Earth Changes for Bottom Dwellers

Well if you had not noticed, Earth Changes has begun in earnest. There is no turning back the clock or buying your way out of it. And it really does not matter what planet you’re from either. From simmering heat waves to killer frost the cycles are growing with intensity. Little was said about the cold weather anomalies that occurred in South America. People and crops were dying from the unusually cold winter that enshrouded many regions of South America in snow and ice. With winter just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere we should be wary of the starkly frigid possibilities and prepare accordingly. Unprecedented flooding, landslides, and fires are altering landscapes and lives on every continent. Economies will soon bear the brunt of the growing list of disasters, there is no question. Sink holes or dolines have become fashion statements as Ma Earth rummages through her wardrobe as she prepares for her polar shift. It is a sure bet more surprises await the already shaken scientific community. As for the rest of us? Hmm, I wonder.

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