Plastic Shamans, Their Guile & The Beguiled

Devil2 copyMedicine people come in all colors, genders and from a cornucopia of cultures. For the most part they are legitimate, honest, respected & have a following of independent, spiritually & physically healthy folks who walk with confidence & no foolish fears. But as prophecies, we are living in the era where polystyrene shamans are coming out of the woodwork and with devastating consequences.

There is no question we are living in the time of great change both physical and spiritual. Turning crisis into opportunity, man and his infinitely small brain has managed to hijack spiritual & natural events to suite their geopolitical needs. The list of foolishness goes on ad nauseam. Fortunately man’s quest for global imperious rule is only a sign and not a destination, prophetically speaking. It was a critical sign for it opened the floodgates to a multitude of people desperate to find spiritual direction & stability.

Weaponized orthodoxies only point fault & make grandiosely preposterous pseudo religious excuses as to why it’s OK to kill for physical possessions, while professing peace and love. Promoting ethnic & religious hate with bold faced lies to congregations has reached it’s saturation point for many disillusioned parishioners. They are the seekers, survivors of the ‘Great lie’ and are seeking truth & direction on a planet gone stupid. It’s NOT religions that is bad, it’s the stewards who choose to lie.

It was once said; ‘the truth is out there, in plain sight’ but if the sentence were completed it would also say; ‘and so is the bullshit’. In fact, the truth is out there but it’s buried in reams of near truths & lies. I must admit, they are packaged nicely and gives you an endearingly spiritual feeling in spite of the fact it’s meant to destroy you, everything you love & cherish, oh well. On the bright side, you get books, Cd’s, gadgets & Creator’s cell phone number, 1-800-PECUINA. ‘Sí Dios acepta Visa’

Wow what a business, selling spirituality & bogus cures along with a bonus collection of ancient secret ceremonies guaranteed to cure mange, herpes & constipation while warding off evil spirits with a fresh wintergreen scent. Maybe an Android app would be to much. But a candle holder with a braid of sweet grass designed to ward off zombies is well within reason eh. Fun for the whole family, just sacrifice & serve, oh yeah! Spiritual snake oil’ & false hope reigns where faith should reside..

Rule of thumb, when a tribe is quoted, ancient secrets & cures are revealed through a honyock claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus or Bob Marley, hide your pocket book. In recent months beloved traditional healer Olivia Arevelo Lomas of the Shipibo-Konibo Tribe, Peru was murdered by a Canadian Plastic Shaman Sebastian Woodroffe He demanded a sacred healing dance to cure drug addiction when she refused, he shot her. Villagers lynched him.

Just remember how the MSM fanned the flames of the Mayan End-O-The-World Extravaganza. That event intentionally broke the spirit of millions of people hoping for major change or a miracle. At one point some folks were giddy about the end only to be disappointed when Armageddon did not arrive. Plain and simply, they should have spoken to the Maya since they still exist. Fact was, the Maya were pissed everyone was making a fuss over cyclic change. Now Peruvian Medicine is the Fad.

For all intents & purposes, sincere spiritual seekers are profitable fodder for clever entrepreneur’s who only pray to the ‘bottom line’. Charlatans thrive on half truths & lies and Indian country is no exception. Weekend Wizards & Witches are of equal pale regardless of sincerity. Ineptitude is just as dangerous as intentional deception since the final outcome is the same, an opened Pandora’s Box of confusion, sickness and a fresh supply of demons and bad spirits you did not know existed..till now.

There are many arts that cleanse and heal mind, body & spirit. Their histories predate the Pyramids & prescription drugs with a success rate that is the envy & pocks of Big Pharma. Practitioners, healers & medicine people come from all cultures and not exclusive to a particular ethnic group, neither is ‘the medicine’. As the multitude of dimensions & spirit world interface with our plain of existence as per prophecy, mainstream religious ideological concepts are hard pressed for cognitive answers.

