Plastic Shamans, Their Guile & The Beguiled

Devil2 copyMedicine people come in all colors, genders and from a cornucopia of cultures. For the most part they are legitimate, honest, respected & have a following of independent, spiritually & physically healthy folks who walk with confidence & no foolish fears. But as prophecies, we are living in the era where polystyrene shamans are coming out of the woodwork and with devastating consequences. Continue reading

Prophecies & Waking Up Stupid


The time of awareness has long passed and now we are on our own spiritually speaking. For those who took the hint, including moi, spirituality, spirits and everything that goes bump in the night ain’t nothing but a meatball, capice? If you have not achieved true spirituality within your respective dogma or ideological principals, hence forth you are screwed and destined to be one of the lemmings who will gleefully march to your own demise. Bummer huh…

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It Sucks Living in Prophetic Times

Fannie-FEMA-zazThere are many people out there sharing the very same visions but for what ever reason they are just not connecting. A real part of prophecy was that all you boneheads would have the opportunity to know the truth and ultimately the key to surviving the end of this era of stupid. But it was also prophesized many would not buy into any prophetic works and gleefully march to their own demise. Go figure… Continue reading

Why is Domestic Spending Even on The Chopping Block?

Like a dark comedy, both sides of the corrupted political isle are targeting domestic spending as the culprit of the nations financial whoa. The reality is the fact both sides of the isle have ignored the trillions of dollars that continue to flow into the coffers of international corporations, special interests and foreign nations, without a whisper. Combined, all domestic spending would not match the interest being charged for the growing national debt. Regardless of the rhetoric politicians continue to spend recklessly while cutting entitlements, benefits, aid and social programs while casting Americans against one another in this smoke screen of deception. It’s the same ole same oles as pundits on both sides utilize the age old axiom of divide and conquer on America as they quietly rob the nation’s coffers.

Why are trillions of dollars disappearing at an alarming rate without even a peep from either side? I wager that if you follow the money you will discover that the hierarchies of both parties are invested in corporations and nations who are benefiting from this egregious act of treason. It’s just a version of “good cop, bad cop” as both sides pretend to oppose one another while moving the globalization agenda forward. Now it’s American against American as we fight for the crumbs while the weasels of globalization steal the wealth of a nation right before your very eyes. It is intentional and a well conceived plot to destabilize the nation financially as the Bilderberg/International Monetary Fund comes to “save” the day in this bold act of *Disaster Capitalism. Austerity will be the vehicle that international globalist will use to strike the fatal blow to American democracy and the sovereignty as unelected trillionaires usher in the New World Order. And if you don’t see it now you deserve the loss of freedom and rights that will soon prevail. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Tag….you are it.

With the axiom of divide and conquer Democrats and Republicans have divided the nation on a host of minuscule issues while harvesting trillions of dollars in the process. The public has become diametrically opposed to one another over issues than never should have been issues at all. Education, healthcare, human services and infrastructure was never meant to be on any auction block for this was the civil duty of society and a nation, not cater to corporations and investors. The moral fiber of this nation has been compromised as greed and profits dictate destiny. Now people have been reduced to fighting over financial crumbs like chickens in a coop while the greedy farmer selects the fattest bird to butcher. Economic growth and prosperity is relegated to flipping burgers at McDonalds. Surely this will be recorded as positive economic growth since Mickey Dee’s plans to hire 50,000 people. Maybe an engineer or draftsman will get lucky and get a job at 7-11. But in reality this is a sign of desperation as educated and skilled labor struggle to survive after they were betrayed by corporations that was once entrusted to protect them. Corporate greed is all to obvious to those who’ve already been plunged into economic darkness and relegated to fending for themselves for sustenance and shelter. Across America the silenced majority no longer have phones, internet and ultimately a voice in the Nations affairs. Apathy at the voting box by the forgotten Americans has only exacerbated the situation by allowing corporate lackeys to buy politicians and turn them into the ultimate lobbyist. Only the absolute minority who are invested in the corruption are plotting America’s destiny. With the media in their pockets truth is not an option if it sheds light on the totality of this fetid era.

Fueled by corporate profits regardless of how they were gained, including unscrupulous criminal business practices, child and slave labor the so-called elite class rally and support politicians owned by corporations who’ve destroyed economies around the world. It is the absolute minority who are laughing all the way to the bank while millions of citizens loose everything while squabbling over pocket change by comparison. But this is all a part of prophecy and it is mans destiny to blindly rush for the gold at all costs during the time of change. This is only a sign regardless of it’s magnitude since in all reality the quest for material wealth ad the poverty it instills will be overshadowed by natural and astronomical events. Fukushima only exposed exactly how frail modern technology truly is. Nuclear pundits have resorted to lies in their efforts for damage control but soon other events will prove their prevarications futile. Across the board technology will soon falter for a host of known and unknown reasons and that is the real bottom line paisan.

Mankind is destined to be plunged into chaos and great struggle for this is destiny as well. The colonization of the planet via globalization has already begun but it will not succeed but not from the efforts of man. Just read your respective dogma since this is an old story and is written in dogmas throughout the universe. Man’s destiny is already forged in stone and nothing man can do to alter this destiny. The more man tries to alter this destiny the more they verify existence of change and their futility in avoiding the inevitable for that is in prophecy as well. It is clear that people with the most blood on their hands will enjoy the fruits of their labor for this is the generation of retribution and they can no longer pass their crimes to the next generation like before. My people call this era the humbling times since it is known mankind will be humbled beyond comprehension. I’ve been there and done that already since I’ve lost everything I owned on more than one occasion. I grew up in abject poverty and racial hatred so I already know the drill and am well suited for change and it really does not matter if I survive the more virulent times that lay ahead. I’m just tickled pink that my visions and those of other people are coming to pass right before my very eyes. It is also heartening to know that there will be survivors and the New World Order will not be the New World Order corporate fascists are banking on. I am comforted within my visions in knowing there will be life after catastrophe and it will be a world absent of greed and material lusting. For my people, we will see the return of the buffalo as they are returned to the Great Plains. We will also be released from bondage and the colonies or reserves that imprisoned us since the beginning of this fetid modern era of greed. Only sad part is the fact we will still live in the shadow of nuclear contamination for many generations to come, unless Ma Earth reburies that crappola again.

So it is time for all cultures to seek out their true spirituality and discover the true key to surviving the times we are living for they are going to get worse. Man’s influence may seem great but it’s nothing more than a grain of sand in the desert in the grand scheme of things. From what I’ve seen in my visions alone I can guarantee you this is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. But if you paid attention to your sacred texts and oral histories you would already know this as well as the existence of the supernatural alien butt cracks who shared technology with Earth vermin. So my suggestion to you is to simply pay attention and heed the warnings within your dogma or ideological principal. If you don’t buy into this time of change thing that’s OK since it is also prophesized many people of Earth would choose not to believe in such intangible rhetoric and untimely face extinction. Hmm, maybe it’s a good thing after all since the planet would be better off without this cancer called greed anyway. I was no cherry in my early years so I might be in the same boat as you buttheads. Only difference is, I would be smiling in my heart knowing that good will ultimately prevail. Don’t you just love a happy ending?


Your Devil’s Advocate