It Sucks Living in Prophetic Times

Fannie-FEMA-zazThere are many people out there sharing the very same visions but for what ever reason they are just not connecting. A real part of prophecy was that all you boneheads would have the opportunity to know the truth and ultimately the key to surviving the end of this era of stupid. But it was also prophesized many would not buy into any prophetic works and gleefully march to their own demise. Go figure… Continue reading

When Technology Finally Bids Us Adieu

It is not a matter of ‘if’ technology will slip from our grasp but ‘when’ since it is only a matter of time. With ever increasing and more virulent solar flares coming towards earth there is no question power grids and frail electronics will soon be compromised. It may be for days or weeks at first but ultimately it will be years before the sun begins to stabilize. Months ago NASA scientists issued a red flag of concern about the possibility that technology would be our societal Achilles tendon since the sun entered a new phase never before witnessed. Well at least by these guys anyway. According to visions and prophecies by dogmas and ideological principles from throughout the universe this is just one aspect of change mankind will experience. But it’s a good one and the ramifications are endless.

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2012: Another Bilderberg Election….OR?

If you did your homework you would already know that the Bilderberg Cartel has planted their lackey’s deep within all political parties in the United States of America. Europe and other continents suffer this scourge of international corporatists who are deliberately bankrupting their host nations in order to usher in the infamous New World Order, a fascist dictum. Humorously, China is an example of Bilderberg Cartel Corruption and Russia is not far behind since Putin and Medvedev both promote the New World Order as opposed to communism. The vehicle of this treasonous crime against national sovereignties is Globalization. The goal is to officially install an elite group of trillionaires in the seat of ultimate authority on a world scale. Their infantry consists of the United Nations, The World Trade Organization, The International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization, all lackeys who take their marching orders from the Bilderberg Cartel. Basically, I call it “Rockefellers Revenge” for having to disenfranchise their monopolies back in the early 1900’s.

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