Native Communities Brace for the Worst

As America and the free world pat them selves on the back for their response to Haiti’s cry for help American Indian communities continue to live in post disaster conditions. Only difference between the Haitians and the American Indian is, help never arrived for the Natives. With an onslaught of brutal winter storms and sub zero conditions impoverished American Natives are struggling to stay alive. Such is the case of the *Cheyenne River Sioux of South Dakota.

As of this writing the tribe has depleted their emergency funds, their water supply has ceased and electric service has all but stopped working. The merciless winter storms continue to wreak havoc across their reservation with no end in sight. Roads have become deadly ribbons of impassable sheets of ice. Other tribes face similar consequences such as the Oglala, Standing Rock and Navaho nations as they face one of the harshest winters in recent history. The Crow Creek Sioux and others who already faced criminality from utility companies in past winters are surly in dire straights as well.

It is astounding to realize that in the land of milk and honey ambivalence to the cries of the original inhabitances are simply ignored. This is America’s secret shame because this is not an isolated event but an on going crime against humanity. Human beings had their power shut off intentionally by unscrupulous electric companies in the dead of winter regardless if people were on life support, elderly or households filled with children. Where is the great orator who needed Native votes in the last election, the Incredible Mr. Obama, better known as President Pinocchio? It’s been a year since he promised to assist the Crow Creek Sioux over the atrocious actions of Central Electric Cooperative. The Buffalo Soldier rides again.

The mainstream media has all but ignored the plight of the American Indian and only through native media outlets, bloggers and compassionate human beings are these heinous crimes against humanity being exposed to the world at large. Gary Owen continues to echo across the barren plans as tribal people wait in perpetuity for help that will never arrive. Programs continue to get cut as politicians continue to pad the pockets of corporate interests and enrich themselves with bail-outs designed to save their investments AIG and other criminally negligent corporations. Ironically greed has taken on a new dimension since now these politicians have started eating their own in an interesting twist of fate. But as usual it will be the Native communities who will continue to bare the brunt of the economic collapse since we are always placed in the back of the line when aid or assistance is concerned.

American and Canadian policies towards the Indigenous populations are nothing short of an act of eugenics (selective genocide). The new cottage industry on reserves across the America’s is the mortuary business since death has become common place. On my reservation alone, funerals have become a weekly affair as our young die at an alarmingly higher rate than our elders. Despair, hopelessness and sorrow are the culprits that are ravaging mine and other tribes. Possibly, freezing to death in these harsh winter months is a more humanitarian way for our people to depart this hateful and greedy world after all. I’ve lost count of the deaths in my family and I am much bitterer for it. For you boneheads who think I should forgive the past I must inform you that I can not because I am still struggling to forgive the present. From my vantage point the future does not hold any acquiescence or forgiveness either.

Only when Mother Earth cleanses this fetid planet of the disease of greed will a smile return to my face. Fortunately the day of retribution is at hand and soon everyone will know what it is like to live in the world of ambivalence. I relish the day of reckoning.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Dark Humor, Earth Changes and a Piece of Fry Bread

From the perspective on my people it is almost comical that this so called civil society can not see the signs that were taught to them within their respective dogmas. Signs of change swirl around almost daily yet a hopelessly ambivalent world fails to recognize the obvious. Granted, some people I have interviewed told me point blank they don’t care to recognize them and would rather die obliviously. Religions and belief systems from around the world hold the key to surviving the times that lay ahead but I guess these folks have not paid attention to these minor details or chose not to. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

I find this darkly humorous since these people don’t really follow the axioms of their dogmas. They cheery pick ideologies and scriptures that suit their needs then ignore the others that are to inconvenient. So, for these people the Time of Change will be the End of the World because money and material gain will have no meaning in the future. There is some poetic justice in this, don’t you think? For my people this era will remain the Time of Change and I welcome its arrival. Don’t think my people corner the market on the key to survival, not by a long shot. But there are some commonalities within all dogmas that are actually quite simple and I don’t think you have to slaughter your first born son either. I am tempted at times but that does not have anything to do with Earth Changes.

Surviving these times is no secret but one must have a very real spiritual connection. Simply dumping cash in offering plates will not buy spirituality nor guarantee safe passage in the coming days of pandemonium. The list of catastrophic events, both Earth bound and Stellar, will stagger the imagination and one’s sensibilities. Many events are still not known to modern science. The impossible will soon become the possible and we will wish explorers did not burn all the codices of ancient civilizations. Events will cross over into the paranormal aspect of our existence as well. Things we chose to consider foolish or ridiculous will wreak fear into the hearts of millions who never were taught the realities of the spirit world. Dealing with the supernatural will become common place for those who truly grasp this concept. Knowing which spirit is good or bad will be a major issue since this is where the key to surviving the changes lay. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.

Whether you’re Celtic, Comanche or Kachin it’s all the same spirit world and basically the rules of engagement don’t change. The only real differences are the traditions that lead to the same end. If you expect to survive the Earth Changes then you had better know how to recognize the spirits that will approach you in the future. Sadly, for many people just the mere sight of a spirit will send them under their beds or grasping their bottle of Zoloft. People already freak out over space dudes whizzing around in their Dixie Cups and that is just plain silly. The secret to survival is knowing which spirit or entities are good or bad because we either heed their warnings or not. Sounds too easy but in all reality the key to survival is a simple one. But you must have absolute faith within the path or dogma you walk since you will have to ask (within your tradition) if a spirit is cool or not. You will need to have absolute faith within your dogma and accept the answer you receive. Once you have your answer you either listen to this spirit or tell this charlatan to bug off since there will be a bazillion false messengers eager to lead you astray.

