Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway


Charlemagne and His G*D, Mork

The spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? Continue reading

Eugenics, by Another Word


radiationGive Ebola a welcome round of applause boys and girls for she has made her dazzling debut in America. But Ebola has some very stiff competition to face both nationally and internationally. Monsanto is killing people every day in every continent on Planet Stupid with their toxic crops of death. Even corporations are killing thousands of people a year for their land and natural resources. Continue reading

Earth Changes & Other Stuff You Might Already Know That Sucks

Fannie-FEMA-zazContrary to popular belief, Prophecies and the ‘Time of change’ are moving along as cautioned by the ancients and mankind has predictably chosen to ignore all the warnings. Ironically, as globalists and their paranormal butt crack pals try to alter the course of destiny, they are actually speeding things along and following prophecy like a script, quite nicely I might add. We’ve already begun the final decent into darkness and the fun has only just begun so you had better have your spiritual flashlight handy boys & girls. Continue reading

Buffalohair Gazette International UPDATE

Hopefully this news story will get out on this site since I was hit pretty hard this week. I lost most of the functionality of this site other than posting videos.

The archives are still available to everyone to read as well as the previous stories. But the reality is the fact I will be posting all my stories from the new site, Buffalohair Universe—->>> http://buffalohair-jage.com/WP-BGI/ from now on. The links here will still be available to enjoy but from this day on, I AM OUT OF HERE.

I am akin to technological disasters and all my old readers know the other sites I had that were hit pretty hard over the years. So for them, this is nothing new but for the new reader, don’t get your panties in a bunch since the new site will have even more stuff to play with.

As for me, I’m still the cute fuzzy little Injun guy with a sardnoic sense of humor that tells it like it is from a crusty old buzzards point of view. Only difference is, I will be doing it all from the new site, BUFFALOHAIR UNIVERSE.

I just realized, I don’t have spell check on this site anymore,……..OH THE HORROR!

Your Devil’s Advocate

Why is Domestic Spending Even on The Chopping Block?

Like a dark comedy, both sides of the corrupted political isle are targeting domestic spending as the culprit of the nations financial whoa. The reality is the fact both sides of the isle have ignored the trillions of dollars that continue to flow into the coffers of international corporations, special interests and foreign nations, without a whisper. Combined, all domestic spending would not match the interest being charged for the growing national debt. Regardless of the rhetoric politicians continue to spend recklessly while cutting entitlements, benefits, aid and social programs while casting Americans against one another in this smoke screen of deception. It’s the same ole same oles as pundits on both sides utilize the age old axiom of divide and conquer on America as they quietly rob the nation’s coffers.

Why are trillions of dollars disappearing at an alarming rate without even a peep from either side? I wager that if you follow the money you will discover that the hierarchies of both parties are invested in corporations and nations who are benefiting from this egregious act of treason. It’s just a version of “good cop, bad cop” as both sides pretend to oppose one another while moving the globalization agenda forward. Now it’s American against American as we fight for the crumbs while the weasels of globalization steal the wealth of a nation right before your very eyes. It is intentional and a well conceived plot to destabilize the nation financially as the Bilderberg/International Monetary Fund comes to “save” the day in this bold act of *Disaster Capitalism. Austerity will be the vehicle that international globalist will use to strike the fatal blow to American democracy and the sovereignty as unelected trillionaires usher in the New World Order. And if you don’t see it now you deserve the loss of freedom and rights that will soon prevail. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Tag….you are it.

With the axiom of divide and conquer Democrats and Republicans have divided the nation on a host of minuscule issues while harvesting trillions of dollars in the process. The public has become diametrically opposed to one another over issues than never should have been issues at all. Education, healthcare, human services and infrastructure was never meant to be on any auction block for this was the civil duty of society and a nation, not cater to corporations and investors. The moral fiber of this nation has been compromised as greed and profits dictate destiny. Now people have been reduced to fighting over financial crumbs like chickens in a coop while the greedy farmer selects the fattest bird to butcher. Economic growth and prosperity is relegated to flipping burgers at McDonalds. Surely this will be recorded as positive economic growth since Mickey Dee’s plans to hire 50,000 people. Maybe an engineer or draftsman will get lucky and get a job at 7-11. But in reality this is a sign of desperation as educated and skilled labor struggle to survive after they were betrayed by corporations that was once entrusted to protect them. Corporate greed is all to obvious to those who’ve already been plunged into economic darkness and relegated to fending for themselves for sustenance and shelter. Across America the silenced majority no longer have phones, internet and ultimately a voice in the Nations affairs. Apathy at the voting box by the forgotten Americans has only exacerbated the situation by allowing corporate lackeys to buy politicians and turn them into the ultimate lobbyist. Only the absolute minority who are invested in the corruption are plotting America’s destiny. With the media in their pockets truth is not an option if it sheds light on the totality of this fetid era.

