Mystery Booms, strange sounds being heard Worldwide – SOLVED … EXPLAINED… ANSWERS? – Theories Fly But It’s Happening


Birthday Thank You & A Little Earth Change Rabble


Umm, well you guys did it again. So now I find the need to post a response to all you birthday well wishers both public and private:

“Gee guys, thank you. I’ve never been one for birthdays and other sentiments, etc. But now-a-dayz I must admit that I am forever humbled by all this birthday Shazbat. Never in my life did I ever expect to receive birthday wishes from every continent on this planet, well except for ‘New Schwabenland’ but then again, you never know. Someone did send me a Deutschemark with a penguin printed on it, ach du lieber!!”

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Prophetically Speaking; It’s Does Not Matter Who Won ANY Election

four horsemen 3The election is finished and predictably everyone still has their boxers in a knot. Don’t know what all the fuss is all about. My candidate did not even get on the ballot. But from a spiritual perspective nothing has changed, prophetically speaking. So don’t empty out your ‘bug-out bag’ and dig up your shelter just yet boys and girls because the show has only just begun. Continue reading

Life on Planet Veho

veho, the movieCenturies ago my ancestors were visited by a new culture. But something was not so nice about some of these people since they imbibed in a world of lies and deception. They would make promises with honor and swear by their names but would lie and steal anyway. Their tongues were split for they spoke out of two sides of their mouths. We had no word for them so we chose something that best described their actions, so we called them Veho, Cheyenne for Poison Spider. Continue reading

Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway


Charlemagne and His G*D, Mork

The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? Continue reading

End of Times for Some, Renaissance for Others

molechThough we are living in the Contemporary Dark Ages it is heartening to note that the human spirit is persevering in spite of the ever darkening shadow of global greed and colonization. In fact the proverbial Dark Ages has become a rallying point where all cultures of the world can stand in solidarity in the face of global corporate tyranny. Inadvertently elitist stooges have drawn a line in the sand separating themselves from the rest of the global population for it is clearly us against them, provided you are aware.

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Earth Changes & Other Stuff You Might Already Know That Sucks

Fannie-FEMA-zazContrary to popular belief, Prophecies and the ‘Time of change’ are moving along as cautioned by the ancients and mankind has predictably chosen to ignore all the warnings. Ironically, as globalists and their paranormal butt crack pals try to alter the course of destiny, they are actually speeding things along and following prophecy like a script, quite nicely I might add. We’ve already begun the final decent into darkness and the fun has only just begun so you had better have your spiritual flashlight handy boys & girls. Continue reading

Earth Changes, Spinning the Wheel of Mankind’s Destiny

As man scrambles to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in the wake of another “coincidental” natural disaster it should be clear, the time of change has come. Unfortunately it was prophesized that much of the world’s populations would still be scrambling to find a “human” solution when the futilities of their efforts were ultimately revealed. With greed at the helm it is obvious modern society is on a ship of fools. A kingdom built on a foundation of sand is destined to crumble in the era we live. Silica sand and the world it offered will ultimately be an Achilles tendon as man flounders in the angry sea of change. And it’s about time. Continue reading

The Let’s Blame Japan Show

It is embarrassing to note that people have already begun pointing an accusatory finger at the Land of the Rising Sun. At the top of the list are the investors and nuclear energy proponents who’ve rallied an effort to distance themselves from Japan’s nuclear program. Only days before the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear incident Japan’s once thriving state of the art nuclear program was the pride of nuclear energy aficionados from around the world. Japan was noted for extensive continuous training and exercises for all disasters imaginable. Japans nuclear program truly was a fine tuned machine and a technological gem. Japanese and western engineers as well as some of the top nuclear physicists in the world built these reactors not a bunch of rickshaw drivers from Taipei. No offence to rickshaw drivers.

