, (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol). I already know there is no way I would be able to hump my stores of ammunition, other pop guns, cloths and food stuff. No, I don’t have a global positioner. I prefer my battery free compass. You must realize there will be a time when modern technology will cease to function for a myriad of reasons, polar shifts and activity in the magnetosphere, just to mention a few. In the visions it was said electricity would become non existent at some point. When, I just can’t tell you but I know we will be on manual mode for quite some time after the changes are complete. I know this would devastate the IPod generation for sure, the electricity part that is. I don’t think I would be missed by politicians and world dictators if I did not make the cut. But I’ll wager they would be trying to remember my simple words of survival provided they were not whacked by nature’s law of retribution. You remember, “What comes around goes around”. We will reap what we sow, that is a given.

As a journalist my world would be turned upside down since I would not have spell check and be forced to resort to using primitive devices called a pen and paper, oh the horror. The studio and every electronic gizmo would be just a novelty including all my High Def equipment if my home is not obliterated. Wish I kept my old manual .35 motion picture camera and film bag though. My electricity bound Detroit chariot would be nothing more than a yard ornament with worthless plastic gadgets and expired plates. So everything, even my means of egress would require manual labor. On the bright side I would not have to worry about paying my monthly extortion payment to the insurance companies. And I would finally have some rest from all the telemarketers who’ve encroached on my cell phones, complements of George W. Bush I might add. Gads, no more Erectile Dysfunction ads. It was rude to have commercials about buying foreclosed homes anyway so I won’t miss them either. Never in my dying day would I ever have imagined a president promoting borrowing more money when debt was the root cause of the economical disaster. Such is life but those days would be over including the colonization of the planet. (Globalization)

So here I would sit along a babbling brook, what a picturesque setting if it were not for one thing. That’s where my bitchen house and studio was. At least I would have running water and since it’s coming off the mountain top it would not have too many bodies floating around in it. That’s another thing, you’ll have to get used to the putrid sweet smell of rotting human flesh since people are going to die, especially in urban areas. If you’re lucky enough to be around running water make sure to walk up stream and remove any decomposing neighbors and animals you may find. As distasteful as it may sound burying or burning the dead should be a priority to avoid diseases, at least where you decide to establish a Bivouac (camp). Be my luck I’m at a camp fire and Bear the Wonder Dog walks up with a hand or a foot in his mouth, holay. I hate that.

With a fire burning into the night the mind would wander as isolation, confusion and fear sets in. It’s bad enough many survivors will most likely whack themselves because of the magnitude of what has transpired. So don’t be one of them. On the other hand think about what you do know about survival and hopefully you are not one of those who are solely dependant of modern living. We will be thrust into the Stone Age in many regions if only temporary, 3-7 years I guestimate from stories and visions. In any event one must be prepared to survive on their own. From lessons learned from contemporary society, you can’t depend on anyone but yourself. Tribal people would adjust much easier since everyone is part of the whole, even my Listerine drinking cousin. The joke around my people is that someone would have to tell us the world has changed since we live in the Stone Age already, sorry, Injun humor. There is no doubt I would make tracks to my reservation and hook back up with my people. It would take a month or so but I would get there. Hopefully they would still be around. But knowing my people they would be having a social and I would hear our drum well in advance of my arrival. Who needs HBO when we can gourd dance?

If for some reason it was no longer possible to traverse the altered landscape then it would be time to make a more permanent base camp. Living in a multi tribal region survival would not be so bad since everyone would have a skill or craft of some kind. From making clothing, shoes and Tee Pee’s as well as hunting, trapping and brain tanning skills we already have a game plan of sorts. The barter system would be something else that would come into play and that’s way cool as far as I’m concerned. With engineering, hunting, smoking, farming/ranching and building skills I have plenty to offer to a group of people I stumble upon. Doubt they would want to utilize my opinionated journalistic prowess though. When I say smoking I don’t mean twisting some dubage, I mean smoking and curing meat. Course I’ll wager the marijuana laws would not be as restrictive. Munchies would not be very welcomed when food was at a premium. Weed would be relegated to the medicine it once was. Wonder if my medical marijuana card would still be valid?

