As you are aware, I have not been posting or writing stories here on WordPress lately. Its not that I have not tried for I was hit by folks who got butt hurt over my reposting news stories the MSM suppressed or ignored. This Deep State thing is very real and many of us are being threatened, sites are being obliterated across the planet & pettiness abounds.

I recently lost another old favorite site called Buffalohair Universe, I mean they blew it out of existence, not even a memory. Well now this site is under attack & I might loose this one as well in the near future. I was locked out for over a week. Just by chance and a few kinks I did manage to get in so I am making the best of it, providing I can post this because I’m really not sure. If not, it was a good writing exercise anyway.

Years ago (’09) I lost a server when I got hit from Russia, China and Burma with a bazillion hits all at once. Needless to say, the site was also toast. I did learn how to build sites and all that other jazz over the years of being a controversial Injun Dude with a Crusty Demeanor. I even piss off the Pope big time, right Mario? Yup, I can already see the smoke rising from my computer when this site goes kaput in a sensational mushroom cloud.

There is a solution, I have more stand-by sites online now since this site got blasted but I don’t want to loose my readers. This censorship thing is alive and well and other sites are disappearing by the droves as we speak. Good thing I didn’t find a cure for cancer or anything like that. How sad that our freedoms are being besmirched by mob rule & murder. The fact this is even a part of normal conversation should be a major ‘red flag’ about the human condition.

You know that the Pharma Cartel capos would send out the boyz to ‘take care of business’. Maybe they would find you with your arms full of groceries fumbling for keys and your family waiting to get into the car. Nothing like getting shot in the ‘pineapple’ capice? How about a Vince Foster shot in the back of the head suicide? Civil Society & Rule of Law have devolved to a point of non existence.

Yeah, this was also in my visons, the silencing of all opposition. This is the time when Globalists Grab the Brass Ring only to discover that Ma Earth is light years ahead of them, their butt crack alien chums & technology. I just had to toss that tidbit in. It’s my idea of a happy ending even though my world will not be any walk in the park either, provided I survive the initial onslaught. But don’t worry, Ma Earth & her galactic chums have an assortment of goodies that will keep scientists slide rules working for centuries.

Well after all, the Global 1%, Deep State, Corporatists or what ever they call them control/own almost all the global media from print to the silver screen. Sad part is they are actually an absolute minority who are using both sides against each other so the Deep State does not have to waste ammo, plain and simple. “Let them boneheads kill each other off over issues we invented”. Bogus (well paid) activists only pour gasoline on fires. But that is another story. Divide and Conquer.

If only they can take those pesky guns away from them crazy Americans, then ISIS and other groups would have no problem taking over townships in rural America and ultimately the country. Look at all them Euro nations with heavy gun controls and armies of terrorist groups having a field day. The public can throw cheese or tomatoes at them. Oh boy!

Yup, the vast majority of Americans have guns, period. But they are a very silent majority, the majority the world has woefully underestimated. In my America I may not like someone for what ever reason because it is my right. But if someone from another country tries to kill that American it is my duty as a fellow American to make damn sure no outsider harms his/her pointed little head. Yup, try to hurt an American of any color and I’ll put a hole in you.

I sure hate being censored but its not WordPress, it’s those guy you know. In any event I’ve provided links to 2 new sites just in case. They are sort of naked but I have the news rolling now. If this site continues to work I’ll still be here but this last week made me realize how easy it is to jack up someone’s site. So it would be wise to have the other sites available. It’s usually about 3 years before I get a site shut down.

For those of you that hate my guts, you are most welcome to hate my guts at the other sites as well.

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Your Devil’s Advocate


Simple Guide in Locating NWO Zionist, Deep State Shills & Sexual Deviants Around the World: Just Follow Hillary Clinton & See Who Attends Her Conferences & Kisses Her Ass…ew ew ew


This is an easy one boys and girls. In an era where the lines of divisions are skewed for a host of reasons, it has become harder to determine who are the good guys from the bad. 

Fortunately, we have Hillary Clinton who is off the presidential campaign trail and has embarked on keeping her corrupt fan base active & contaminating the nations from which they reside for the global corporate agenda. No matter where Hillary goes, Deep State Zionist, NWO Shills & Sexual Deviants will gather like maggots on a rotting corpse to show support for their queen of deception & corporate lies. Just take lots of pictures, identify your politicians & actors at these events and you WILL know your nations enemies. Continue reading