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Things to do During the End of the Earth

So now you’re all hooked up with your respective dogma. You are comfortable with your spiritual connection and you have no fear of the supernatural. Just for grins you still bought all your GI Joe survival gear at Cabela’s and even bought one of those magnesium fire starters like that Survivor-man dude on TV. You mined your front and back lawns to ward off strangers and the neighbors dog that pee’s on your lawn flamingo. All means of egress have been sealed off and you placed bars on the windows of your humble abode making your house look like San Quentin. Yup, you are ready Freddie and you are prepared for anything, even a visitation from Mars if need be. As you peer through the periscope you bought at the Army/Navy store you notice little Bobby Zimmermann playing with kids from across the street. It’s a nice day and the birds are enjoying the thermals. As you wipe the fog from the lenses of your gas mask you begin to wonder, “Now What?”

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Welcome to The Dark Ages

It’s not hard to imagine how things were back when dogmatic zealots like Charlemagne and other pinheads were killing in the name of their respective G*D’s. Since the deaths of Mohammad, Jesus and other iconic figures, man has done a bang up job of murdering innocent villagers throughout the world in their quest for gold because G*D said so. Does not matter what dogma the invaders were, it was the innocent peasant who was universally terrorized, raped and murdered during these so-called holy wars. Millions were slaughtered in cold blood, their land and meager possessions confiscated and the bounty added to the coffers of some bogus kingdom or empire. It was the serf who paid the actual price for the building of Europe’s fraudulent kingdoms, financial empires and there was nothing noble about it. It is reprehensible that religion was the excuse to murder others throughout history. There was little concern for humanity and villagers were expendable, much like now. In fact whole villages were destroyed and inhabitants murdered at the whim of some twisted duke or other mindless royal. Ironically the descendants of these imperious criminal cartels still reign in fetid flare through shadow groups and monetary consortiums. And like their ancestors they are marching civil society back into the Dark Ages for fun and profit.

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The Prophetic World of Chaos and It Only Gets Better

From an indigenous point of view, I am giddy with excitement as prophetic signs of every kind come to pass with even greater frequency than before. The cool part about it all is the fact these signs are written within a myriad of dogmas not just mine. The riots and other forms of civil unrest, regardless of issues or pseudo political agendas, will spread throughout the world relatively quickly. Dabble in a few more ‘coincidental’ natural catastrophes to man’s misery and there will be a few more pissed off hungry human beings flipping over cop cars and torching up the neighborhood 7-11. And all the while the stock market keeps counting coup on the taxpayer to the joy of international globalists. With skyrocketing profits in critical sectors it is only clear that blatantly unwarrantable greed is the corporate axiom and justification for sharp increases in all consumer goods. There is no end to man’s unscrupularity but fortunately Ma Earth and her chums have another idea.

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Earth Change Round-Up

Nothing like watching prophecy unfold before my very eyes I always say. Ma Earth has already begun to cleanse herself of all that causes her discomfort with a little help from her friends, earth, wind, rain and fire. The sun and space are poised to perform a show that will stagger the imagination. Man’s interface with the spirit world is in full swing with a garden variety of good and bad spirits. The growing war between these entities has spilled out onto our plain of existence. The interaction with these entities will surely play on sanity with catastrophic results. Greed reigns over humanity as a hand full of billion and trillionaires manipulate almost every aspect of life for fun and profit. Tens of millions of people are facing starvation, death and plague in epic proportions with no relief in sight. Food is becoming scarce from crop failures, locusts, floods, fire and drought on every continent on the planet. And conflicts of every kind are breaking out around the world as the sun sets on civilization. Or maybe it’s just another coincidence.

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Lucifer’s Discount Demons

I don’t think there is enough discussion on the growing interface between the spirit world and our plain of existence. The paranormal side of this era of change is more than equally as dynamic as the physical one, I might add. Regardless of how a person tries to ignore this growing supernatural interface eventually they will need to come to terms with its reality or loose their minds needlessly. If you actually read your sacred writings you would already know the spirit world is very much alive and you need to be paying attention, especially now. If you are not paying attention, some bad spirit may convince you to whack your neighbor with lawn darts. Your only defense, “The devil made me do it”, but in all reality you was just stupid. And now you’re on death row or in the morgue. For all the education people have these days you’d think they had the common sense not to listen to any spirit who coerces them into shooting up their neighborhood or something just as lame. Just because they are spirits don’t mean squat.

