Elderly Falun Gong Practitioner Jailed for Handing Out Fliers Dies in Chinese Prison Camp

During our quest for lower prices sometimes we fail to notice what the real cost in human suffering truly is.  China’s economic boom was the direct result of their deeply entrenched Gulag or Slave Labor system. Notably Christian, Falun Gong, Buddhists and a myriad of sects have been singled out for use in organ donations, slave labor and brutal torture just for yucks and grins from sadistic members of the Chinese Communist Party.

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NLD Say’s Nyet to Than Shwe’s Bogus Election.

With Gen. Than Shwe’s election law’s out in the open it is clear he wrote this garbage solely for the purpose of disallowing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and anyone else who could spell Democracy from participating in this sham election. The whole world knows how worthless Than Shwe’s literary achievements are including his ever so stupid Constitution of 2008. So what’s the point of an election anyway Uncle Than? Small wonder the *NLD said no way to the election.

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Psychiatric Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners Widespread, Says UN Submission

In an effort to spread the world about China’s continued human rights violations I am re-posting this news story written by the victims of China’s slave labor and torture practices. The totality of China’s barbarism staggars the imagination since there is no sanctuary from the CCP’s continued assault on Christians, Buddhists Falun Gong and other sectarian groups. Yet we continue to shop for cheaper prices and frankly, we get what we paid for while millions of Chinese citizens are murdered quietly in one of China’s Gulags.


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Is Burma at Destiny’s Door Step?

Without a doubt Than Shwe’s election laws are as convoluted and shamelessly bias towards the junta as the Constitution and the 2010 election itself. The Burmese people are in a no win situation. The election laws clearly favor Shwe cronies and conveniently retired generals. Effectively, *the new fees to participate in a bid for political office will be more costly to the chagrin of cash strapped organizations. The junta has made life an act of survival for members of the opposition party as well. Relatives are forced to denounce their own family members or face the loss of employment and literally be starved to death. Fear of being arrested and tortured for even knowing pro democracy advocates has become pandemic throughout the country as the Tatmadaw spins a web of fear around its own people.

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FBR REPORT: Families Flee as Attacks Continue; Photo Essay

As we spout about the criminal regime of Burma and count the benefits of Than Shwe’s bogus election people are continuing to be murdered, financed in part by international corporations.  The world as a whole has blood on their hands as corporate sponsored genocide marches forward within Burma.  Fortunately we have the Free Burma Rangers who continue in their humanitarian efforts to ease the pain of Burma’s government sponsored holocaust better known as “Burmanization”.

Western Karen State, Burma

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Falun Gong News

Falun Gong Practitioner Cited in Gao Zhisheng Letter Dies from Torture in Custody

61-year-old retired teacher from Shandong dies shortly after release from detention center

14 Mar 2010NEW YORK—An elderly Falun Gong practitioner, who was cited as a torture victim by prominent attorney Gao Zhisheng in an open letter to China’s leaders, died in January due to injuries incurred in custody. Ms. Liu Lihua (刘丽华), 61, is the second of Gao’s interviewees known to have subsequently died from abuse in custody. Gao himself has been “disappeared” by Chinese security forces since February 2009.

“During the time I was in prison, the guards employed absolutely inhumane means to torture me. Once I was continuously handcuffed for as long as 43 days. With both of my hands cuffed behind my back, I was hung on a metal door and was beaten. ”

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California Valley Miwok Tribe Press Release

Event Date:  
Friday March 19, 2010

Location:     California Valley Miwok Tribe, 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton,  

                             California 95212 

Time:           10:00 am – 1:00 pm    

The California Valley Miwok Tribe proudly presents Ms. Elouise Brown. Ms. Brown’s presentation is in regards to the resistance to coal development on Indigenous land. Ms. Brown will speak in Stockton, CA as a part of her state-wide lecture tour on the current environmental and Native resistance to coal mining initiatives on Indigenous land.  