Fueled by corporate profits regardless of how they were gained, including unscrupulous criminal business practices, child and slave labor the so-called elite class rally and support politicians owned by corporations who’ve destroyed economies around the world. It is the absolute minority who are laughing all the way to the bank while millions of citizens loose everything while squabbling over pocket change by comparison. But this is all a part of prophecy and it is mans destiny to blindly rush for the gold at all costs during the time of change. This is only a sign regardless of it’s magnitude since in all reality the quest for material wealth ad the poverty it instills will be overshadowed by natural and astronomical events. Fukushima only exposed exactly how frail modern technology truly is. Nuclear pundits have resorted to lies in their efforts for damage control but soon other events will prove their prevarications futile. Across the board technology will soon falter for a host of known and unknown reasons and that is the real bottom line paisan.

Mankind is destined to be plunged into chaos and great struggle for this is destiny as well. The colonization of the planet via globalization has already begun but it will not succeed but not from the efforts of man. Just read your respective dogma since this is an old story and is written in dogmas throughout the universe. Man’s destiny is already forged in stone and nothing man can do to alter this destiny. The more man tries to alter this destiny the more they verify existence of change and their futility in avoiding the inevitable for that is in prophecy as well. It is clear that people with the most blood on their hands will enjoy the fruits of their labor for this is the generation of retribution and they can no longer pass their crimes to the next generation like before. My people call this era the humbling times since it is known mankind will be humbled beyond comprehension. I’ve been there and done that already since I’ve lost everything I owned on more than one occasion. I grew up in abject poverty and racial hatred so I already know the drill and am well suited for change and it really does not matter if I survive the more virulent times that lay ahead. I’m just tickled pink that my visions and those of other people are coming to pass right before my very eyes. It is also heartening to know that there will be survivors and the New World Order will not be the New World Order corporate fascists are banking on. I am comforted within my visions in knowing there will be life after catastrophe and it will be a world absent of greed and material lusting. For my people, we will see the return of the buffalo as they are returned to the Great Plains. We will also be released from bondage and the colonies or reserves that imprisoned us since the beginning of this fetid modern era of greed. Only sad part is the fact we will still live in the shadow of nuclear contamination for many generations to come, unless Ma Earth reburies that crappola again.

So it is time for all cultures to seek out their true spirituality and discover the true key to surviving the times we are living for they are going to get worse. Man’s influence may seem great but it’s nothing more than a grain of sand in the desert in the grand scheme of things. From what I’ve seen in my visions alone I can guarantee you this is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination. But if you paid attention to your sacred texts and oral histories you would already know this as well as the existence of the supernatural alien butt cracks who shared technology with Earth vermin. So my suggestion to you is to simply pay attention and heed the warnings within your dogma or ideological principal. If you don’t buy into this time of change thing that’s OK since it is also prophesized many people of Earth would choose not to believe in such intangible rhetoric and untimely face extinction. Hmm, maybe it’s a good thing after all since the planet would be better off without this cancer called greed anyway. I was no cherry in my early years so I might be in the same boat as you buttheads. Only difference is, I would be smiling in my heart knowing that good will ultimately prevail. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

* http://www.scribd.com/doc/34120655/Disaster-Capitalism-the-Federal-Deficit-and-the-National-Debt


Your Devil’s Advocate

GMO Foods, Where is the Taste?

After reading reams of material about GMO foods from both sides I believe I do have a handle on the GMO controversy. In a way both sides cancel each other out with claims and counters claim but there is one overriding fact that swayed me to join the anti-GMO camp, the food has no taste. The food tastes dead and does not have that rich savory flavor food used to have. GMO food looks real pretty and in the superficial world we live I guess looks are all that matters after all. But for me, GMO foods of any kind are an anemic and tasteless alternative to real food and it makes me wonder if it actually has nutritional value.

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Nuclear Nior

Surly radiation is the gift that keeps on giving and now I am informed rain or snow will be radioactive and not to collect the runoff. That is just ducky because it looks like a snow storm is brewing in the high country. Oh well, so I’ll have some radioactive snow to shovel. Won’t be the first time. There is something I have noticed today; the daylight sky has an ominous tint to it. An elder pointed out the haze and commented on how it looked like an omen or shroud over the Rockies. We could see and feel it somehow and it was not a good thing. After all, this came on the heels of our radioactive weekend and now it’s the radioactive weekday, oh boy.

