Retired Air Force Officers Revel UFO Encounters

It should be of no surprise that credible retired military personnel have stepped forward with tales of their encounters by UFO’s in sworn testimony before the *National Press Club this week. I reposted their testimony on my VOD Pod site just in case people missed it since there was barely a peep out of the mainstream media. Hopefully they will not disappear like many other videos have in the past. Remember the UFO that zipped over Obama’s inauguration in D.C. CNN captured on video? That one disappeared without a word. But the long and the short of it all is the fact these highly educated and credible people have risked it all to divulge the existence of UFO’s. But for many of us, this is old news. I must admit learning that space ships shot beams that incapacitated rockets with nuclear war heads during test launches was news to me eh.

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Burma Campaign Japan Appeals to UN Security Council, Take Action Now in Myanmar!

I am forwarding a letter to the United Nations Security Council for the good folks at Burma Campaign Japan in an effort to garner more support for the cause of human rights within Burma. They have launched a video campaign and I am supporting their noble efforts in this just cause. I would urge those who wish to support the cause for Burma’s liberation to contact this organization or Burma Campaign UK for they are legitimate organizations fighting for the cause of Burma and I personally endorse their legitimacy.



We appeal on the UN General Assembly ,UN Security Council to adopt a resolution ensuring the urgent establishment of an international commission of inquiry into serious human rights violations committed in Myanmar, including crimes against humanity and possible war crimes.

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Stephen Colbert Antics Irks The Public

People were expecting more from ole Stephen Colbert and his much touted visit to Congress. Folks mentioned how  learned he and other political satirists were on political issues and how on top of the political game they were. Some journalists thought Stephen would show some journalistic prowess like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart have done in the past. People expected intellegence not oral incontinents.

Here in the Southwest people thought Colberts presents in congress would offer more light on the immigration issue and they waited with anticipation for his debut. People gathered around the boob tube eager to hear what Colbert was going to say. They knew he was going to mix it up with humor but they also expected him to bring out some hard facts as well. Unfortunately his self serving antics did not raise a smile or a grin as he made a mockery of the issue and our system of government.

One person was quoted as saying,

“Colbert only demonstrated what is wrong with this country and that is the fact our politicians don’t take the needs of the people seriously”

Others were less than complementary about Stephen’s lackluster performance and the sad part is the fact these people were avid fans of his. Once in league with fellow satirists Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, Colbert has been demoted to the ranks of village idiot or court jester for he was incapable of showing respect to both the issue at hand and the halls of congress. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry and for Stephen Colbert, it was a time to cry for his antics were not funny. Now we wait to see what Jon Stewart has in store for the American public whence he hits the pavement with his “Rally to Restore Sanity” on Oct. 30th, in Washington D.C.  Hopefully it will not be on the bones of the American people.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Austerity Spells the Death of Democracy and Other Ramblings

It is ironic that the birthplace of democracy, Greece, would be the first nation to face the dire and undemocratic consequences of globalization. Throughout Europe nation after nation is facing protests and strikes as workers balk at the loss of wages, benefits and national sovereignty as non elected thugs from the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization ram the New World Order down the throats of these nations under the guise of austerity. Sadly these thugs have positioned their lackey’s on every continent on the planet with their treasonous schema. From presidents to prime ministers the political agenda was to deceive their electorates and destroy democracy in the name of corporatism. By comparison it is only a hand full of wealthy people and corporations who are behind this scheme to take over the world and their weapon of choice, money. Money that can buy anything, kings and empires included.

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Urgent Appeal: After Suffering Years of Torture, “Upstanding” Man on the Verge of Death in Chinese Prison Camp

Family under threat from Chinese authorities to stay quiet 

NEW YORK — A 55-year-old man is near death after suffering years of torture at the hands of Chinese police, according to multiple reports from China.
A resident of Wuhan, Mr. Liu Yunchao (刘运潮) is being held at the Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang, Hubei Province. In July 2009, Liu was “sentenced” in a sham trial to three years in prison for practicing Falun Gong. After over a year of torture, twice in August 2010 — on August 8 and August 30 — Liu’s family was notified that he was near death. Each time, they rushed to the prison to secure his access to a hospital and medical treatment. On both occasions, Liu was not allowed to go to the hospital.

Metaphysical Survival Guide For The End Of Times.

Yeah, yeah, yeah talking about spirits seems sort of lame in this so called modern error, I mean era. Fact being, all dogmas address the supernatural and our direct connection with the spirit world. It’s not a secret homeboy. The spirit world is just next door and there are spirits who are here specifically to rain on your parade. Take it for what its worth but it was said in visions we all chose to walk this world with all the obstacles we face long before we were born unto Earth. The obstacles placed before us were challenges we, as spirits, needed to overcome before we could continue our journey. Our time on Earth was only one of many stops we were to make on our magnificent journey of great knowledge. There, I said it and soon people will be burning my effigy in Time Square for being a heretic. Continue reading

Earth Change Arpeggio

It should come as no surprise to an observant soul that change has already begun. There are many theories about the changes. For instance, many Russians believe Amerika, via *HARP, is responsible for the rash of fires that continue to ravage forests, crops and soon, their economy. Chinese scientists recognized solar flares as the seed of weather anomalies though their government rallied the stripping of western industries in the name of green. Granted, those nasty polluting industries simply moved to China or India where pollution has become an art form. Dare I mention the boon to the corporate bottom line for cheap labor? Slave labor is in vogue these days and coincidentally China has a thriving Gulag System, a proverbial chamber of horrors according to survivors. Funny how people forget that part.

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