As the Paredon Oil & Gas Drilling Initiative controversy continues in Carpinteria  CA.  Elouise Brown, a Diné (Navajo) Traditionalist and President of the Doodá Desert Rock committee, will speak out about the dangers and the ongoing exploitation of indigenous land and people by energy companies.

This lecture will be held at the Tribal Offices of the California Valley Miwok Tribe 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA   10:00 am – 1:00 pm on Friday, March 19, 2010

This Event/Lecture is free

BACKGROUND – Doodá Desert Rock – The community of Chaco Rio in the Navajo Nation (SW of Farmington, New Mexico) has been blockading entry to the site of a proposed 1,500 megawatt coal fired power plant since December 2006. Desert Rock would be the third coal plant within a 20-mile radius in a region already suffering from extreme levels of toxic emissions. http://www.doodadesertrock.com/

Ms. Brown will give an update on The Paredon Oil & Gas Drilling Initiative, or Measure J. http://www.edcnet.org <http://www.edcnet.org/>  

For more information please contact:

Silvia Burley, CVMT Chairperson (209) 931-4567


Widespread Disdain for Than Shwe’s Election Law

News of Gen.Than Shwe’s election laws was the final nail on the coffin and the death nil of Burma ever seeing reform. Throughout the country a feeling of dread and disgust was the predictable response whence Than Shwe dumped his election laws on the public. Likened to a police action this new wave of self serving laws made it all but impossible for a truly open election to occur. Reconciliation and its prospects are all but gone with this latest decree from the criminal called Than Shwe for he has planted the seed of revolution in the hearts of millions throughout the country.

More like a dooms day referendum this bogus document outlaws or severely restricts any and all opposition from doing anything that might disrupt Than Shwe’s post elections plans. Excluding candidates, outlawing ethnic groups and a host of other blatant ballot rigging ploys are what make up this piece of garbage called the Election Law. Rumor Than Shwe is suffering mental illness from advanced stages of syphilis have gained credibility since only a mad man would try to pull off such an act of tyranny with this election scam.

International corporations who are vested in Burma are guilty of financing Than Shwe’s latest act of tyranny, there is no question. Corporate heads should be held accountable as well and face a proposed *War Crimes Tribunal since they have continually side stepped world wide sanctions, no thanks to Ban “Corruption” Ki-Moon. It is these very corporations who are pocketing trillions of dollars through the elaborate money laundering scheme of Swift Financial Group of Belgium. It is with the help of the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization that Than Shwe’s tyranny can fund genocide. Their back door operations within Burma have provided a gold mine for corrupt international corporations to glean under the table riches. The IMF and the WTO have become notorious for quietly extorting or bribing third world leaders into joining their Globalization goals at the expense of their citizens. I have interviewed several third world government officials who’ve faced off with these thugs in the past and it is clear the IMF/WTO engage in extortion to gain conscripts.

Corruption is the signature or calling card of the latest scam called Globalization and Burma is a classic example of its final outcome and the IMF/WTO are the masterminds of such tyranny. Outwardly they protest the likes of Than Shwe but in the back door they reap trillions of dollars while stripping nations dry of natural resources and should be held accountable as well. World leaders who march forward with the concept of globalization must be held accountable since they are fanning the flames of tyranny not only in Burma but throughout the third world.

The secret partnership with leaders of the free world and their corporate sponsors has festered into a cancer infesting the world with another bogus doctrine called the New World Order. Burma is reflective of the corporate tyranny Darfur and other places on earth were corporations have converged on third world nations to rob them of natural resources. In order to combat such tyranny the people of the world must stop supporting these corporations for they are only a hand full of people who want to control the planet economically.

With public awareness at an all time high China has everything to loose as consumers from around the world watch for their response to Burma’s plight. The continued enslavement of Tibet has become a lightening rod for consumers as they shop for goods around the planet and Burma has now become a real issue. Chinas response to the plight of the people of Burma will weigh heavily on consumers as the purchasing public watches. Sadly China like so many other nations is wracked with corruption within its own government as corporations bribe their leadership to turn a deaf ear on their exploits.