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My Radioactive Renaissance, A Mutants Tale

After all the hype about the shower of radioactive death that would rain in my region of the planet I had some concerns. I was well aware that I was already exposed to plenty of radiation in my earlier years. Other than a few anomalous growths and an overwhelming desire to drink human blood I weathered my contamination quite well actually. I am comfortable in knowing that I am forever genetically altered and that my DNA double helix more resembles a wad of used chewing gum on chop sticks. Since I could not possibly escape the radioactive plume I decided to make the most of it. Continue reading

Earth Changes, Spinning the Wheel of Mankind’s Destiny

As man scrambles to avoid a nuclear catastrophe in the wake of another “coincidental” natural disaster it should be clear, the time of change has come. Unfortunately it was prophesized that much of the world’s populations would still be scrambling to find a “human” solution when the futilities of their efforts were ultimately revealed. With greed at the helm it is obvious modern society is on a ship of fools. A kingdom built on a foundation of sand is destined to crumble in the era we live. Silica sand and the world it offered will ultimately be an Achilles tendon as man flounders in the angry sea of change. And it’s about time. Continue reading

So You Live in a Fallout Zone, Get Over It!

There is no place on earth that is not a fallout zone at one time or another. So we are going to get beamed up AGAIN in the western hemisphere with a few more rads, so pass the Sea & Ski. This is not the first time we basked in the glow of the nuclear age. We worry about irradiated milk when our bodies have a half-life of 20 million years from all the exposure we already endured. I know I glow in the dark for a variety of reasons and so what if I ingest a few more alpha and beta particles. What the heck, that only gives me a perpetual sore throat and lesions in my esophagus, so far. I’ll just gargle with Listerine provided my alcoholic cousin didn’t drink it all. But if my skin falls off I may have an issue. I hate that.

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Things to do During the End of the Earth

So now you’re all hooked up with your respective dogma. You are comfortable with your spiritual connection and you have no fear of the supernatural. Just for grins you still bought all your GI Joe survival gear at Cabela’s and even bought one of those magnesium fire starters like that Survivor-man dude on TV. You mined your front and back lawns to ward off strangers and the neighbors dog that pee’s on your lawn flamingo. All means of egress have been sealed off and you placed bars on the windows of your humble abode making your house look like San Quentin. Yup, you are ready Freddie and you are prepared for anything, even a visitation from Mars if need be. As you peer through the periscope you bought at the Army/Navy store you notice little Bobby Zimmermann playing with kids from across the street. It’s a nice day and the birds are enjoying the thermals. As you wipe the fog from the lenses of your gas mask you begin to wonder, “Now What?”

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Welcome to The Dark Ages

It’s not hard to imagine how things were back when dogmatic zealots like Charlemagne and other pinheads were killing in the name of their respective G*D’s. Since the deaths of Mohammad, Jesus and other iconic figures, man has done a bang up job of murdering innocent villagers throughout the world in their quest for gold because G*D said so. Does not matter what dogma the invaders were, it was the innocent peasant who was universally terrorized, raped and murdered during these so-called holy wars. Millions were slaughtered in cold blood, their land and meager possessions confiscated and the bounty added to the coffers of some bogus kingdom or empire. It was the serf who paid the actual price for the building of Europe’s fraudulent kingdoms, financial empires and there was nothing noble about it. It is reprehensible that religion was the excuse to murder others throughout history. There was little concern for humanity and villagers were expendable, much like now. In fact whole villages were destroyed and inhabitants murdered at the whim of some twisted duke or other mindless royal. Ironically the descendants of these imperious criminal cartels still reign in fetid flare through shadow groups and monetary consortiums. And like their ancestors they are marching civil society back into the Dark Ages for fun and profit.

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The Prophetic World of Chaos and It Only Gets Better

From an indigenous point of view, I am giddy with excitement as prophetic signs of every kind come to pass with even greater frequency than before. The cool part about it all is the fact these signs are written within a myriad of dogmas not just mine. The riots and other forms of civil unrest, regardless of issues or pseudo political agendas, will spread throughout the world relatively quickly. Dabble in a few more ‘coincidental’ natural catastrophes to man’s misery and there will be a few more pissed off hungry human beings flipping over cop cars and torching up the neighborhood 7-11. And all the while the stock market keeps counting coup on the taxpayer to the joy of international globalists. With skyrocketing profits in critical sectors it is only clear that blatantly unwarrantable greed is the corporate axiom and justification for sharp increases in all consumer goods. There is no end to man’s unscrupularity but fortunately Ma Earth and her chums have another idea.