Natives don’t corner the market in survival I might add. I’ve met many non Natives whose cultural traditions were chock full of survival skills. People who live in fridge regions of the globe would be a wealth of information on surviving extreme climates and believe me, the weather will be extreme. The end of Earth’s temperate period will come with a vengeance in many regions so don’t pack to much Sea and Ski in your overnight bag. People who live close to the Earth like farmers, ranchers, hunters and the like will adjust quite easily. Granted life will be more like an extended vacation in the wilderness. Survivors in rural communities would regroup with a sense of oneness, rebuild and establish some kind of order. After all electricity is actually a recent commodity and if the power went kaput for an extended period of time steam will eventually be back in vogue. Oil companies were responsible for quashing steam technology back in the day if anyone remembers history. So eventually the white puff of steam would grace the skyline of the world I venture to state.

Spirituality would be on the rise since it would be this axiom that saved those who truly understood the teachings of their respective dogmas. Now here is where I tell you how you are going to survive major disasters and most likely piss some of you off. Within ancient teachings, before man meddled with sacred works, it was once known that messengers were sent to all cultures of the universe. These messengers taught the fundamentals of good and bad, right and wrong and most important of all, respect to others regardless of color, creed and gender. Man, on the other hand, used dogmas or religions to control the masses for the purpose of loyalty and fighting under one flag.

Since the time Ramses II and the introduction of the monotheistic religion dogmas spiraled out of control. Constantine took religion to another level and mankind started this bogus axiom of “Holy Wars” and disregarded the core tenets of their faiths then killed in the name of their respective G*D. Charlemagne and the Knights Templar murdered they way into history killing in the name of G*D. How far beyond stupid is that eh? Does “Though Shalt Not Kill” ring a bell? Any one, any one?… But like the Constitution of the United States, some parts of their sacred works were simply ignored since it caused a conflict in the quest for material gain. Sounds familiar eh. And like a bad dream history continues to repeat itself. Personally, I’m glad it’s all coming to an end and it does not matter of I make the cut or not since I know where I am going. But that’s another story.

So what the heck does this have to do with survival? Well if you read your sacred books or paid attention to your elders you would know that spirits are here with us now not just in stories. All religions teach people how to cope with both good and bad spirits, plain and simple. This is the most important key to survival in the coming days. Remember the story about Moses and how he freed his people from bondage in ancient Egypt? Anyway if you read this piece “Shemot  (Exodus) 12:21” you would know that Moses was warned of impending danger and arrival of the angel of death in a paranormal way. Lamb’s blood was placed above the doors of those who listened to Moses and the lives of their first born were spared. Bummer about Pharos kid though. Knowing the spirits who comes to warn you is the key to surviving in the future. Though many people purport to know their faith they run from anything paranormal and relegate this to horror flicks and science fiction. This is a fatal mistake since the spirit world has always been alive and well; we only drifted away from this ideology. Just so you know, the spirit world is supposed to interface with our plain of existence in the days to come and I’ll wager Prozac and Lithium will be in demand as people think they are going nuts. Imagine how frustrated a good spirit will be when they can’t get the attention of someone they want to save. Oh well, to bad, so sad.

We’ve blinded ourselves from the spirit world and the messengers who will warn us of impending doom. Within all dogmas they provide you with a simple answer to survival so pay attention and possible you will make the cut. When a spirit comes to you and tells you that you must leave, don’t take it for granted. Simply pray within your respective dogma to verify if this spirit is either good or bad. You will get an immediate answer. If the answer is no, the bad spirit will simply disappear, If the spirit is good then grab your backpack and get the heck out of Dodge, like pronto. Just make sure you don’t grab the Winnie the Poo backpack eh.