Than Shwe’s elaborate scheme to legitimize his illegal insurgency of Burma has also become a lightening rod. If people were to connect the dots they would discover the IMF/WTO is the cancer that has infected the globe with their international monetary takeover of the planet. Greece is a classic example of *Disaster Capitalism since her economy was completely destroyed only to pave the way for a “Global” solution. But the real prize is Burma since she is loaded with natural resources and the IMF/WTO wants to legitimize their members before the New World Order is finalized.

It would appear the one shining light within the sewage of the United Nations leadership is The United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights is Tomás Ojea Quintana. At the very least he has taken a stand against Than Shwe and his bogus election. Others simply ignore the cries from within Burma. His proposal of an International Tribunal on War Crimes in Burma was commendable and at this juncture is the only hope for the citizens of Burma.

It is time to arrest Than Shwe and his motley crew of criminals for they do not speak for the people of Burma, they represent corporations. It is also time to arrest corporate CEO’s who have profiteered on the bones of an enslaved nation. Only then will we eliminate tyranny in Burma. Also, we will begin the process of eliminating global tyranny masked as Globalization since the players are the same band of corporate thugs who finance genocide in Burma. Pascal Lamy of the WTO should do his time in Soledad Prison located in Central California for his part in this globalization scam. It would serve him right to be someone’s “soul mate” for the rest of his morally bankrupt life for what his organization has financed around the world.

Than Shwe’s election law is nothing more than Ox dung, Burma’s version of a “Crap Sandwich”.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=18013

Your Devil’s Advocate


Press Release from Burma Campaign UK

Aung San Suu Kyi Barred From Burma Election
Burma’s dictatorship have finally published laws governing so-called elections later this year. The new laws ban Aung San Suu Kyi from taking part in the elections, as she has a conviction following the sham trial last year after an American man swam to her house. The Burma Campaign UK is calling on the United Nations Security Council to take action, as even countries sympathetic to the generals can no longer claim the elections will be free and fair. You can view our media release here: http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/index.php/news-and-reports/news-stories/aung-san-suu-kyi-election-ban-final-nail-in-coffin-for-burma-elections/16
Campaign Success! – UN Burma Expert Backs Calls For Inquiry Into War Crimes
The UN Special Rapporteur on Burma has called for a UN Commission of Inquiry into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma. For years the regime has been raping and killing civilians, recruiting child soldiers, and using hundreds of thousands of people as slave labour. Now we need to persuade the British government to support the call for a UN inquiry.
Take Action:
If you live in the UK, you can write to your MP asking them to sign a Parliamentary motion calling on the government to support an inquiry. Already 178 MPs have backed the motion.
Wherever you live, you can write to the British Foreign Secretary.  

Details on both actions are at:
Burma Campaign’s Zoya Phan Honoured As Young Global Leader
This month we have received some good news. Zoya Phan, International Coordinator of Burma Campaign UK, has been honoured as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, famous for their annual economic summit in Davos. The award is a recognition of the effective work she does at Burma Campaign UK, campaigning for freedom in Burma. The Burma Campaign UK depends on the public for donations. Please make a donation today to support our work. You can donate online at:
Thank you for your support.

Anna Roberts
The Burma Campaign UK

Gen. Than Shwe Distributes Toilet Paper (Election Laws)

Like the Constitution that was forced down the throats of the enslaved Burmese people Than Shwe’s *Election rules are not worth the paper they are written on. Filled with double speak ultimately giving his Election Commission special powers to exclude anyone or organization who could spell democracy, this document is just another sham. The long awaited election laws are just more of the same old crap he has been feeding the people of Burma for years. Regardless of all the double talk within this bogus document Than Shwe will have the final say as to who can run, who is qualified and what organizations are legitimate in his eyes, period. The election has been fixed before the first ballot was even printed.