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Brisbane Australia Under Water, Another Coincidence

It looks like another coincidence has occurred with the third largest city in Australia under water from an apocalyptic flood. Guess it was a coincidence 20 million Pakistanis lost their homes and livelihoods during their flood. But we should not forget China’s coincidence and the millions of people who’ve lost their homes. Hmm, am I forgetting something? Why yes I am since every continent on the planet has suffered catastrophic flooding this last year as well, coincidentally of course. Don’t matter anyway since the floods have not reached us, right? The fact you can still read this story is a testament to the fact these disasters only happen to other people. Guess the smart thing to do is go to the store and buy more stupid electronic junk to play with before solar flares render electronics useless, on credit. Then we can ignore the cries of the suffering in style since it’s not our concern.

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Arizona Slaughter

Rep. Gabrielle Gifford

The tragedy that unfolded in Tucson Arizona where Representative Gabrielle Gifford was shot in the head, a federal judge and others were murdered, including a 9 year old kid, plus the wounding of 10 innocent people was an assault on us all. There is no justification for killing our politicians, no matter how much we may disagree with their decisions or their conduct. In a democratic society, we vote them out of office or impeach them but never condone their slaughter no matter what side of the isle they reside.

I offer my prayers to the stricken and the families of the fallen.


In Search of the Anti-Christ

In researching various scriptures and other sacred texts from a multitude of dogmas it has become quite clear the Anti-Christ or other evil entities already arrived. The proverbial Anti-Christ has been here since before the time of Charlemagne. When you figure all the wars and genocide committed in the name of G*D over the ages it is obvious man has walked in the shadow of evil not good. Holy Wars, Jihad and the like are not divine and a poor excuse to murder human beings because they pray differently or call their sacred icons another name. The Pied Piper of deception has already walked mankind down the path to their demise, plain and simple. Now we are in the final stages of this religious rouse and people wonder, “Why me lord?”

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Hope You Got Your Backpacks Ready

With Ma Earth entering a much more virulent phase of Earth Changes all bets are off since scientists will soon discover they are not as smart as they once thought they were. Technology will soon become a pariah and a most vulnerable Achilles Tendon. I don’t worry about censorship as much as the loss of electricity since that is going to happen sooner than people realize. Gads, I’m going to miss spell-check though. Fly-By-Wire will be more likened to Die-By-Wire as critical electronics fail at the worse possible time. In visions I saw airplanes falling like rain out of the sky, creepy. Expensive electronic gizmos will become worthless and advanced weaponry will cease to function. The modern world as we know it will soon begin to falter as electricity becomes quite unreliable. Frankly, I look forward to the demise of technology and this so called civilized era. Civil society has come full circle and now we are back to living in a feudal society writhe with corporate greed, deception and death. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

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101 Ways to Prepare Long Pork

With food shortages and famine encroaching on civilization it should come as no surprise that alternative food sources will gain more popularity as necessity dictates. The ‘junk’ fish people use to discard will find its way onto the frying pan by thankful and starving anglers in the near future. Bones will become the mainstay rather than Fido’s Scooby Treats; hmm Fido will look pretty tasty as well. The 3-Day Chicken will become commonplace once again provided there are chickens. But when things get dicey and sustenance becomes nonexistent, for a host of catastrophic reasons, the dead guy lying next to you may very well hold the key to your existence. Welcome to the dark side of survival, where a person is forced to lift a fork and consume a fellow human being in the age old culinary adventure called cannibalism. Guess a person could use chop sticks or a piece of fry bread if they chose to.

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Austerity Spells the Death of Democracy and Other Ramblings

It is ironic that the birthplace of democracy, Greece, would be the first nation to face the dire and undemocratic consequences of globalization. Throughout Europe nation after nation is facing protests and strikes as workers balk at the loss of wages, benefits and national sovereignty as non elected thugs from the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization ram the New World Order down the throats of these nations under the guise of austerity. Sadly these thugs have positioned their lackey’s on every continent on the planet with their treasonous schema. From presidents to prime ministers the political agenda was to deceive their electorates and destroy democracy in the name of corporatism. By comparison it is only a hand full of wealthy people and corporations who are behind this scheme to take over the world and their weapon of choice, money. Money that can buy anything, kings and empires included.