For some folks the rush to be ‘Native-esk’ or connected in some way to traditional indigenous belief systems was the only direction left in their quest for answers. Wannabe? Maybe, but after interviewing some of these human beings I felt compassion rather than angst. Then it struck me, it’s not that these people want to be Natives per se, it’s instinct to seek their ancient traditions & spiritual knowledge, knowledge that was forcefully ripped from their culture many centuries ago.

Plastic shamans don’t always hide behind a shield of feathers, Pharaoh’s boxers or reed baskets filled with ‘signature’ antediluvian crystals, they also have Temples of Adoration likened to the Super Dome, flies with Angels in a Gulfstream V, and has spiffy TV shows that rival DWTS. I love their message, “You may have killed your own mother for her inheritance but it’s OK because you are forgiven, no matter what you did. Don’t forget tiding, here’s the card reader”. If only it was that easy.

G*D’s messenger ‘Larry Leviticus, Chum of Moses’ is making a fortune telling people what they WANT to hear rather than what they NEED to know. Instead of helping their congregations evolve spiritually they invent fanciful excuse laden pseudo-scriptures that cleverly absolves the parishioner of guilt regardless of how or what they do to their fellow man. Relieved their ‘sins’ are absolved by G*D inc, they shower Larry with gifts for delivering this merciful message, praise the ‘Polyvinyl Pastor’.

Ancient prognostications foretold most humans would choose a sugarcoated path of convenience over survival, intentionally. How far beyond stupid is that? This is key to a Shaman de Plastik’s popularity though. He/She tells it like you want it to be and gives you a pass on retribution. Bovine excrement or bovine pate’, it’s all B.S. to me. Left in the dust are the sincere seekers & spiritually yearning who only wanted a little wisdom, direction & to heal their troubled spirits.

The toll taken on innocent people goes beyond spiritual and sexual abuse has become all to common in the healing arts. Being Native does not give you immunity from Plastic Practitioners. From my perspective aboriginal con artists are filthier than filth for they are preying on traditional people who were taught from birth to trust the medicine man. Does not matter what part of the planet you live, evil is trying to break your spirit & faith, in everything.

No matter what specialty a healer possesses there is always a spiritual connection. Whether it be a physical condition or coping with miscreant spirits, medicine people always work on multiple plains & the spirit world. Medicine people have an obligation to respect all that they may ‘see’ when seeking out sickness in a client. So you must be careful when allowing someone to poke around in your cosmic hinterland of secrets. If not, it could easily cost you your sanity & life.

The time to prepare has come to pass and one should already be bracing for impact spiritually speaking. Predictably the spirit world is physically interfacing with this plain of existence. For the spiritually ill-prepared or intentionally misinformed this is an ever darkening journey filled with voices as fear dictates destiny & evils rule. Without the once common ancient knowledge in dealing with spirits people are puddy in the hands of any apparition. Enter the medicine person…

Medicine folk of all disciplines are under constant attack by pissed off spirits, demons & other dorks of death, occupational hazard. Healing medicine directly assaults the cause of illness on both the physical-dimensional & spiritual plain. Healers will always summon protection added before seeing clients. In essence healers are going to battle against forces that want you dead. Beyond the glitz & glamor the dangers are very real & no place for neophytes. This is a dire warning.

Bad spirits, demons, buttheads, etc are working overtime to keep folks confused & in darkness. They also know prophecy and are doing their darnedest to alter their destiny as well. Healers noted that spirits are getting more physical than they used to. The ‘voices’ (in the cabeza) increased exponentially in that last few years influencing more people to do stupid things, like freeze their kids or roast Aunt Mildred in the microwave. ‘Game On’ homie…& it’s going to get worse.

I implore you to study your sacred books, scrolls, etc for they do possess the basic tools of spiritual survive & how to coexist with spirits of all kinds including the bad guys. Protections are also written within the pages of these sacred ideological principals, I read them myself.

Lots to say, maybe next time eh…..

Your Devil’s Advocate



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