Granted the paper was not bad quality and the ink that was used did adhere to the paper but the contents of the written word were an insult to your intelligence. Sorry Than Shwe, not everyone buys into your bogus scam of white washing all your international investors with a carefully calculated election. Fact is, people from around the world are coming to know more and more about Burma and the reprehensible cretin called Than Shwe. With this awareness comes the knowledge of all the corporations who line the shelves of every store on the planet with commodities drenched in human suffering. Politicians will soon feel the wrath since it is clear world leaders have only showboated their concerns for Burma while perusing more lucrative pursuits such as Iraq.

Humanity has taken a back seat as material greed became the axiom of choice for all of civilization. World leaders have mastered the art of false hopes and bold faced lies to mask their pettiness and greed. The United Nations must own a paper mill since Worthless Ban Ki has sent a bazillion letters of disdain to Than Shwe with absolutely no response. And I cringe when I hear he sent another stupid letter to Than Shwe. How far beyond stupid does Ban Ki-Moon think people are? Why should Than Shwe care what Ban or anyone else has to say in the first place? After all the empty talk and bravado the free world has mustered over the years it is obvious everyone is blowing smoke with no intention of saving Burma. Apparently the United Nations Security Council is as full of hot air as the rest of the world since they do absolutely nothing but write empty resolutions. They sound tough and determined but when it comes to walking their talk it is clear they are all talk.

Guess I can’t blame them though. After all, they are invested in Burma in one way or another. Burma has become the greatest source of laundered money in history. Oil companies and the myriad of international corporations reap the golden harvest of under the table cash and lucrative black market perks. Than Shwe only reports a fraction of his nation’s GDP. In turn these firms report only a fraction of their profits while hiding their under the table bounty with the assistance of **Swift Financial Group of Belgium. The UN was bought off long ago and Ibrahim Gambari walked away with a fabulous million dollar Burmese Ruby and pockets full of Euro’s for his efforts to buy Than Shwe critical time with intentionally fruitless visits according to insiders. It was said greasy old Gambari also had his pick of starlets from the entertainment industry, complements of the Grand Pimp himself, Than Shwe. Now Scambari is lining his pockets on another UN sponsored cash finding mission. Bogus Ban managed to overlook major Korean corporations that flourish in Burma regardless of impotent sanctions he imposed. Refugees have identified foreigners and corporations who’ve committed crimes against humanity including rape, torture and murder. But Worthless Ban simply turned a deaf ear.

Than Shwe will undoubtedly have surveillance videos, photos and recordings of the indiscretions committed by his corporate guests. I know if I was in his shoes I would since extortion is a lucrative business as well. That is probably why world leaders are praying for Than Shwe’s death since they fear what he would say in a curt of law if by change he ever faced a tribunal. Than Shwe could implicate government officials from around the world that are invested in Burma. The Rockefellers flag ship Chevron is waste deep in carnage and blood money. Daewoo and Hyundai also share the dubious honor if financing genocide. The ***list of corporations continues to grow with the blessings of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. So in reality what does Than “The Sham” Shwe have to worry about? All the players are dirty and they have a vested interest in robbing Burma of her natural resources. Like it or not the people of Burma are receiving nothing more than lip service with empty promises while corporations from around the world reap the harvest of genocide.

In 2008 Than Shwe went through the motions of having a constitutional referendum where they extorted and beat voters into agreeing to the new constitution. People were hungry and suffering after Cyclone Nargis so Than Shwe used donated food to extort votes in the hard hit regions. In cases where people did not want to vote yes to the constitution they died of starvation, disease or were simply murdered. Humanitarians who were burying the bodies of the dead were arrested and placed in prison. Some were tortured to death and never heard from again, just for burying a body. Than Shwe did not want to spoil a good photo op so he could plead for donations. Burma’s army filled its ranks with orphaned children to the joy of sexual deviants within Than Shwe’s Tatmadaw. Some children were systematically raped while others were simply tortured to death by sadistic soldiers like in the case of a 5 year old girl (Nang Sap) who was abducted. Her lifeless body was found raped and butchered and placed at the Ho Mong Temple like some kind of a ghoulish offering. In any event Than Shwe passed the bogus Constitution. It simply had many useless words since the constitution gave absolute control to a hand full of generals who would have absolute power to veto even a majority vote. Of course, Than Shwe would have the final say on any parliamentary decision or vote so what was the point of having a constitution in the first place. It was all an elaborate scheme to show legitimacy and sugar coat the foreign investors and corporations.  