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Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

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Earth Changes for Bottom Dwellers

Well if you had not noticed, Earth Changes has begun in earnest. There is no turning back the clock or buying your way out of it. And it really does not matter what planet you’re from either. From simmering heat waves to killer frost the cycles are growing with intensity. Little was said about the cold weather anomalies that occurred in South America. People and crops were dying from the unusually cold winter that enshrouded many regions of South America in snow and ice. With winter just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere we should be wary of the starkly frigid possibilities and prepare accordingly. Unprecedented flooding, landslides, and fires are altering landscapes and lives on every continent. Economies will soon bear the brunt of the growing list of disasters, there is no question. Sink holes or dolines have become fashion statements as Ma Earth rummages through her wardrobe as she prepares for her polar shift. It is a sure bet more surprises await the already shaken scientific community. As for the rest of us? Hmm, I wonder.

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Petition Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado to Pardon “Little Joe” Arridy

I am forwarding this call for the Governor of Colorado to pardon *Joe Arridy, 23. It was drafted by **Robert Perske, writer, journalist and humanitarian. The petition respectfully requests the governor to  pardon “Little Joe” Arridy posthumously for the crimes of rape and murder of a 15 year old girl, Dorothy Drain, on August 15, 1936. Sadly, Little Joe has long since been convicted and ultimately executed at Colorado Territorial Prison, Canyon City. The arrest, trial and execution of Joe were media events likened to a carnival in darkly festive flare. Socialites flocked to make an appearance at this depression era kangaroo court.

Little Joe was locked into a pre-pubescence world since he had the mentality of a 6 year old boy, innocent even in thought. Joe was the ideal suspect and detectives took full advantage of his naivete coercing a confession almost immediately. Being of Syrian decent added fuel to the community’s frenzied scorn as well. The media poisoned public opinion against Joe across the state with fabricated sensational tales that horrified and disgusted readers. They painted Little Joe as a vial and perverted killer of little girls. Joe was a dead man walking even before he was arrested. Guilt was already assumed. He was convicted and sentence to death. Then he was executed in the gas chamber on January 6, 1939 to the joy of cheering mobs, justice was served. They say Joe was smiling when he entered the death chamber for he truly was a child and could not comprehend the concept of his own death. In the evening after Joes execution even the hardest of convicts wept because of the injustice that shrouded the day. The bittersweet irony of Joe’s dark journey was the fact three months after his execution the true killer of Dorothy Drain was arrested then confessed to the grizzly assault.

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All The World’s A Stage

When you realize that human suffering, the quest for gold and wars are caused by only a hand full of people from around the world it’s a pity to realize the public as a whole are simply pawns. A hand full of people with wealth beyond words has set the stage and we the people of the planet must suffer the consequences of their truculent drama.

Does not matter which continent one resides, the players are the same and the outcomes are predictably fetid. Human beings will laugh but ultimately they will cry as greed and deception comes to collect its bounty in blood and human suffering. All The World’s A Stage Shakespeare once said but life is also an opera and Globalization is the crescendo of the greedy.  

Your Devil’s Advocate


Medical Tourism, A Dental Adventure

One day I took a look in the mirror and discovered that my once pearly white smile had diminished to the point I looked like an old Buick in dire need of grill work, gads. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I could have taken better care of my teeth but in all reality I did not think I’d live past the 1960’s let alone the new millennia. In any event I made it this far but sadly my smile did not. Course I’ve not been known for my jovial disposition in the first place so it might not have mattered except for the fact my favorite tooth was about to fall out of my head.

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Earth Change and the New World Odor

From the perspective of a person with vision and or people who actually read their respective dogmas, everything is moving as prophesied. World leaders have sold their electorates to the highest bidders while promoting lies and deception at the behest of their international corporate handlers. On the other hand Ma Earth has been counting coup and has begun the process of renewal as she begins her “season”. Like women of the Earth during their season she is not a happy camper and her mood swings will soon have cataclysmic results.

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Ma Earth Mambo

Predictably Ma Earth has entered into a much more virulent phase of her “season”. Scientists have already begun spinning the growing almost weekly earthquakes we are experiencing. Granted earthquakes have always plagued our planet but not like this. Scientists don’t want to cause a panic but at some point in time people need to be made aware so they can prepare for disasters that are just around the corner.

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Earth Changes 101 (Lab)

By now it should be as obvious as the nose on a persons face that we are living in a time of dynamic change. Unfortunately, the world is focused on financial concerns while industrialists prepare to colonize the planet via Globalization. Humanity has taken a back seat as corporations encroach on populations around the world stripping them of their land, murdering all who resist and ultimately leaving the land in a state of catastrophic environmental ruin. World leaders have become nothing more than mouth pieces for the international industrial complex at the expense of their respective electorates. Campaign rhetoric (lies) has become a necessary evil in order to garner votes. “Tell the voters what they want to hear and you will win the election” has become the accepted axiom for political success.

