Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

The time of change really is not a bad thing when you think about it. Cleaning the slate isn’t the best way to describe it but that is what it is. Call it an act of G*D, devil or just pure coincidence one thing is for certain, the Earth is changing radically in all plains of existence not just the physical. The reality of this ebbing cycle will soon dispel the myths of man with the harshest of its reality. Hopefully people will read the signs and seen the tide of change that has permeated every facet of existence or will they? Not everyone is destined to survive the transition but on the other hand not everyone is going to perish when pandemonium reigns across the globe. Survival will take on a new dimension as more and more people interface with elements of the supernatural. Surviving the onslaught of paranormal events will test the sanity of many people who will not be able to cope. If they don’t get a handle on it the paranormal aspect of change will be a cataclysm unto itself.

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While on the Subject of Space Vato’s

I would wager that most of you folks out there in cyberland did not know that a UFO did a fly over during the presidential inauguration. Yes it is true and a major news broadcaster caught it all on tape while their commentators were chatting. Caught on tape then published on the Internet, this video clearly showed a vehicle that was not from Earth zip past the screen. There were many witnesses to this event but there was no mainstream news report on this event.

Almost as quickly as this video hit the Internet is was quietly removed from the public domain. Fortunately I managed to save a snapshot of the video on a hunch it would disappear like so many other incriminating news stories do, if you did not notice. That means we already are living in a revised form of censorship but that’s another story.

Personally, I’ve had my share of encounters and sightings and know of many other professional people who’ve seen the same things I did. From airline and fighter pilots to first responders and emergency personnel as well as regular folks like you and I, there are witnesses to the reality we have many visitors from other worlds. I don’t get all ga ga over it since this has always been common knowledge within traditional people from around the world. My personal encounters range from way cool to pissing me off since not all space dudes are cool. But for all intents and purposes I give them as much salt as I would their human counterparts.

Why don’t I have fear of these space travelers? Well it is really quite simple actually. It’s been a norm for me to deal with spirits and the gambit of so called paranormal events since I was a poop butt kid. They are all relevant to one another and my people have placed this stuff in its proper perspective. Frankly I did not really care for this skill or craft growing up since it was more of a burden and a royal pain in the butt. My question is why the rest of you carbon based life forms still go ga ga over space dudes and spirits? This will undoubtedly be your Achilles Tendon. Your Bibles and ancient works have addressed the paranormal adnauseum including how to deal with rouge spirits. If you spent the time studying your respective dogmas you’d discover that space dudes are in the same heap as man. The fact society is being artificially kept away from the knowledge of alien folks is all to clear for select group of people want this to be their secret or ultimate weapon. They are hording the secrets of the universe for the dumbest reason of all, power and material wealth. Sadly for them this is about to explode in their faces because I do not think they are hanging out with the good guys.

It’s really quite funny when you think about it though. The elite class is privy to these realities as well as traditional people. But the vast majority of the people in the middle are completely clueless about it all. Fact is most of the people relegate spirits and space dudes to “science fiction and horror flicks”. There is no question the US and other governments are playing ball with space dudes and they will most likely bank on fear and ignorance to promote their agendas while staging some kind of event with their alien friends. I will be unimpressed since I have a few secrets of my own and others who’ve experienced the truly benevolent beings from other world know exactly what I am talking about. If I’m wrong I’ll be zapped into a pile of ashes but I will not be intimidated by the bad dudes. Besides who wants to live on a colonized slave labor planet anyway? So if they whacked me it would be a blessing in disguise and I would continue my journey. With absolute faith within my dogma I will maintain my position in the face of all adversity and the bad dudes can all jump in a black hole or something.

The notion any of these space dudes are benevolent in any way is preposterous at the very least. If these space dudes were as cool and benevolent as the spin doctors will say then why are they giving technology to these corrupt politicians? Why are they allowing their Earth bound pals to continue to rape and murder Indigenous cultures from around the world and rip of their natural resources? In any event I am not impressed with these space dudes and their fancy space junk since they obviously are not the cool and benevolent ones mankind are hoping for. They are just as punk as the creeps who are trying to globalize the planet.

One thing is for sure, they do not hold the holy grail of the universe as they say and surely they are not the only visitors on this planet for there are others. I’ve seen them as well as other credible professional people. People who have encountered them agree they are here for the changes and to counter the foolishness of the other space dudes who walk in darkness. You don’t have to take my word on this and I really don’t care in all actuality. But from within my tradition it was once said that the Creator would allow for all of mankind to know the truth. That does not mean people would instantly believe my words, it only means that people would at the very least hear the truth. What they do with this truth is all up to them since mankind was also given the gift of free will. Take it for what its worth or toss it in the dumpster of political correctness because I could give a flying crappola what you do with it. I’m just keeping a promise.

Your Devil’s Advocate