The 2010 Election is inherently flawed and is nothing more than a sham since it was based on the garbage written in the constitution. And like the constitution absolutely everyone involved with this election must be approved by Than Shwe and his SPDC. The Election Laws are just as bogus as the constitution and not worth the time it would take to flush it down the toilet. Going through the motions of having an election is just a charade for the benefit of the international corporations who have defiantly ignored any and all sanctions while financing Than Shwe’s campaign of ethnic cleansing. But there is a ray of hope even in the darkness of Burma’s plight. Natural events will soon seize the moment in not only Burma but around the world as Mother Earth cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort like hemorrhoids called Than Shwe. The time of great change is at hand and there is nothing that vermin like Than Shwe and the most powerful world leaders can do to stop it. Within the Native American traditions the Phoenix will rise as a new cycle of life begins and from my vantage point I also see the awakening of the fighting peacock as well. And no matter how much man tries to alter this destiny it will come to pass with a vengeance. The filth and vermin from around the world such as Than Shwe will meet their destiny. And that day is just around the corner. The signs from all dogmas point to this time in mankind’s history and you, Than Shwe, are the fool if you can’t figure that out by now. At least you will not be alone for your minions will soon follow. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/highlight.php?art_id=17986

** http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=3595

*** http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/index.php/burma/dirty-and-clean-list-pf/dirty-list/no-contact-details

Your Devil’s Advocate


Tornado Strikes Home

While researching a news item I received a news clip about a tornado in western *Oklahoma. As I was viewing this news brief I began to notice some familiar sites then it dawned on me, that is my reservation. Holay, this twister was bouncing around all over the place tossing 5 houses about and ripping down power poles. Of course the power was out and the phones were down adding to my anxiety as I tried frantically to call home. I was only 400 miles from home but at this juncture it might as well be a million.

I finally made contact with my brother and sister-in-law. They assured me that everyone was OK. It was a blessing to hear that my people were safe at the very least. But there was a moment where I felt shear panic since I could not rouse any of my relations. Visions of catastrophe filled my thoughts as the feeling of helplessness and fear surged through my veins. Covering news stories about disasters in the last few weeks fanned the flame of concern. I saw the aftermath of several Earthquakes around the world. The faces of the survivors haunted me since their eyes told volumes about loss, sorrow and disbelief. Now I was watching a news video in disbelief as a tornado ripped through my town and the twister just missed my house.

Fortunately my brother was in light spirits as well as my tribe. They joked about the twister that came to visit our village but we all realized how fortunate we were that none of our relations were injured. I was not so amused since my heart was still racing from my near panic. I was reminded that this was to be expected since no place on Earth would be untouched by change. Funny, that’s what I always mention in my articles. I had a taste of my own medicine and in a way it did me good. For some reason I was walking around in a bubble of immunity, like I was above the tribulations that lay in store for humanity but nothing could be further from the truth. I was reminded about our traditions and prophecies. We are living in the time of great change and we got a wake-up call from one of the elements of the four directions today. No place on Earth will be spared from the wrath of Ma Earth as she cleanses herself, not even the Red Moon Agency.