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Tornado Strikes Home

While researching a news item I received a news clip about a tornado in western *Oklahoma. As I was viewing this news brief I began to notice some familiar sites then it dawned on me, that is my reservation. Holay, this twister was bouncing around all over the place tossing 5 houses about and ripping down power poles. Of course the power was out and the phones were down adding to my anxiety as I tried frantically to call home. I was only 400 miles from home but at this juncture it might as well be a million.

I finally made contact with my brother and sister-in-law. They assured me that everyone was OK. It was a blessing to hear that my people were safe at the very least. But there was a moment where I felt shear panic since I could not rouse any of my relations. Visions of catastrophe filled my thoughts as the feeling of helplessness and fear surged through my veins. Covering news stories about disasters in the last few weeks fanned the flame of concern. I saw the aftermath of several Earthquakes around the world. The faces of the survivors haunted me since their eyes told volumes about loss, sorrow and disbelief. Now I was watching a news video in disbelief as a tornado ripped through my town and the twister just missed my house.

Fortunately my brother was in light spirits as well as my tribe. They joked about the twister that came to visit our village but we all realized how fortunate we were that none of our relations were injured. I was not so amused since my heart was still racing from my near panic. I was reminded that this was to be expected since no place on Earth would be untouched by change. Funny, that’s what I always mention in my articles. I had a taste of my own medicine and in a way it did me good. For some reason I was walking around in a bubble of immunity, like I was above the tribulations that lay in store for humanity but nothing could be further from the truth. I was reminded about our traditions and prophecies. We are living in the time of great change and we got a wake-up call from one of the elements of the four directions today. No place on Earth will be spared from the wrath of Ma Earth as she cleanses herself, not even the Red Moon Agency.

* http://www.newsok.com/tornado-destroys-5-homes-damages-others-in-hammon/article/3444863?custom_click=masthead_topten


Your Devil’s Advocate


Closer to Tyranny or Change?

Since Globalization succeeded taking over most of the planet, get over it. The new royalty, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), will “officially” rule the roost. The United Nations will be their enforcement wing with authority to police all nations including the USA. Sovereignty will be a fond memory for all once proud countries. China, Russia and India will not buy into the New World Order and just shake their heads in laughter. Asia will fall to China including Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States because of terms within their free trade agreement. China already owns substantial real estate in California with leases on other prime properties including the Long Beach Naval Air Station.

During President Clinton’s tenure he got busy gutting the military complex sending millions of Americans to the unemployment lines and torpedoed our Pacific Fleet. This Naval Station was one of the bases axed during Bill’s assault. People lost everything as whole communities simply disappeared. Some places turned into urban ruins only to be covered up by an aquarium or some artsy dive along the sea. On Clinton’s watch the Chinese Communist Party owned shipping and container company (COSCO) coincidentally got a sweet deal on beach front property in Long Beach California (Navy Base). So China owns much of the West Coast fair and square anyway. And they did not have to fire a shot to destroy our naval base. Maybe it would be a blessing in disguise when China foreclosed on California. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and the rest of those bilge water politicians would become China’s babbling ear-sores. Would China pay off California’s debts as well? Hmm

I can see it now, me dressed in my bright orange arctic coveralls with a giant white “J” for journalist on my back. I would be picking away at the permafrost searching for Canadian diamonds at some remote unnamed Gulag “retraining facility” 100 kilometers from Lac De Gras, Northwest Territory. Through the howling -60 degree Arctic wind, standing vigil under the United Nations sign would be a guard named Uri. Tossing snow in the air to appear like I am working I would gather my thoughts and ponder, “What the f— happened to the Earth Changes??”  

What if the prophesized “Earth Changes” simply does not happen? Holly cow, that would definitely put a kink on my plans. Well, so much for the Dec 21, 2012, “End of the World Social” Wonder if we would have a “Welcome Global Tyranny Social” instead. My people look for any excuse to have a social. I have not heard any of my elders mention that the Earth Changes was postponed so it is safe to say we are still on schedule as far as prophesy is concerned. All the signs are here for mankind to gawk at if they paid attention. It’s laughable to note that warnings from all dogmas are everywhere or is that just a coincidence as well? From what I’ve seen most sacred books are used to press money these days so I doubt their contents are ever read.

