RECAP 2017: Anthony Bourdain Just Pulled Off Hillary Clinton’s Mask Revealing Who She Actually Is. – 2018: Anthony Bourdain Dead – Do the Math


Pizzagate Princess Hillary Clinton Humiliates Herself After Stumbling Around & Told to Leave – Take Note: Her Supporters ARE Anti-American NWO Slime – Remember Them

Simple Guide in Locating NWO Zionist, Deep State Shills & Sexual Deviants Around the World: Just Follow Hillary Clinton & See Who Attends Her Conferences & Kisses Her Ass…ew ew ew


This is an easy one boys and girls. In an era where the lines of divisions are skewed for a host of reasons, it has become harder to determine who are the good guys from the bad. 

Fortunately, we have Hillary Clinton who is off the presidential campaign trail and has embarked on keeping her corrupt fan base active & contaminating the nations from which they reside for the global corporate agenda. No matter where Hillary goes, Deep State Zionist, NWO Shills & Sexual Deviants will gather like maggots on a rotting corpse to show support for their queen of deception & corporate lies. Just take lots of pictures, identify your politicians & actors at these events and you WILL know your nations enemies. Continue reading