* http://www.newsok.com/tornado-destroys-5-homes-damages-others-in-hammon/article/3444863?custom_click=masthead_topten


Your Devil’s Advocate


Earthquake Mambo or Earth Change 101

Another coincidentally close earthquake has struck in *Okcular Turkey today killing scores of people. Like I said quite a while ago we’ve entered a much more virulent phase of Earth changes. Yet we quibble about material things when we should be seeking out our spirituality and preparing for rough times that lay ahead. Sadly world leaders have chosen to ignore the realties of the times we live in favor of colonizing the planet through Globalization. The real business at hand should be how to prepare for the survivors needs whence change is in full swing. Eventually all the noble aid givers and emergency managers around the world will be to busy domestically to rush to all the countries in desperate need of assistance. There will be no more show boating by pompous politicians with aid filled planes and ships. It will be fend for yourself as changes alters the face of the Earth.

Earth Changes can be compared to a woman’s season as her body purges all that causes her discomfort. Well, Ma Earth has entered this phase of cleansing and there is no global or green solution we can conveniently buy our way out either. For all the “Here and Now” folks who’ve refused to recognize that these changes are real you are about to learn an important lesson about prophecy. The Earth Changes are an all encompassing event where no part of the planet will be spared change. That means you can’t run to Boulder Colorado to find sanctuary or play out some bazaar scenario you watched on some lame “End of the World” movie. Interestingly enough some people I interviewed choose to ignore the signs, prophets or their own vision. They would rather pretend these catastrophic events are not related. Preferably they would rather die shopping than face the reality of the times we live. Many people know but they don’t want to think about it and face their fate blindly. So I guess it would be the end of the world for them but in reality it is only the end of a cycle.

My people call it the humbling times and for the most part we are prepared to face our destiny. Actually we are quite happy to see the end of this cycle of greed and material lusting. Unencumbered by material excesses we are better prepared than most since we never were dependant on electronic gizmos and the toys of the opulent. Frankly many of my people were never in a position to afford such luxuries. So weaning us from the 21st Century will not be an issue for the most part. I would miss spell check, my cameras, computers and other multi-media gizmos would be rendered useless so this change would hit me pretty hard at first. Good thing I know how to track, hunt and forage for food in the woods. Growing up in abject poverty has its advantages since this has prepared me for the future I do believe. But gads, why the spell check?? Oh the humanity.

Quakes are only a precursor to what lays ahead and eventually the chemistry of electricity will be altered and cease to function so all them electrical gizmos will be nothing more than a paper weight. In a vision it was said that people from many worlds would look in awe at the power of Ma Earth since even the most advanced technology will be rendered useless. That means if there were space dudes with cool technology they would also be stuck on Earth with their broke down intergalactic Frisbees. In my visions alone I saw many beings struggling to survive Ma Earth’s onslaught and I really don’t care if you believe it or not. I am not the only person with visions or knowledge from ancient teachings by far. It was said there would be many messengers from around the planet who would be warning the world about the times that lay ahead. Believe me, I did not choose to be one of those messengers. My uncle told me that I had no choice in the matter anyway. So here I am telling all you boneheads to prepare for some rough times ahead. If you don’t like my message call the office and complain to my boss. 1-800-Doomsday

Time is running short and eventually I will not be able to hold your hand and walk you through these times. Fact is all messengers will be incommunicado as the media shuts down. People will be scrambling to remember what those “Whizz-bang Prophets” were rambling about when times were good. This whizz-bang prophet will be way to busy tending to my elderly and assisting my people to give a flying crappola what others are doing. It was said people would hear the truth but their ears would be deaf to ancient teachings. And of course there are others who would rather face extinction then give up their IPod or stock options in healthcare. I guess they would be self cleaning…lol

The secret to survival is actually quite simple since it only requires a person to be connected with the spirit world and to know their messengers. In other world you must know which spirit is good or which spirit is bad when they approach you with messages or warnings. How else would Moses know to place lambs blood over the doors of his people homes when the angel of death cruised through Egypt? He knew his messengers and was connected with the spirit world. So get a grip on your commando gear and all your underground shelters since this is not the key to survival at all. It’s all about your personal spirituality and the connection you have within your dogma. Just remember, filling offering plates does not buy spirituality nor does it offer any guarantees. It only pays the rent paisan.  


