Along The Santa Fe Trail

A glimpse at one of America’s First Super Highways, The Santa Fe Trail as it makes it’s way through Colorado’s Picturesque Las Animas County


Downtown Tyrone Colorado. ‘Hey dude, I think it’s closed’


The remnant of a forgone era.


Along the trail

Residence at brunch.


The once thriving farming community of Model Colorado shares a place in history along the Santa Fe Trail


Model Colorado

Model would make a national ghost town registry if it were not for the hardy people who continue to call Model their home.


Annotations along the route share the rich history.


History comes to life as one retraces the footsteps of many iconic figures in the old west including Jesse James, Black Jack Ketchum and Bat Masterson. 


In many locations wagon ruts are still clearly visible as shown in this photo.


Homestead at the base of Fisher’s Peak, Las Animas County


By no means is this a complete tour of the Santa Fe Trail for I had barely scratched the surface of what is out in the plains waiting to be discover.

Some folks will walk segments of the trail with metal detectors or simply stroll along the route of America’s early Super Highway, and imagine how it was.

The view had not changed since William Becknell forged the trail back in 1821, except for a few fence lines, utility poles and barns…humans go figure.

The broad expanse  of Colorado’s Plains and the Rockies in the distant haze awed waggoners of the past as they made the grade towards Trinidad and ultimately Santa Fe New Mexico.

Today we can retrace the footsteps of America’s most iconic heroes & villains as tales of the Wild Wild West comes back to life on America’s Dusty Super Highway.

The Santa Fe Trail was the main artery that fed the Southwest and it was a road to destiny and infamy.

I bumped into a descendant of gun slinger John Wesley Hardin on the street the other day.

Hopefully I was not snoring to loud, as the ole story goes.

American history does have a face for Southern Colorado is a veritable portal to the past.  

The region is rich in human & natural history, and it was a witness & participant in the birth of a nation.

Dare I mention the fabled buried treasures rumored to exist somewhere in the woods to this day?

Then there is the ‘Scenic Highway of Legends’ (HWY 12) that follows the footsteps taken by Spanish Conquistadores into the Rockies a few centuries earlier.

The views are breath taking and is a journey well worth taking.


But that’s another story.


Your Devil’s Advocate




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