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Brisbane Australia Under Water, Another Coincidence

It looks like another coincidence has occurred with the third largest city in Australia under water from an apocalyptic flood. Guess it was a coincidence 20 million Pakistanis lost their homes and livelihoods during their flood. But we should not forget China’s coincidence and the millions of people who’ve lost their homes. Hmm, am I forgetting something? Why yes I am since every continent on the planet has suffered catastrophic flooding this last year as well, coincidentally of course. Don’t matter anyway since the floods have not reached us, right? The fact you can still read this story is a testament to the fact these disasters only happen to other people. Guess the smart thing to do is go to the store and buy more stupid electronic junk to play with before solar flares render electronics useless, on credit. Then we can ignore the cries of the suffering in style since it’s not our concern.

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Earth Changes and the Wave of Madness

Santa Muerte


Predictably a wave of madness has entered into the fray as human beings are confronted by less than desirable spirits. The interface between the spirit world and our plain of existence will continue to get more pronounced as time wears on. Yup, this is also a part of prophecy during the time of change. People who have no clue or concept of the spirit world are undoubtedly going off the deep end as they are influenced into committing some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. The slaughter in Arizona is only a public example of what is happening in America and around the globe for people are loosing control and paying more attention to the “voices” in their heads. Continue reading

Earth Changes 102, My Way or The Highway G*D

With FEMA and other agencies around the world revealing that 2010 was the most virulent disaster year to date, it should be clear change is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of “IF” changes will occur but where. Oh well, it’s not like mankind was not warned considering our ancestors left volumes of warning signs for future generations to heed, but to no avail eh. If you don’t get it by now, you never will, I believe. It was also written in prophecies much of the worlds population would not get it either and blindly march to their demise, so you are not alone. But there is another side to the time of change that simply does not get enough press and that’s the supernatural side.

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Wikileaks Ushers in Cyber Censorship

Wikileaks can add Internet Censorship to their list of accomplishments since Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Scott Brown (R-Mass.) introduced an anti-Wikileaks Bill that will surely open the flood gates of censorship on the web. Likened to 9-11 where we-the-people allowed our stewards to compromise liberty and democracy for a little bit of safety, Wikileaks has caused a similar mass hysteria where censorship will be touted as an acceptable solution. Chip away at freedoms and civil liberties a little at a time and eventually we will have a “Disciplined Democracy” like Burma or China. The direction our stewards should be looking towards is the massive security leaks within our bloated over paid government agencies, not penalize the citizens like in the case of 9-11. Bush spawned the PATRIOT ACT during the pandemonium that ensued after that fateful day. That spelled the end of our constitution and civil liberties. Now, granny gets fingered at the airport for our safety of course and politicians who’ve bankrolled the body scanner industry are collecting dividend checks. The terrorists celebrate their victory.

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101 Ways to Prepare Long Pork

With food shortages and famine encroaching on civilization it should come as no surprise that alternative food sources will gain more popularity as necessity dictates. The ‘junk’ fish people use to discard will find its way onto the frying pan by thankful and starving anglers in the near future. Bones will become the mainstay rather than Fido’s Scooby Treats; hmm Fido will look pretty tasty as well. The 3-Day Chicken will become commonplace once again provided there are chickens. But when things get dicey and sustenance becomes nonexistent, for a host of catastrophic reasons, the dead guy lying next to you may very well hold the key to your existence. Welcome to the dark side of survival, where a person is forced to lift a fork and consume a fellow human being in the age old culinary adventure called cannibalism. Guess a person could use chop sticks or a piece of fry bread if they chose to.

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Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

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The Paranormal Side of Earth Changes

It is almost comical to witness sign after sign as the Earth Changes count coup on civilization. Ma Earth has begun her “season” or cleansing cycle while mankind tries to find an angle to capitalize on the growing cyclic natural events, both political and financial. Predictably technology will soon become mankind’s Achilles Tendon as solar and stellar events take precedents over known science. And all the politicians on the planet can concern themselves about is political correctness while pandering to the International Monetary Fund and the New World Order or Globalization. Dare I mention they’ve also betrayed their electorates in the process? How far beyond stupid is that? But alas this was meant to be as foretold many generations ago.

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Than Shwe Blames Others in Bombing but Fools No One.

