India Sides with Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

India’s President Pratibha Patil made a deal with the Devil where *India would share a wide range of technologies including weaponry with Burma. Patil was never a favorite among human rights advocates anyway but this action has taken India to a new low siding with a murdering xenophobic criminal, Than Shwe. It was predictable though since Tata Motors was already supplying Burma with heavy military vehicles to assist in Shwe’s crimes against humanity. You remember Tata motors; they own Jaguar and Land Rover the once sparkling gems of the UK. In essence jolly ole England has become a partner to genocide as well since Tata has continued to invest in this beleaguered nation.

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All The World’s A Stage

When you realize that human suffering, the quest for gold and wars are caused by only a hand full of people from around the world it’s a pity to realize the public as a whole are simply pawns. A hand full of people with wealth beyond words has set the stage and we the people of the planet must suffer the consequences of their truculent drama.

Does not matter which continent one resides, the players are the same and the outcomes are predictably fetid. Human beings will laugh but ultimately they will cry as greed and deception comes to collect its bounty in blood and human suffering. All The World’s A Stage Shakespeare once said but life is also an opera and Globalization is the crescendo of the greedy.  

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Our Past Comes to Haunt Us, Proclamation 5034—Afghanistan Day, 1983

Funny how many of our former allies are now our enemies these days. And it does not matter which continent either. Guess its fashionable to betray our allies. After all, the President, Congress and the House of Representatives have betrayed both the Constitution of the United States and the people of America. This egregious act of treason comes from both sides of the isle as well. It’s all about the money and the globalization of the planet to achieve the exalted “New World Order” .

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Burma: Than Shwe’s New Election Rigging Force

Like a dark comedy Than Shwe has turned the Union Solidarity Development Association into a political party, the *Union Solidarity Development Party. They will maintain the power to rape, plunder and murder the opposition and those who don’t vote “their” way. The USDP will also enjoy a host of other crimes against humanity the disbanded USDA enjoyed while being Than Shwe’s henchmen. So for the former USDA members there will be few changes other then the additional duty of forcing people to vote for them and all junta backed parties including the bogus National Democratic Force. Ah yes, ballot rigging at its best and the fun has only just begun. Than Shwe plans to send 100,000 Burman to Kachin State to “influence” the election results as well as promote his mandate of Burmanization. (The elimination of ethnic minorities through rape and murder)

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I Stand with Suu Kyi. You’re Either With Us or Against Us

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi made it very clear that we should not honor nor participate in the sham 2010 election of Than Shwe’s. After all, she is the true leader of Burma, not that treasonous National Democratic Force or did some of you already forget that part? She has sacrificed her life for Burma rotting away under lock and key while others second guessed her decision to boycott the bogus election. The morons of ASEAN continue to ramble about the hope of a free and fair election and it makes me sick. Where were those butthead’s when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was duly elected in 1990 with better than 80% of the peoples vote? An election Than Shwe sponsored by the way.

One day things will change in Burma and there is nothing Than Shwe can do about it for it’s his destiny. When that day comes to pass I will be the first to publish the names of all the countries and corporations who financed Than Shwe and his merry band of drug addicts and child molesters. It will be justice served since secret supporters of Than Shwe on every country on the planet will share the shame and public outrage. From oil companies to car manufacturers Than Shwe has laundered trillions of dollars to hide their total profits. And that will raise a few eye brows as well. The fetid scum does not stop at the city limits Naypyidaw either for the vermin that garners ill gotten gains from Burma is also on the A-List in elite society. When the time of change is complete they will have to face the music from their reprehensible conduct as well. Call it retribution if you like but I always say, “What comes around goes around” and their judgment day is just around the corner.

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Than Shwe’s Election Plan Exposes Rats within the NLD

There is no question the proposed election of 2010 is a total fraud. Than Shwe has already made plans for after the election proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the election is rigged. Generals “retired” and formed political parties to participate in the bogus election while the Union Solidarity Development Association was conveniently converted into the Union Solidarity Development PARTY. Hmm, hopefully you see the charade that is being perpetrated right before your very eyes. Other real political parties that could have disrupted Than Shwe’s rigged election plans were rejected while keeping the ones he is secretly financing.

