Rand Paul on the Abuse of FISA on American’s Civil Liberties.


Flight 253 Bomb Excuse

As the Obama administration showboats their concerns for air safety while offering even more restrictions on Americans, the truth begins to show its ugly head. Eye witness Kurt Haskell of New Port Michigan told another story of blatant disregard for airline security committed by the Dutch. In a story written in *Mlive.com Kurt revealed how a well dressed Nigerian man persuaded flight attendants into allowing shabby dressed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to board an international flight to America without a passport. How far beyond stupid is that eh??

Clearly the blame falls on Dutch authorities for this security breach and not that of US citizens or the TSA, yet the administration went on to install more paranoid restrictions on the American side of the ocean. Obviously this administration has taken a hard line on air safety while punishing American passengers with another round of xenophobic fears. Seems the only people Obama is tough on are the American citizens with all his legislative ka ka. Apparently he only does things presidential for those with incomes over one million dollars a year. Us bottom dwellers are simply goy or cattle ripe for slaughter.

How far beyond stupid are Dutch authorities to allow such a bold security breach to have been perpetrated on their watch in the first place? And why do American’s on domestic flight have to struggle with paranoid TSA officials? Is it because lobbyists for the body screening industry are chomping at the bit to sell their bazillion dollar body scanners or is it just one more excuse to decree even more regulations and restrictions on civil liberties?

The revelation that Umar was from a very affluent family and the fact his banker father tried to warn authorities of his son’s dangerous ambitions should have pointed the administration in another direction. But no, somehow the president feels it was a good excuse to exercise his authority in clamping down on Americans, again. Whose side is Obama on anyway? Seems ole Mommy Pants Obama enjoys offering restrictions on those dirty American’s while not addressing the true culprits, Dutch authorities. What is he sacred of or is he going to run for president of the New World Order? That would piss ole Tony “The Fraud” Blair of big time. Personally, I am sick of this bogus chair folding community organizer turned leader of the free world, and I voted for him. If I hear another eloquent speech from ole B.H.O. I’m fearful that I will puke. It’s bad enough everything he says is an elaborate legalese lie bordering on treason.

Its par for the course as Obama takes over where George W. Bush left off after 9-11. Funny how the perpetrators of the 9-11 disaster were well documented with passports and had all the bases covered. There were no bombs, just box cutters. But what did GW do, he declared war on illegal aliens and focused national attention on America’s borders as if to allude to the notion grape pickers from Mexico were the real enemy of this country. Fact is, sophisticated enemies of this country have legal passports, are well funded and can move about within this country without even a peep from the government. But it is us the US taxpayer who will undoubtedly pay the higher prices for airfare whence new and much more expensive devices are placed at air terminals around the USA.

Mark my words, this stupid Dutch caused event on Flight 253 will reign in a new round of worthless fee good banter and high tech devices to spy on Americans while exposing ladies thong underwear, all in the name of national security. Fact is more people die from eating peanuts than terrorist attacks including 9-11. Add food allergies do to FDA approved garbage allowed in our food chain and you have a mini holocaust if the truth were known. Dare I mention deaths due to bogus flu shots? But in the land of lies we will just blame Islam instead. After all, killing Muslims gleans a handsome profit when we bomb their countries into the Stone Age.

So be prepared to get the E Street shuffle from TSA authorities like the folks in **Pheonix Arizona who were detained for “acting” funny. And this is tyranny you can depend on.



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