Likened to leaving your drivers license and identification card at a crime scene Gen. Than Shwe’s goons used military ordinance to bomb and kill civilians at the Myitsone dam project and during the Thingyan Celebration. Than Shwe’s flagrant attempt to taint the relationship between the Kachin and Chinese backfired and only intensified the bond between the two. Revenge for not attending the junta sponsored celebration was the normal kneejerk response the junta was infamous for. If it were not for the shameful loss of life these events would be a hilarious misadventures featured on “America’s Dumbest Criminals”. Now you can add buffoonery to the list of antics perpetrated by these lackluster criminals of South Asia. Like they say, “Stupid is as stupid does”

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Ma Earth Mambo

Predictably Ma Earth has entered into a much more virulent phase of her “season”. Scientists have already begun spinning the growing almost weekly earthquakes we are experiencing. Granted earthquakes have always plagued our planet but not like this. Scientists don’t want to cause a panic but at some point in time people need to be made aware so they can prepare for disasters that are just around the corner.

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Earthquake Mambo or Earth Change 101

Another coincidentally close earthquake has struck in *Okcular Turkey today killing scores of people. Like I said quite a while ago we’ve entered a much more virulent phase of Earth changes. Yet we quibble about material things when we should be seeking out our spirituality and preparing for rough times that lay ahead. Sadly world leaders have chosen to ignore the realties of the times we live in favor of colonizing the planet through Globalization. The real business at hand should be how to prepare for the survivors needs whence change is in full swing. Eventually all the noble aid givers and emergency managers around the world will be to busy domestically to rush to all the countries in desperate need of assistance. There will be no more show boating by pompous politicians with aid filled planes and ships. It will be fend for yourself as changes alters the face of the Earth.

Earth Changes can be compared to a woman’s season as her body purges all that causes her discomfort. Well, Ma Earth has entered this phase of cleansing and there is no global or green solution we can conveniently buy our way out either. For all the “Here and Now” folks who’ve refused to recognize that these changes are real you are about to learn an important lesson about prophecy. The Earth Changes are an all encompassing event where no part of the planet will be spared change. That means you can’t run to Boulder Colorado to find sanctuary or play out some bazaar scenario you watched on some lame “End of the World” movie. Interestingly enough some people I interviewed choose to ignore the signs, prophets or their own vision. They would rather pretend these catastrophic events are not related. Preferably they would rather die shopping than face the reality of the times we live. Many people know but they don’t want to think about it and face their fate blindly. So I guess it would be the end of the world for them but in reality it is only the end of a cycle.

My people call it the humbling times and for the most part we are prepared to face our destiny. Actually we are quite happy to see the end of this cycle of greed and material lusting. Unencumbered by material excesses we are better prepared than most since we never were dependant on electronic gizmos and the toys of the opulent. Frankly many of my people were never in a position to afford such luxuries. So weaning us from the 21st Century will not be an issue for the most part. I would miss spell check, my cameras, computers and other multi-media gizmos would be rendered useless so this change would hit me pretty hard at first. Good thing I know how to track, hunt and forage for food in the woods. Growing up in abject poverty has its advantages since this has prepared me for the future I do believe. But gads, why the spell check?? Oh the humanity.

Quakes are only a precursor to what lays ahead and eventually the chemistry of electricity will be altered and cease to function so all them electrical gizmos will be nothing more than a paper weight. In a vision it was said that people from many worlds would look in awe at the power of Ma Earth since even the most advanced technology will be rendered useless. That means if there were space dudes with cool technology they would also be stuck on Earth with their broke down intergalactic Frisbees. In my visions alone I saw many beings struggling to survive Ma Earth’s onslaught and I really don’t care if you believe it or not. I am not the only person with visions or knowledge from ancient teachings by far. It was said there would be many messengers from around the planet who would be warning the world about the times that lay ahead. Believe me, I did not choose to be one of those messengers. My uncle told me that I had no choice in the matter anyway. So here I am telling all you boneheads to prepare for some rough times ahead. If you don’t like my message call the office and complain to my boss. 1-800-Doomsday

