Earth Changes for Bottom Dwellers

Well if you had not noticed, Earth Changes has begun in earnest. There is no turning back the clock or buying your way out of it. And it really does not matter what planet you’re from either. From simmering heat waves to killer frost the cycles are growing with intensity. Little was said about the cold weather anomalies that occurred in South America. People and crops were dying from the unusually cold winter that enshrouded many regions of South America in snow and ice. With winter just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere we should be wary of the starkly frigid possibilities and prepare accordingly. Unprecedented flooding, landslides, and fires are altering landscapes and lives on every continent. Economies will soon bear the brunt of the growing list of disasters, there is no question. Sink holes or dolines have become fashion statements as Ma Earth rummages through her wardrobe as she prepares for her polar shift. It is a sure bet more surprises await the already shaken scientific community. As for the rest of us? Hmm, I wonder.

The atypical behavior of the suns surface continues to astound NASA physicists with events never before witnessed or imagined. The recent increase in solar activity poses a very real threat to modern technology and human health especially when the magnetosphere is absent. The magnetosphere has been pulling vanishing acts lately allowing intense electromagnetic radiation including gamma rays to bombard the earth’s surface unabated. Hmm, that’s where we hang out eh. You’d think someone in charge would pass along NASA’s warnings and caution the public about the potential hazards related to these toxic solar storms. Small wonder there is a marked increase in skin cancers. We walk around basking ourselves in the essence of solar radiation from time to time while our stewards say nothing. I’ll wager it only takes one exposure when conditions are right. Now you must admit that really sucks. Talk about a crap sandwich.

After all the trillions of tax dollars we gave those bonehead politicians to protect us you’d think they would show some concern for our wellbeing. Oh but that would disrupt commerce if everyone hid indoors for a day or two during a solar event to minimize exposure to cancer causing rays. It’s not an everyday event or at least it wasn’t, but the frequency of solar storms has increased substantially. And besides it’s only the other people who catch skin cancer anyway, right? “Let Them Eat Cocoa Butter!” The fact skin cancer is the most common form of cancer should have been the impetus needed to be more vigilant about exposure to the sun especially during the absence of the magnetosphere. According to the American Cancer Society more than a million people a year are diagnosed with preventable skin cancer in the United States and is directly linked to sun exposure. Guess concerns for our safety will come only when profitable and the pharmaceutical companies developed a new sun screen that protects from gamma and X-rays.

If only the total truth about the Chernobyl Disaster were told. We would learn the actual origins of many new diseases afflicting the mouth, throat and internals. Since the explosion some of the most prime farmland and real-estate in the world were exposed with intense radiation. The fallout was a worldwide event and a gift that keeps on giving. The Chernobly disaster released radioactive contamination around the world equivalent to a thermal nuclear war in totality. Vast swaths of the worlds population was contaminated within hours of the initial blast. Alpha, Beta, Gamma and other sundry rays and particles rained down on the earth like confetti. Some areas had higher concentrations than others but every square inch of planet was seasoned to perfection. To think for one second we are not still ingesting these toxic particles is a fool’s folly indeed. We are living the post nuclear war nightmare whether you like it or not homie.

I never heard of “Acid Reflux” or the other recent diseases of the internals before Chernobyl. Now, I know many people of all ages who suffer from odd new maladies and they really are suffering. Before Chernobyl occurred people were not this sickly with open sores, funny zits and bloody discharges from any orifice, gads. Today every one of us either has or knows people who take drugs to fight these diseases that mimic radiation sickness. It was not like this several decades ago. We still had our ills; civilization surged beyond epidemic proportions with STD’s back then, Oo La La. We did not have the complement of “new and improved” diseases we have today. Society was rotting away morally and physically just fine with the old diseases we already had, thank you very much.

Space has turned into dumpster chock full or radioactive toys that will soon plummet towards earth only to melt away in the atmosphere. As for their radio active cargo they will simply join the nuclear orgy and follow the jet stream. Bring your own olive oil. Ah but alas, radiation continues to circle the earth and the magnetosphere continues to struggle with the ever increasing solar storms. I bet our atmosphere is a veritable nuclear den of iniquity. Acid rain is passé anymore since radiation has taken the limelight for a host of virulent reasons. And what about all those highly charged sub atomic particles that crept in while the magnetosphere was tardy? Better have a smoker handy for when the power goes out and all your moose and elk defrost.

Russian authorities mentioned their grave concerns of fires at Chernobyl and other nuclear sites. The possibility of smoke carrying radiation into the atmosphere was a very real one. If you factor the contaminated forests around Chernobyl that have already burned it would appear the spread of radiation by smoke from contaminated trees has already begun. And that is not all boys and girls since we also have to consider additional nuclear contamination of water tables. You could go hundreds of miles in any direction from the reactor and still be in a hot zone writhe with high levels of radiation in reality. It’s really not a big deal. All we have to do is mutate and evolve past radiation poisoning. Gads, we’d probably have open sores and growths for a few generations but what the heck. Some of us would have extra digits, appendage or other physiological anomalies. Others could possibly mutate into an oozing mass of flesh and have a taste for human flesh, hmm sounds like a politician. Hopefully mankind will finally evolve past the benchmark left by our pseudo civilization. Small wonder we are living in the time of change.

Like trying to buy something not made in China, it’s all but impossible to find any food that is not genetically altered or contaminated in some way. As far as I’m concerned genetically modified anything is contaminated. Irradiated food is contamination extraordinaire. And no matter where you look, it’s all contaminated with SOMETHING!! Knowing the agro-industrial complex has embraced ka ka water for irrigation it’s not hard to see why salmonella has become a household word. With FDA approved growth hormones and toxic chemicals in our food it’s a small wonder kids are not born with pubic hair and whiskers. You heard about the *Chinese infants who were growing boobs eh? The truth about the increase in obesity and diabetes globally points directly to industry and the corporate bottom line. Don’t get me started on the “100% BEEF” scam, holay! Do you know how many parts there are in a cow? And no, they all are not NY Cuts and Filets. Some parts are actually quite squiggly and gelatinous with no real flavor other than cow vulva or something. BUT it’s all 100% beef, capice?

From a bottom dwellers perspective, the earth is changing and it’s about time. The weather is on steroids and there is nothing safe to eat or drink on the planet since it all has something that will poison me. Eventually my cool digital electronic stuff will be rendered useless from solar flares and electro magnetic activity in the atmosphere. My computer will be nothing more than a paper weight. If I’m not careful my skin will rot off because of the dangerous levels of ambient radiation. Chances are I will eventually fall into a sinkhole if I don’t drowned or catch on fire first. I would miss my electronic creature comforts but I would not miss the greed and deception that is the cornerstone of industry, politics, and contemporary society. I would not be able to turn on the boob tube just to listen to a feel good eloquent lie or snow job about another frigging bail-out either. I doubt I would miss it anyway.

As for the Earth Changes, “Let the games begin”


Your Devil’s Advocate