Eventually people will wise up to the fact things are just not the same as they used to be, maybe. You had better believe Global Warming will be the very least of our concerns in the future. We’ve crossed into a much more virulent phase of change a while ago and man is powerless to stop these cataclysmic events. The ride has only just begun and we have a front row seat. As human beings we all should be preparing for our very survival and seeking out our spirituality since they’re both tied to each other. On a good day it would be a week or so before aid got to a person whence disaster struck and that’s within the continental USA. Utilities? Forget about it paisan. Common sense dictates that municipal services will be the first to go. Water, electricity and sewage will be a memory in short time. This is happening across the planet now and people are already on survival mode. If you did not notice, Ma Earth is counted coup already.

In any event, Ma Earth is moving right along so I don’t really have to worry about being tossed in a reeducation camp for wayward journalists. Tyranny was only a sign and not the end result of change, not by a long shot. I’ll bank my money on prophecies and the teachings of my elders since they are batting a 1,000 as far as accuracy is concerned. So let all the money mongers race for the cash since it will soon be meaningless. From a personal point of view, everyone should have provisions and a back pack, just in case they need to get out of Dodge in a quick hurry. If you’re already spiritually connected and know the difference between good and bad spirits you are well prepared. But if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, oh well. Remember that you will need at least a week of supplies and if worse comes to worse you had better have a game plan for the basics of survival. Just be prepared because the only one you will be able to depend on is yourself, or did you figure that one out already?

Your Devil’s Advocate


Dark Humor, Earth Changes and a Piece of Fry Bread

From the perspective on my people it is almost comical that this so called civil society can not see the signs that were taught to them within their respective dogmas. Signs of change swirl around almost daily yet a hopelessly ambivalent world fails to recognize the obvious. Granted, some people I have interviewed told me point blank they don’t care to recognize them and would rather die obliviously. Religions and belief systems from around the world hold the key to surviving the times that lay ahead but I guess these folks have not paid attention to these minor details or chose not to. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

I find this darkly humorous since these people don’t really follow the axioms of their dogmas. They cheery pick ideologies and scriptures that suit their needs then ignore the others that are to inconvenient. So, for these people the Time of Change will be the End of the World because money and material gain will have no meaning in the future. There is some poetic justice in this, don’t you think? For my people this era will remain the Time of Change and I welcome its arrival. Don’t think my people corner the market on the key to survival, not by a long shot. But there are some commonalities within all dogmas that are actually quite simple and I don’t think you have to slaughter your first born son either. I am tempted at times but that does not have anything to do with Earth Changes.

Surviving these times is no secret but one must have a very real spiritual connection. Simply dumping cash in offering plates will not buy spirituality nor guarantee safe passage in the coming days of pandemonium. The list of catastrophic events, both Earth bound and Stellar, will stagger the imagination and one’s sensibilities. Many events are still not known to modern science. The impossible will soon become the possible and we will wish explorers did not burn all the codices of ancient civilizations. Events will cross over into the paranormal aspect of our existence as well. Things we chose to consider foolish or ridiculous will wreak fear into the hearts of millions who never were taught the realities of the spirit world. Dealing with the supernatural will become common place for those who truly grasp this concept. Knowing which spirit is good or bad will be a major issue since this is where the key to surviving the changes lay. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

Whether you’re Celtic, Comanche or Kachin it’s all the same spirit world and basically the rules of engagement don’t change. The only real differences are the traditions that lead to the same end. If you expect to survive the Earth Changes then you had better know how to recognize the spirits that will approach you in the future. Sadly, for many people just the mere sight of a spirit will send them under their beds or grasping their bottle of Zoloft. People already freak out over space dudes whizzing around in their Dixie Cups and that is just plain silly. The secret to survival is knowing which spirit or entities are good or bad because we either heed their warnings or not. Sounds too easy but in all reality the key to survival is a simple one. But you must have absolute faith within the path or dogma you walk since you will have to ask (within your tradition) if a spirit is cool or not. You will need to have absolute faith within your dogma and accept the answer you receive. Once you have your answer you either listen to this spirit or tell this charlatan to bug off since there will be a bazillion false messengers eager to lead you astray.

One of the greatest falsehoods in all of civilization is the notion any one religion or dogma is better than the other. You need to get of this hobby horse of religious ego and except the fact the Creator sent messengers to all cultures in the universe. There is no such thing as a Holy War no matter what country purports this great lie. Small wonder we are living in the Time of Change. Mankind has bent religions to suit their world domination and monetary needs at the expense of humanity. But that will soon come to a close for Earth Changes will dominate the landscape as Ma Earth flexes her muscle and spanks humanity.