Time is running short and eventually I will not be able to hold your hand and walk you through these times. Fact is all messengers will be incommunicado as the media shuts down. People will be scrambling to remember what those “Whizz-bang Prophets” were rambling about when times were good. This whizz-bang prophet will be way to busy tending to my elderly and assisting my people to give a flying crappola what others are doing. It was said people would hear the truth but their ears would be deaf to ancient teachings. And of course there are others who would rather face extinction then give up their IPod or stock options in healthcare. I guess they would be self cleaning…lol

The secret to survival is actually quite simple since it only requires a person to be connected with the spirit world and to know their messengers. In other world you must know which spirit is good or which spirit is bad when they approach you with messages or warnings. How else would Moses know to place lambs blood over the doors of his people homes when the angel of death cruised through Egypt? He knew his messengers and was connected with the spirit world. So get a grip on your commando gear and all your underground shelters since this is not the key to survival at all. It’s all about your personal spirituality and the connection you have within your dogma. Just remember, filling offering plates does not buy spirituality nor does it offer any guarantees. It only pays the rent paisan.  


Your Devil’s Advocate


Closer to Tyranny or Change?

Since Globalization succeeded taking over most of the planet, get over it. The new royalty, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), will “officially” rule the roost. The United Nations will be their enforcement wing with authority to police all nations including the USA. Sovereignty will be a fond memory for all once proud countries. China, Russia and India will not buy into the New World Order and just shake their heads in laughter. Asia will fall to China including Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States because of terms within their free trade agreement. China already owns substantial real estate in California with leases on other prime properties including the Long Beach Naval Air Station.

During President Clinton’s tenure he got busy gutting the military complex sending millions of Americans to the unemployment lines and torpedoed our Pacific Fleet. This Naval Station was one of the bases axed during Bill’s assault. People lost everything as whole communities simply disappeared. Some places turned into urban ruins only to be covered up by an aquarium or some artsy dive along the sea. On Clinton’s watch the Chinese Communist Party owned shipping and container company (COSCO) coincidentally got a sweet deal on beach front property in Long Beach California (Navy Base). So China owns much of the West Coast fair and square anyway. And they did not have to fire a shot to destroy our naval base. Maybe it would be a blessing in disguise when China foreclosed on California. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and the rest of those bilge water politicians would become China’s babbling ear-sores. Would China pay off California’s debts as well? Hmm

I can see it now, me dressed in my bright orange arctic coveralls with a giant white “J” for journalist on my back. I would be picking away at the permafrost searching for Canadian diamonds at some remote unnamed Gulag “retraining facility” 100 kilometers from Lac De Gras, Northwest Territory. Through the howling -60 degree Arctic wind, standing vigil under the United Nations sign would be a guard named Uri. Tossing snow in the air to appear like I am working I would gather my thoughts and ponder, “What the f— happened to the Earth Changes??”  

What if the prophesized “Earth Changes” simply does not happen? Holly cow, that would definitely put a kink on my plans. Well, so much for the Dec 21, 2012, “End of the World Social” Wonder if we would have a “Welcome Global Tyranny Social” instead. My people look for any excuse to have a social. I have not heard any of my elders mention that the Earth Changes was postponed so it is safe to say we are still on schedule as far as prophesy is concerned. All the signs are here for mankind to gawk at if they paid attention. It’s laughable to note that warnings from all dogmas are everywhere or is that just a coincidence as well? From what I’ve seen most sacred books are used to press money these days so I doubt their contents are ever read.

Eventually people will wise up to the fact things are just not the same as they used to be, maybe. You had better believe Global Warming will be the very least of our concerns in the future. We’ve crossed into a much more virulent phase of change a while ago and man is powerless to stop these cataclysmic events. The ride has only just begun and we have a front row seat. As human beings we all should be preparing for our very survival and seeking out our spirituality since they’re both tied to each other. On a good day it would be a week or so before aid got to a person whence disaster struck and that’s within the continental USA. Utilities? Forget about it paisan. Common sense dictates that municipal services will be the first to go. Water, electricity and sewage will be a memory in short time. This is happening across the planet now and people are already on survival mode. If you did not notice, Ma Earth is counted coup already.