There is a sliver lining to this in a darkly humorous way though. The formation of the National Democratic Force almost from the second the National League for Democracy was “disbanded” revealed the moles or spies that were within the NLD and there is no question they were the eyes of Than Shwe all along. Small wonder Than Shwe had an almost immediate response to carefully calculated plans by the NLD and Aung San Suu Kyi because he knew about them all along. Chances are these Shwe puppets influenced the NLD’s activities as prescribed by Than Shwe himself. In essence they are responsible for the murderers of countless loyalists and soldiers of Burma’s democratic movement.

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Press Statement from the Falun Dafa Information Center

The realities of China’s growth are well hidden. From an elaborate Gulag system (Slave Labor) since there are no labor laws to the wholesale disregard for the environment since there are no environmental laws US industries moved to China to capitalize on this. In their wake the western world has suffered the loss of jobs and industries, but hey at least we get stuff cheap from China. So in essence we’ve cursed ourselves playing into the hands of corporate thugs who continue to “globalize” not for us but for the corporate bottom line. National sovereignty is only a word because even our financial world has become globalized in recent months but I doubt anyone has paid attention.

From the Uyghur in the west to the Falun Gong and other sects throughout China religious and ethnic persecution has become a cottage industry. So in an effort to make sure these silenced voices are heard I am forwarding a press release from my friends in the Falun Gong.



Eleven Years of Persecution and Peaceful Activism

20 Jul 2010

NEW YORK – Eleven years ago this week, the Chinese Communist Party launched a campaign to eradicate Falun Gong—a peaceful and popular spiritual practice embraced by tens of millions of Chinese citizens.  But the practitioners of Falun Gong are not the only victims, and the lives destroyed and lost are not the only costs.

Following the Communist Party’s decision to suppress Falun Gong on July 20th, 1999, Falun Gong books were burned in mass public displays, the state-run media turned out a deluge of propaganda to vilify the practice. Falun Gong practitioners were stripped of their rights to free expression, religious practice, and legal protections. Schools expelled students for practicing Falun Gong, and workplaces turned in employees to be imprisoned and tortured.

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Earth Change-O-Rama

If you had not noticed, some parts of the Earth is suffering blistering heat waves while other parts are underwater. The Argentines Are jumping for joy from an unprecedented blizzard that just happened by this week. And while Ma Earth begins to flex her might, back on planet stupid people are scurrying around buying iPhones with faulty antennae. But they look cool even though electricity will soon be plagued by anomalies from the sun and the center of our galaxy.

Prophesy has already dictated that man would turn to lemmings and be lead by the nose to their fate. The good part is the fact not all of mankind would be under the spell of political slicksters and shy larks that are unified in controlling the planet simply for monetary gain. The New World Order has already taken root and it’s only a matter of time before we face the gates of tyranny. The people of Greece already suffer from the ill effects of globalization though. Again, the good part of all this is the prophesized fact Ma Earth would come unglued whence we faced the gates of tyranny. My people call it the humbling times where mankind would be smacked down and smacked down big time.

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Another Omen for Than Ratboy Shwe

Predictably the news out of Burma has been a myriad of stories about how Than Shwe has selected the so called opposing parties to participate in his bogus 2010 Election scam. Through his minions he has hand selected political parties that would participate in his charade while quietly rejecting actual parties who would pose a threat to his rigged election. But in the grad scheme of things Than Shwe has fooled no one on the planet, only himself for his 2010 election is nothing more than fraud. Doling out Burma’s national assets to his “retired” generals has only exacerbated the crises in Burma so nothing is new. It’s the same ole shell game as usual.

On the other hand it has been known for quite some time that Than Shwe would ultimately fail and fail big time. Though man has tried to alter the course of Burma’s fetid destiny as prescribed by Than “Ratboy” Shwe it has already been prophesized that his regime would be stopped by the forces of nature and spirits from the other side. The list of bad omens already preceded Than Shwe and his bloody Midas touch as temples collapsed and people died in his scurrilous events and celebrations. Being ousted from the Buddhist faith was the crème de la crème in a downward spiral into the darkness of his personal destiny. Soon news of rats evacuating *Naypyidaw came as no surprise. And what an omen it is. Imagine, even the rats left Than Shwe’s kingdom of death and deception. Apparently even the rats have standards higher than Than Shwe.

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