Is the DKBA Evolving?

The stunning move by the *Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) to reverse their decision to be Than Shwe’s Border Guard Force (BGF) has offered a glimmer of hope for the beleaguered Karen people. This courageous move by the DKBA to defy Than Shwe is evidence this ceasefire group may not be as reprehensible as once perceived. Granted, crimes against innocent people have been committed by some elements of the DKBA but this revelation shows there is a moral side to this organization. It was known than many DKBA and KIA soldiers had mixed opinions about killing their own

The Venerable Ashin Thuzana, spiritual leader of the DKBA, voiced his opposition to Than Shwe’s BGF. With this statement it would appear that Buddhism may have arisen from its darkest hour as this courageous abbot stood by the tenets of Buddhism. In turn, the DKBA stood by their spiritual leader in this hotly controversial decision.  According to the Irrawaddy one DKBA official was quoted as saying;

“We don’t agree to the plan because our monk doesn’t accept it.”

This quote said volumes about the DKBA in light of all the negative press about them in the past. From human trafficking to drug manufacturing the DKBA has been accused of some of the most heinous crimes against humanity. The death of a 17 year old boy at a border crossing still resonates within the refugee communities along the border. Does this revelation show that there still is honor within the DKBA? Time will be the task master and hopefully the DKBA can evolve past the sorted past perpetrated by some of their soldiers, provided the DKBA moves in a reconciliatory direction. But trust will be hard fought by the Internally Displaced People who fled for their lives from DKBA mortars and waltzed through mine fields to the safety of Thailand. Even in the most positive of scenarios villagers still bare the scars and mourn the loss of loved ones who succumbed during the DKBA’s bloody onslaughts of the past.

There is no question this turn of events will not bode well with the excommunicated thugs of Naypyidaw. Than Shwe’s perverted rendition of Buddhism has dishonored the faith on many plains. His continued assault and arrest of Buddhist monks has proven him to be a fraud and an enemy to true Buddhism. He has also shown that he is an enemy of the people and a traitor to Burma. Torture, rape and genocide will be Than Shwe’s legacy for millenniums to come. Small wonder he and his merry band of vermin were excommunicated from Buddhism. He might be able to lie his way around Burma and act out Buddhist traditions but in all reality he is a fetid reprehensible creature who taints every temple he and his filth steps into. Fortunately Than Shwe and his ilk will face their just rewards whence they crosses over to the afterlife.

The DKBA’s possible defection is only the tip of the iceberg since there is much dissention within the Tatmadaw and Than Shwe’s inner circle. Shwe has begun giving away national assets to select cronies while other generals observe with secret disdain. The abyss between Than Shwe’s elite class and the soldier has widened beyond the point of no return. Than Shwe will paint a picture of progress and harmony within his ranks but nothing could be further from the truth for his regime is a ticking time bomb. The media has long since lost its credibility with the people of Burma. Than Shwe only lies to himself and unwitting outside observers with his grandiose prevarications and bold faced lies. Thein Sein’s assault on **Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has only fortified the publics resolve for freedom. Sadly for Sein he is considered a babbling fool and mindless mouthpiece of Than Shwe by citizens from all ethnic groups and political persuasions.

News of the DKBA’s withdrawal from the bogus border guard force will most likely be withheld from the public but that’s business as usual in the land of lies. I can only hope the DBKA’s departure from Than Shwe’s Border Guard Force is legitimate and sincere. In earnest all Karen’s must be united as one people regardless of religion, custom, or clan if they ever hope to defeat Than Shwe. Ethnic alliances throughout Burma for a common cause will neutralize Than Shwe’s most powerful weapon, division. A multi cultural force united in the cause for freedom yet diverse and sovereign within their ethnic and religious protocols will be the formula for victory in Burma. If this is not accomplished now eventually Than Shwe will rid Burma of all ethnic minorities because this is his ultimate objective. It is time for the fighting peacock to awaken.



Your Devil’s Advocate