In any event, Ma Earth is moving right along so I don’t really have to worry about being tossed in a reeducation camp for wayward journalists. Tyranny was only a sign and not the end result of change, not by a long shot. I’ll bank my money on prophecies and the teachings of my elders since they are batting a 1,000 as far as accuracy is concerned. So let all the money mongers race for the cash since it will soon be meaningless. From a personal point of view, everyone should have provisions and a back pack, just in case they need to get out of Dodge in a quick hurry. If you’re already spiritually connected and know the difference between good and bad spirits you are well prepared. But if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, oh well. Remember that you will need at least a week of supplies and if worse comes to worse you had better have a game plan for the basics of survival. Just be prepared because the only one you will be able to depend on is yourself, or did you figure that one out already?

Your Devil’s Advocate


Dark Humor, Earth Changes and a Piece of Fry Bread

From the perspective on my people it is almost comical that this so called civil society can not see the signs that were taught to them within their respective dogmas. Signs of change swirl around almost daily yet a hopelessly ambivalent world fails to recognize the obvious. Granted, some people I have interviewed told me point blank they don’t care to recognize them and would rather die obliviously. Religions and belief systems from around the world hold the key to surviving the times that lay ahead but I guess these folks have not paid attention to these minor details or chose not to. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

I find this darkly humorous since these people don’t really follow the axioms of their dogmas. They cheery pick ideologies and scriptures that suit their needs then ignore the others that are to inconvenient. So, for these people the Time of Change will be the End of the World because money and material gain will have no meaning in the future. There is some poetic justice in this, don’t you think? For my people this era will remain the Time of Change and I welcome its arrival. Don’t think my people corner the market on the key to survival, not by a long shot. But there are some commonalities within all dogmas that are actually quite simple and I don’t think you have to slaughter your first born son either. I am tempted at times but that does not have anything to do with Earth Changes.

Surviving these times is no secret but one must have a very real spiritual connection. Simply dumping cash in offering plates will not buy spirituality nor guarantee safe passage in the coming days of pandemonium. The list of catastrophic events, both Earth bound and Stellar, will stagger the imagination and one’s sensibilities. Many events are still not known to modern science. The impossible will soon become the possible and we will wish explorers did not burn all the codices of ancient civilizations. Events will cross over into the paranormal aspect of our existence as well. Things we chose to consider foolish or ridiculous will wreak fear into the hearts of millions who never were taught the realities of the spirit world. Dealing with the supernatural will become common place for those who truly grasp this concept. Knowing which spirit is good or bad will be a major issue since this is where the key to surviving the changes lay. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

Whether you’re Celtic, Comanche or Kachin it’s all the same spirit world and basically the rules of engagement don’t change. The only real differences are the traditions that lead to the same end. If you expect to survive the Earth Changes then you had better know how to recognize the spirits that will approach you in the future. Sadly, for many people just the mere sight of a spirit will send them under their beds or grasping their bottle of Zoloft. People already freak out over space dudes whizzing around in their Dixie Cups and that is just plain silly. The secret to survival is knowing which spirit or entities are good or bad because we either heed their warnings or not. Sounds too easy but in all reality the key to survival is a simple one. But you must have absolute faith within the path or dogma you walk since you will have to ask (within your tradition) if a spirit is cool or not. You will need to have absolute faith within your dogma and accept the answer you receive. Once you have your answer you either listen to this spirit or tell this charlatan to bug off since there will be a bazillion false messengers eager to lead you astray.

One of the greatest falsehoods in all of civilization is the notion any one religion or dogma is better than the other. You need to get of this hobby horse of religious ego and except the fact the Creator sent messengers to all cultures in the universe. There is no such thing as a Holy War no matter what country purports this great lie. Small wonder we are living in the Time of Change. Mankind has bent religions to suit their world domination and monetary needs at the expense of humanity. But that will soon come to a close for Earth Changes will dominate the landscape as Ma Earth flexes her muscle and spanks humanity.

