Muslims Around Asia & Mid-East Condemn Trump’s Support of The Semitic Zionist Land Grab of Jerusalem – Netanyahu is NOT a Jew! – He’s a Zionist


2016 Presidential Campaign Poster That Speaks The Truth

2016 prez

Unfortunately the Corporate Owned Media only promotes their shill candidates while ignoring a field of better qualified candidates. Rigging Elections Goes Stellar.

And You’re Asleep At The Wheel

Hillary’s Deep Cover ‘Party Smasher’ Don ‘Rodham’ Trump Spawns Religious Hatred While Distroying The Republican Party – He IS Setting The Stage For A Hillary Clinton Victory Stupid

Clinton Says It’s ‘Ludicrous’ for Her Cousin Donald Trump to Suggest I’m Behind Birther Claims – ‘Birther Scam’: Smoke Screen To Mask Barry’s Elite White Lineage and Up Bringing