Your Devil’s Advocate


Closer to Tyranny or Change?

Since Globalization succeeded taking over most of the planet, get over it. The new royalty, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), will “officially” rule the roost. The United Nations will be their enforcement wing with authority to police all nations including the USA. Sovereignty will be a fond memory for all once proud countries. China, Russia and India will not buy into the New World Order and just shake their heads in laughter. Asia will fall to China including Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States because of terms within their free trade agreement. China already owns substantial real estate in California with leases on other prime properties including the Long Beach Naval Air Station.

During President Clinton’s tenure he got busy gutting the military complex sending millions of Americans to the unemployment lines and torpedoed our Pacific Fleet. This Naval Station was one of the bases axed during Bill’s assault. People lost everything as whole communities simply disappeared. Some places turned into urban ruins only to be covered up by an aquarium or some artsy dive along the sea. On Clinton’s watch the Chinese Communist Party owned shipping and container company (COSCO) coincidentally got a sweet deal on beach front property in Long Beach California (Navy Base). So China owns much of the West Coast fair and square anyway. And they did not have to fire a shot to destroy our naval base. Maybe it would be a blessing in disguise when China foreclosed on California. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and the rest of those bilge water politicians would become China’s babbling ear-sores. Would China pay off California’s debts as well? Hmm

I can see it now, me dressed in my bright orange arctic coveralls with a giant white “J” for journalist on my back. I would be picking away at the permafrost searching for Canadian diamonds at some remote unnamed Gulag “retraining facility” 100 kilometers from Lac De Gras, Northwest Territory. Through the howling -60 degree Arctic wind, standing vigil under the United Nations sign would be a guard named Uri. Tossing snow in the air to appear like I am working I would gather my thoughts and ponder, “What the f— happened to the Earth Changes??”  

What if the prophesized “Earth Changes” simply does not happen? Holly cow, that would definitely put a kink on my plans. Well, so much for the Dec 21, 2012, “End of the World Social” Wonder if we would have a “Welcome Global Tyranny Social” instead. My people look for any excuse to have a social. I have not heard any of my elders mention that the Earth Changes was postponed so it is safe to say we are still on schedule as far as prophesy is concerned. All the signs are here for mankind to gawk at if they paid attention. It’s laughable to note that warnings from all dogmas are everywhere or is that just a coincidence as well? From what I’ve seen most sacred books are used to press money these days so I doubt their contents are ever read.

Eventually people will wise up to the fact things are just not the same as they used to be, maybe. You had better believe Global Warming will be the very least of our concerns in the future. We’ve crossed into a much more virulent phase of change a while ago and man is powerless to stop these cataclysmic events. The ride has only just begun and we have a front row seat. As human beings we all should be preparing for our very survival and seeking out our spirituality since they’re both tied to each other. On a good day it would be a week or so before aid got to a person whence disaster struck and that’s within the continental USA. Utilities? Forget about it paisan. Common sense dictates that municipal services will be the first to go. Water, electricity and sewage will be a memory in short time. This is happening across the planet now and people are already on survival mode. If you did not notice, Ma Earth is counted coup already.

In any event, Ma Earth is moving right along so I don’t really have to worry about being tossed in a reeducation camp for wayward journalists. Tyranny was only a sign and not the end result of change, not by a long shot. I’ll bank my money on prophecies and the teachings of my elders since they are batting a 1,000 as far as accuracy is concerned. So let all the money mongers race for the cash since it will soon be meaningless. From a personal point of view, everyone should have provisions and a back pack, just in case they need to get out of Dodge in a quick hurry. If you’re already spiritually connected and know the difference between good and bad spirits you are well prepared. But if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, oh well. Remember that you will need at least a week of supplies and if worse comes to worse you had better have a game plan for the basics of survival. Just be prepared because the only one you will be able to depend on is yourself, or did you figure that one out already?

Your Devil’s Advocate