The key to survival is written on rocks, papyrus and paper. The time of change has been prophesized for untold millennia’s. The consequences of man’s greed were also foretold in a bazillion stories in every language in the universe. Signs of every kind were also foretold and they all share the same end. There is no altering the course of destiny of humanity at this juncture. It is foolish that world leaders have chosen to place monetary concerns over the concerns of human beings. They should be preparing their people for the inevitable catastrophes that are in store for all of mankind. Laughably this was also a part of prophesy as well since many people will be lead to their doom by false prophets and slick talkers.

As for me, I’ll just hang out with my family munching on some fry bread smattered in Indian butter, drink some tea and listen to our drum group. If a messenger (spirit) asks us to leave in order to avoid a flood, tornado or other life threatening event we will ask the Creator if this messenger was actually sent in a good way. If the messenger is a fraud I will swipe the last piece of fry bread before my cousin gets it. He always gets the last piece anyway. But if the messenger was sent to us by the Creator we will do as we have done for thousands of years and move our people to safety. We will build another village and resume our lives until the next messenger comes to us.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Scientists or Alchemists

Look, up in the air. It’s a bird; it’s a plane it’s hmm. Whatever it is, it’s whizzing around at approximately *90 millions away and scientists don’t have a clue what it is. Since we’ve entered into a much more tumultuous phase of Earth Changes it’s not surprising that science is finding it harder and harder to explain things they truly do not understand. From a tribal perspective, it’s time to break out the lawn chairs because the show is about to get better.

The realities of the times we live dictate that more astronomical events will take center stage in the future. Eventually may people will begin to panic as more such objects, crafts or beings make their presents known. Earth born anomalies have also begun to occur as Ma Earth prepares for her polar shift. Planetary alignments will yield a bounty of unexplainable events to the chagrin of our pocket protector wearing sleuths from the scientific communities around the world. Ironically corporatists will also find a way to capitalize on these events like they have with global warming.

Politicians should be preparing their citizenry for the coming catastrophes not capitalizing on them. The reality of global warming and acidification of the ocean lay in volcanism along the 40,000 rift that separates the tectonic plates of the Earth. The warming of the sun by 2 degrees Celsius also played into the mix. Other planets experienced the shrinking of their polar caps at the very same time Earth did but scientists managed to come up with a host of excuses as to way it all was just a coincidence. The real news about the environment should have been the fact volcanoes continue to erupt like never before in recorded history. They are dumping trillions of tons of poisonous deadly gases into the environment almost daily making mans contribution as indistinguishable as a grain of sand in a world of beaches. **Kilauea volcano of Hawaii has continued to erupt spewing trillions and trillions of tons of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide into the ozone since 1983. The list of volcanic eruptions is reaching astronomical proportions with barely a peep from so call scientists.

It is funny how the elite class is stockpiling their underground shelters with sustenance around the world though. There are some very large and complex shelters around the country paid for with taxpayer dollars and we the people will not be invited when the time comes, but that’s another story. Instead, the public is painted a Polly Anna picture of Earth Changes and how man can “save” the planet. At least the elite class is preparing but sadly the doors to their shelters will be locked to the likes of us. Funny part of all this is what was said in a vision, “their sanctuary will be their tomb”, so maybe we will have the last laugh anyway.

History has already suggested that many civilizations have perished from global climate shifts that were directly related to ***volcanic activity that altered the climate. Other astronomical events have also caused cataclysmic events that also altered the course of human history and there were no diesels or coal fired furnaces on the planet to blame. The Little Ice Age from 1600 to 1800 was only a precursor to the events that lay ahead yet scientists have become alchemists by turning natural events into gold by siding with billionaire investors such as George Soros, Warren Buffet and Al Gore who’ve invested billions on the climatic scam of the century. Scientists need to grow a “pair” and stand behind their research rather than be patsies in political rhetoric. Like it or not, this is all a scam and the public will suffer needlessly by not being informed of the truth so they can prepare.

What really gets my goat are the eclectic Earthers who march on the axiom of ancient prophesies of Earth Change then contradict themselves by placing blame on man. It’s either prophesies or it’s not for we can not have it both ways ideologically. The outcome was also prophesized and nowhere did they make mention man would find a cure and alter destiny. I know within my tradition and visions that mankind is absolutely powerless to alter the cycles of Ma Earth, plain and simple. Rather than line the pockets of the same players who continue to lie to the public we should be preparing for climate change and a host of other anomalies that will soon overwhelm humanity. The disaster in Haiti is only a precursor of things to come for no place on Earth will be untouched by change. Scientists will soon learn that chemistry can change in ways they never thought possible. Now that science has merged with politics the truth will evade the public’s ear as scientists, turn alchemists, try to convert global change into gold for a select few and that’s the bottom line, lock stock and tomahawk.  




