Conspiracy of Silence – Boys Town Nebraska Sex Ring


4 thoughts on “Conspiracy of Silence – Boys Town Nebraska Sex Ring

  1. Good video, the franklin coverup isn’t isolated and is so underexposed Not sure if you’ve seen the Kinsey syndrome, pretty disturbing but pertinent info about why the world is so sick imo. Cheers

  2. I know, it just gets worse. MK Ultra, CIA & Cathy O’Brien also strike a cord. Ole Alfred Kinsey was a perv to the max, gads. But I believe people must be made aware of this rampant societal sickness or nothing will change for nothing has changed. I was abused physically and sexually as a poop butt kid a zillion years ago. The only change I’ve noticed is the fact pedophilia became mainstream and more acceptable. How far beyond stupid is that eh?!?

  3. I agree 100 percent I’m constantly researching trying to sharpen my knowledge to make people aware who are so resistant due to their Kinsian (neo)liberally guised brainwashing. Feels good to see others out there, i feel the more knowledge and awareness we spread the stronger the fight is against this evil.

  4. I call it, “Living on Planet Stupid” for there is no conventional wisdom. Ethics and morality are relics of a forgone era, to some. Others are simply complacent. I beg to differ… Thank you for the invigorating response.

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