RECAP: The Paranormal Side of Earth Changes

May 26, 2010, by Buffalohair

It is almost comical to witness sign after sign as the Earth Changes count coup on civilization. Ma Earth has begun her “season” or cleansing cycle while mankind tries to find an angle to capitalize on the growing cyclic natural events, both political and financial. Predictably technology will soon become mankind’s Achilles Tendon as solar and stellar events take precedents over known science. And all the politicians on the planet can concern themselves about is political correctness while pandering to the International Monetary Fund and the New World Order or Globalization. Dare I mention they’ve also betrayed their electorates in the process? How far beyond stupid is that? But alas this was meant to be as foretold many generations ago.

Prophesies from around the planet have foretold of how man would try to control the world in the final days of this cycle. The era of the “Pied Piper” and false prophets has come to pass. People, like lemmings, scramble from one sweet talking politician to another while told elaborate bold faced lies, but they sound good. Presidents and Prime Ministers are only mouth pieces who take their marching orders from corporate oligarchs, plain and simple.

From the Orwellian point of view “Big Brother” and the time of double speak has already arrived. Naomi Klein’s concept of “Disaster Capitalism” and the “Shock Doctrine” has marched forward completely unabated on every continent on the planet. Economies around the world have been strategically crippled while international corporate terrorists introduce a “Global” solution to our financial woes, the final nail in the coffin of national sovereignty.

Like it or not people would rather hear a sweet lie instead of the hard truth and this will be their death nil. Oh well, to bad so sad. That was in prophesies as well by the way. On the bright side this is only a “sign” provided you are paying attention. When material wealth becomes meaningless the Oligarchy of the New World Order will be in the same boat as us as we enter the “humbling times”. According to visions even the star people will be stunned by the dynamic of this time of change.

There is much to say about the physical aspects of change and that is a good thing. But there is not much word about the supernatural or paranormal side to this time we live though. The truth of the matter is the spirit world or “the other side” will also interface with our plain or level of existence. What was once relegated to only a few folks such as medicine people, soothsayers and psychics will become privy to all of humanity. For some this will be a G*D-Send to others it will be a pariah and for a few it will be the last straw and push them over the edge. Frankly I believe the “interface” has already begun and there is no psychotropic drug in the universe that will silence the “voices” in people’s heads. 

Within my culture we’ve always had a deep connection with the spirit world and have been quite aware of the other spirits that are around us. From space dudes to spirits who speak telepathically the voices in ones head are very real. Unfortunately some people can’t cope with our true reality and simply loose their minds or become subservient to the “voices”. The excuse for some of the most egregious crimes in history was “the voice in my head told me to do it” and that is just plain stupid. Granted, the voice was real and some bonehead spirit told a person to hack his family to pieces. Then the idiot turned around and whacked his family. How far beyond stupid is that?

I don’t care what a spirit or voice tells me to do, if it’s stupid, it’s stupid. And I could give a flying crappola about the lame threats they usually make when you “disobey”. I’ve been threatened with all kinds of stuff including the deaths of my poop-butt kids by angry spirits I defied. Been there, done that. It’s all a matter of perspective and the sooner people come to terms with the “voice” and the reality of the spirit world the better. Take it or leave it.

There is no secret to dealing with spirits and their pesky voices. The instruction manual is written within all the dogmas of the universe. The supernatural aspects of our reality did not stop in the last story of the Bible or other sacred script. The spirits who tormented people in these texts are still floating around and causing havoc to civilization and now they’ve gone into hyper drive. But on a good note so are the good spirits who walk with the Creator. Call it a spirit war if you will but we are knee deep in the middle of it and if we plan to survive this aspect of the time of change we better get over our fear of the supernatural. Knowing which spirit’s are good or bad is the key to surviving the future.

If you get all ga ga over simply seeing or hearing a spirit then you are putty in the hands of this bonehead. And if this joker is a bad spirit then you will most likely make headlines for some stupid mass murder of some kind. At the very least you would be manipulated in a very negative way. Get over the fact there are spirits and focus on if they are good or bad. Just cause some spirit can float you a Pepsi or shows you some fantastic parlor trick does not mean a cotton picking thing. Look within your dogma and you will learn to differentiate between the good guys and the bad. It’s really not a secret and your life will depend on this knowledge in the very near future paisan.

In my tradition we ask for verification from the Creator if a spirit dude is good or not. And when we get our answer we either pay attention to their words or tell them to go away, after all we still have the gift of free will. But never are we intimidated by any spirit or spook for fear is the fuel evil thrives on in many plains of existence. Space guys are treated the same way since there is both good and bad guys in their ilk as well. It is really quite simple whence you get over the fact they do exist. There are people who would go ga ga over the sight of a spirit and possibly think they were G*D’s of some kind, paleeze.

If some spirit told me he was a G*D and that I had to whack my kids or murder someone I would laugh my ass off at this bonehead but there are others who would simply comply. It would appear people are already “following” the commands of some butthead spirits. The rash of child stabbings in China is a classic example of woefully misguided people I do believe. It’s bound to get much worse throughout the planet as we interface with the spirit world more and more. Time is the task master and that is running very short.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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