The Joe Arridy Affect in Illinois

With news Governor Bill Ritter of Colorado pardoned an innocent man (Joe Arridy) 72 years after his wrongful execution. Attention has been focused on the death penalty as a whole. Now the Honorable Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn is poised to make a critical decision about the death penalty in his state. I received a request from Stefanie Faucher of Death Penalty Focus that I would like to share to the world. Like in the case of the Joe Arridy Pardon drive that went around the world there is a petition drive to positively influence the noble governor into doing the right thing. History was made in Colorado by the pardoning of Little Joe and now history can be made in Illinois but it takes voices from around the globe to a difference. Gov. Pat Quinn needs to hear from the people in order to accomplish the impossible. Therefore I am reposting this noble request to the readers of the world in an effort to garner enough momentum to sway the good governor’s decision.



Let’s Help Illinois Governor Pat Quinn do the right thing!Please tell Gov. Quinn that your support repeal of the death penalty in Illinois.  Every call, email and letter counts!  Let’s give the Governor the political cover he needs to sign this bill by showing him how much support there is for death penalty abolition! This is not just about Illinois, it is about creating a ripple effect. 

Even if you’ve already taken action once, please make another call or send another email. 


Please send Gov. Quinn an email. It only takes 10 seconds!

If you are a constituent, please also mention where you live in Illinois. 

Springfield Phone: 217-782-0244
Chicago Phone: Phone: 312-814-2121
The Governor is getting many calls, so if your call doesn’t go through or a voicemail box is full – please call back later. 


Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706


Office of the Governor
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph, 16-100
Chicago, IL 60601

Where is the Governor on the issue?
The Governor has not indicated one way or the other how he’ll handle this bill, so we should be supportive and encouraging for him to take this important step for Illinois.

In the past, Governor Quinn has indicated support for the death penalty, while also expressing concerns about the problems with the system. You can remind him that regardless of his position on the death penalty, Illinois can no longer afford to keep a costly and error-ridden death penalty. Illinois  legislators have sent the strong message that the system can’t be fixed. 

Spread the Word

Please tell your friends, family, coworkers, churches and organizations that a simple call to Gov. Quinn will help him have the courage to end the death penalty.  Forward this message today.

Death Penalty Focus
870 Market St. Ste. 859 San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel. 415.243.0143 – Fax 415.243.0994 –



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