Your Devil’s Advocate


Eclipse, Omen or Verification

The pending eclipse of the sun has drawn speculation if this phenomenon was either a good omen or a bad one. From my perspective I see this eclipse as a verification of the inevitable demise of both Than Shwe and his criminal regime. When you consider all the omens we’ve been given in the recent past the eclipse is just frosting in the cake. How many disasters and deaths must occur within sacred pagodas Than and his family tainted before we come to realize real signs from the supernatural? Excommunication from the Buddhist faith was a major blow to Than Shwe since this also included everyone who sided with him as well as profiteered from tyranny. The list of the cursed includes foreign companies and countries I might add.

China, Than Shwe’s cash cow, is in the grips of natural disasters and civil unrest in many regions. The China’s Communist Party is on the brink of internal revolt according to sources on the ground in Beijing. Corruption has dishonored the nation and the spirit of Chairman Mao. Thanks to Than Shwe the world has China under the microscope and this will definitely disrupt commerce in a very real way. China’s economy had not taken roots as of yet and is still very frail. Than Shwe’s disruption comes to China at a very critical time in China’s economical development. China’s plans to sell anything in the US and the free world is in real jeopardy since there is growing momentum to exclude anything that may seem pro junta. Inevitably China has plenty to worry about since they are on the wrong side of this omen as well. Besides, people are growing tired of purchasing items drenched in human suffering.

Fact is, the world of international corporate greed that has supported tin horn dictators such as Than Shwe will face tribulations they never though possible. Other nations who’ve banked on murder and rape to push their financial agendas will face impossible challenges as well. Over the next few years the interests of corporations and the greedy will give way to the whims of nature ushering in the inevitable Time of Change and there is nothing mankind can do about it. Mankind is at destiny’s gate and there is no turning back the clock since mankind will soon reap what they have sown over the years. What comes around goes around as they say on the streets. Everything has a cycle with a beginning and an end and Than Shwe is at the end of his reign both in Burma and in life for it is said he will soon be dead.

I see cycles coming to a close in nations around the world while corporate thugs blindly continue to push for more money and natural resources. They can keep their ill-gotten goods since it is tainted with the blood of human suffering. I have already excluded China and her poisoned defective goods and set my sights on South Korean industries who continue to profiteer from Burma’s tyranny. In the near future money and material wealth will become meaningless since nature will have the final say in the course of human history.

Is the eclipse an omen? Well of course it is and if you pay attention it will usher in a new era and the ultimate demise of greed. But like anything else, the road to peace and humanity will be a turbulent one since nothing is free and there must be sacrifices. It will be darkest before the dawn. Than Shwe sacrificed his afterlife and soul just so he could spend a few short years on Earth in opulence and riches. You can be rest assured his afterlife will be an eternity of pain and sorrow since that is the price he must pay for his reign of greed and tyranny. But it’s a nice thing to note he will not be alone since he has the Tatmadaw and a host of allies who will join him in the future.

Than Shwe has forbidden speculation about the pending eclipse with very good reason. Foolishly he believes if no one talks about it nothing will happen. There is a saying, “You can run but you can’t hide” and Than Shwe is running and running as fast as he can. He can play tough guy all he wants on Earth but the place he is going in his afterlife will make him crawl like a baby. Spirits say that he will cry out for mercy like a child while begging for forgiveness. When he observes his family suffering and tortured like the Karen or Rohingya have he will cry out in agony while spirits toss the blood of his loved ones on his face. Sorry Than Shwe, it’s your turn now. Keep on burning your incense, ringing your bell and chanting your chants General Than Shwe because your fate is written in stone on ancient temples. So is the fate of your loved ones and those who did your bidding. What comes around goes around and soon you will reap your just rewards.

Your Devil’s Advocate