The key to survival is written on rocks, papyrus and paper. The time of change has been prophesized for untold millennia’s. The consequences of man’s greed were also foretold in a bazillion stories in every language in the universe. Signs of every kind were also foretold and they all share the same end. There is no altering the course of destiny of humanity at this juncture. It is foolish that world leaders have chosen to place monetary concerns over the concerns of human beings. They should be preparing their people for the inevitable catastrophes that are in store for all of mankind. Laughably this was also a part of prophesy as well since many people will be lead to their doom by false prophets and slick talkers.

As for me, I’ll just hang out with my family munching on some fry bread smattered in Indian butter, drink some tea and listen to our drum group. If a messenger (spirit) asks us to leave in order to avoid a flood, tornado or other life threatening event we will ask the Creator if this messenger was actually sent in a good way. If the messenger is a fraud I will swipe the last piece of fry bread before my cousin gets it. He always gets the last piece anyway. But if the messenger was sent to us by the Creator we will do as we have done for thousands of years and move our people to safety. We will build another village and resume our lives until the next messenger comes to us.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Globalization, The Beginning or The End?

So much for national sovereignty since the final nail was pounded in the coffin of America’s sovereignty with the globalization of our financial institutions. Predictably Obama proposed a *“Global” solution to our banking crisis marking the end of national sovereignty by imposing international laws on once American lending institutions. This was the final hurdle in the Globalization New World Order scheme perpetrated by corporatists. Disaster Capitalism at its best and you were asleep at the wheel.

Benjamin Franklin once said;

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”

In all reality this was meant to happen. Its written in prophecies from around the world. Globalization and the colonization of Earth was just a sign that verified we are living in this time of change. So rather than get your boxers in a knot and run for the hills you better prepare for some very turbulent times. The Earth is about to cut loose with a myriad of tectonic and meteorological events that will surly wow the folks back home. It will be better than any HBO Special or pay per view ever produced. As for the corporatists who thought they just cut a fat hog in the ass, well their newly ill gotten gains will soon become worthless since material consequence will be meaningless in the years to come. Poetic justice, don’t you think?

There are other events just around the corner that many cultures were warned about but nobody paid attention as usual. There are no green solutions to Earth Changes. You can’t buy your way out of it with Carbon Credits or electric cars either. Windmills and solar panels will simply be blown off the face of the Earth as more 200+ mph winds begin to take its toll on humanity. We will also learn first hand how wooly mammoths were quick frozen in mid stride while chewing their food.  Besides, if you paid attention to visions and prophecy you would also know electricity will cease to function since the physics behind it all will soon change. This is a cycle Ma Earth was on long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Al Gore first tried to capitalize on naturally occurring events. Economics and greed will give way to survival as clean drinking water becomes more valuable then Blackberries and fancy gold trinkets. A gram of salt will be almost priceless. Paper money will not buy a slice of bread but find a home in latrines around the world.  

In the meantime let the kids play with their doubloons and stolen bounty because it will soon be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. As the noose tightens around civilization and desperation ensues wars will break out as nations struggle to stay in existence just like they did in the Little Ice Age (1600 to 1800 ad). Only thing is, this one will be the mother of them all. Just remember, the time of change is not the end of the world like the media likes to portray. It’s the end of a cycle and the key to survival is written in every dogma on Earth. From the Hopi to the Hunkpapa old timers tried to warn humanity but nobody listened. Personally, I am elated that we are poised to see events never before witnessed by modern civilization. And we all will have a ringside seat boys and girls.

Funny, I just talked to my brother back on the rez about this very thing today. And yup, we have our lawn chairs at the ready along with a case of ice tea to sip as the world runs around like chickens with their heads off. It’s that tea that comes in giant green cans. That way I don’t have to get refills and possibly miss all the excitement, you know. Maybe get some “end of the world” pretzels and pig skins to munch on. That’s the ticket. We have Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers back home so survival will not be an issue provided we don’t get whacked first. But if we do, it ain’t nothing but a meatball since we know where we will be going, back home. Sadly, I will miss spell check because of that lack of electricity. So I’ll probably just carve stories on rocks like them other guys did way back when. My people were on survival mode since conquest anyway so not much will change for us. Course my cousins won’t be hitting me up for gas money or rides anymore so there is a bright side to all this eh. Gourd rattles and drums don’t need electricity so our socials will not miss a beat. The end of processed foods and all that modern junk will spell the end of diabetes and other ills we have suffered as well.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?

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Your Devil’s Advocate