Sadly many people will simply freak out and turn into a mush of quivering flesh at the sight of anything “Other Worldly”, paleeze. Many cultures have an on going relationship with spirits and it’s a day to day thing. Personally, I could give a flying crappola about many of them since they only want me to do dumb things or misguide me. Others like to try and torment me but I don’t torment easily. I have no fear since they are simply a part of who we are. Just remember, bad spirits are fueled by fear but they can’t do a dang thing if you don’t let them. My people burn cedar to clear the room of evil, we also pray for assistance to drive the point home. Just remember to verify if a spirit is good or bad and if they are good heed their warning like Moses did and you stand a good chance of surviving the time of change.

If the change does not occur I hope you like the taste of Victory Gin and the sound of Double Speak. The only other option is colonization and the New World Order and that’s not an option at all.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Earth Changes and Fry Bread

Mayan copy

Destiny is destiny and we are moving along at a brisk pace these days as prophecies from around the world come to pass. Though the physical aspects of global change abound and are qualified by modern science there is little regard for the paranormal aspects that are coming as well.

I hate the term paranormal since it carries such a negative connotation to a vital aspect of our reality. If a person actually read the books of their respective dogmas they would discover their works are filled with so called paranormal events. Interfacing with the spirit world was a commonly excepted notion back in the day. The Bible and other dogmatic works have addressed with detail how one should deal with both good and bad spirits. They also warned them about entities of evil and how to combat them as well. Whizz-bang ideology, I don’t think so.

Relegated to superstition and folklore the supernatural has been set aside by modern man for the most part, to their peril. The spirits who caused such mayhem in scriptures and Sanskrit have not simply disappeared with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. The very same forces that’ve wreaked havoc on the ancients are very much alive and living in at least two plains of existence including ours. Like it or not we are still very much intertwined with the spirit world, just blind as hell to this reality.

You can green up all you want to but from a scientific stand point of view civilization as a whole has gone beyond the point of no return environmentally speaking. The stark reality of carbon emissions points to nature itself as volcanoes and fissures within the Earth belches millions of tons of a variety of toxic contaminants daily, far overshadowing the pittance man has produced. But if corporate interests found a way to make a buck on volcano emissions there would be no doubt the populations of the world would be financing the construction of catalytic converters atop Kilauea and other active volcanoes. That is not to say mankind should not have polluted like they did by any means. But what it does mean is that we are destined to experience catastrophes only the survivors of the last Earth Change did.  

Back in Oklahoma where my people reside awareness of the impending Earth Changes is common knowledge and we only comment on events in passing. My aunt and *12 other grandmothers have traveled the globe warning of the impending times we face. So for the most part we know change is upon us at this juncture as the teachings from our elders coming to pass. The signs are everywhere yet the world has their noses buried in foolishness or conjuring ways to make money and ignoring the obvious. According to prophecy money and material wealth will be meaningless anyway. Oh well, to bad, so sad eh.

If people were as spiritual as they claim they would already know how to survive all the doomsday scenarios that flood the airwaves these days. No, it does not require that you live in underground tombs with vast supplies of guns and food. For that matter that’s just not the place to be since the Earths crust will be very unstable at the very least. There is no one place that will not be touched by change but it is up to the individual to know where to go whence the time comes to leave. This is where their spirituality comes in since they will be forewarned but in many cases people will only freak out when the messenger comes a calling. Why, because they never really paid attention to the words of wisdom written within the texts of their respective dogmas, plain and simple. If they did they would know there is more to life on Earth than just the here and now. They would also know the spirit world is alive and teaming with spirits of all kinds. And most important of all, they would know which spirits to trust and which ones to ignore. If Moses thought in contemporary terms his people would have been long gone with only a mention in the Dead Sea Scrolls, capice?

As for me, I will undoubtedly be with my people during the more virulent times ahead. Most likely we will be having a social or give away. Stewart and the boys will be playing the drum while our singers sing those ancient songs we love. I’ll be dancing my butt off whence they call for gourd dancers. All my relations will be celebrating Mother Earth’s cycle as prophecy comes to pass. If we don’t survive this time on Earth at least we took our journey together. But by some chance we do survive it will be business as usual since I doubt we will notice much change. Only difference will be the fact the world will be humbled and I guess we will have to teach the survivors how to make fry bread. 


Your Devil’s Advocate