Burmese Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye Painting: Honoring The Heroes of 8-8-88 on Canvass, a Revision


Leave it to Sitt to add more expression to his work, especially when it comes to his activism in art. Though he enjoyed his presentation yesterday he said:

“I wanted to add more dignity to this painting to show more respect & honor for people who sacrificed so much on 8-8-88”

What gets me about Sitt is the fact he does not care about his losses for he lost everything he had, but it is his concern for his co-patriots and the citizens of Burma and their continued struggle for a civil society.

Sitt has not forgotten ‘Burma’s Cause’ and when you speak with him about his beloved homeland Burma, you can see his face light up like a kid at Christmas time. I can still see the sorrow that lurks behide his smile for he truly misses his people and his homeland.

But to simply fly back and get tossed in prison for charges Uncle Than put on him is out of the question. Even though there is an open door policy for returning citizens, they don’t apply to activists and others the Junta identified as trouble makers.

In any event, here’s Sitt’s latest evolution of the spirit of 8-8-88

Your Devil’s Advocate


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