One of the greatest falsehoods in all of civilization is the notion any one religion or dogma is better than the other. You need to get of this hobby horse of religious ego and except the fact the Creator sent messengers to all cultures in the universe. There is no such thing as a Holy War no matter what country purports this great lie. Small wonder we are living in the Time of Change. Mankind has bent religions to suit their world domination and monetary needs at the expense of humanity. But that will soon come to a close for Earth Changes will dominate the landscape as Ma Earth flexes her muscle and spanks humanity.

The key to survival is written on rocks, papyrus and paper. The time of change has been prophesized for untold millennia’s. The consequences of man’s greed were also foretold in a bazillion stories in every language in the universe. Signs of every kind were also foretold and they all share the same end. There is no altering the course of destiny of humanity at this juncture. It is foolish that world leaders have chosen to place monetary concerns over the concerns of human beings. They should be preparing their people for the inevitable catastrophes that are in store for all of mankind. Laughably this was also a part of prophesy as well since many people will be lead to their doom by false prophets and slick talkers.

As for me, I’ll just hang out with my family munching on some fry bread smattered in Indian butter, drink some tea and listen to our drum group. If a messenger (spirit) asks us to leave in order to avoid a flood, tornado or other life threatening event we will ask the Creator if this messenger was actually sent in a good way. If the messenger is a fraud I will swipe the last piece of fry bread before my cousin gets it. He always gets the last piece anyway. But if the messenger was sent to us by the Creator we will do as we have done for thousands of years and move our people to safety. We will build another village and resume our lives until the next messenger comes to us.

Your Devil’s Advocate


China Continues to Murder and We Look the Other Way

Along with bargain basement prices China also doles out death to anyone who opposes their ironfisted regime. Slavery has become a cottage industry as international corporations relocate to China to take full advantage of the lack of labor and environmental laws. On the other side of the coin consumers from around the world have become enablers by financing tyranny, wholesale rape, torture and murder for cheaper prices.

We as a so called civilized society have blinded ourselves of the realities of the brutality China has bestowed on their own people. We have blood on our hands as well as the executioners of China who continue to murder innocent people within their xenophobic society. Small wonder we are living in a time of such financial turmoil and environmental disasters. We’ve fanned the flames of our own demise and we wonder why. Well it is actually quite simple since we as a culture have cursed ourselves and are enjoying the rewards for our ambivalence.

There is no turning back the clock for what we have allowed to happen to innocent people for cheaper prices. We have only begun the much prophesized time of change where Ma Earth rids herself of all that is wrong with humanity. In most cases people will not care about what happens in China, Darfur or Burma but ultimately we all will pay dearly. I am forwarding a news item from my friends at the Falun Gong in an act of solidarity in an effort to make the absolute minority of the world’s population more aware of the cost of discount prices.

Your Devil’s Advocate



 Nearly 100 Falun Gong Practitioners Killed in 2009, Documents New Report

 04 Feb 2010

NEW YORK – Large numbers of Chinese citizens detained for practicing Falun Gong continue to die because of brutality suffered at police stations, labor camps and prisons across China, says a new Falun Dafa Information Center report released Monday.Drawing on both Chinese and international sources, the 46-page report, titled “Killed for Their Belief: Falun Gong Deaths from Abuse in 2009,” documents the deaths of 96 Falun Gong practitioners in 2009 (list). Due to frequent delays in reporting from China, the total death toll for the year is expected to climb further in the coming weeks.

“The key finding of this report – that 96 innocent people who were alive a year ago are now dead simply because of their choice of a spiritual faith – exemplifies the mortal danger facing every Falun Gong practitioner in China,” says Falun Dafa Information Center Executive Director Levi Browde. “We also must keep in mind that these are only the cases where friends or family were brave enough to report to us, and which we could verify…the true number of deaths is likely significantly higher.”

“Additionally, the details of the cases highlight that these deaths were not the result of arbitrary abuse by wayward local officials. Rather, they are the direct outcome of intentional instructions issued by Communist Party leaders to use every means possible to eradicate a system of belief practiced by millions,” says Browde. “Those responsible—at every level of the Party apparatus—must be brought to justice.” 

The victims named in the report come from all age groups, strata of society, and geographical regions. The vast majority died due to physical and psychiatric torture or by being denied their right to health while in custody. Many were killed within days, or even hours, of their detention. In one particularly jarring case, in April 2009, police abducted a 39-year-old woman from her home in Beijing. By evening, she was dead, reportedly after being severely shocks with electric batons (case of Ms. Sun Min).

In other cases, adherents were released into their family’s custody on the verge of death, only to pass away shortly thereafter. Last-minute discharges and speedy cremations are common tactics employed by the Chinese authorities to avoid responsibility for detainees dying in custody.

The 96 victims ranged from farmers to entrepreneurs, retired factory workers to bureaucrats, housewives to doctors. A large percentage had previously been illegally detained in labor or prison camps for practicing Falun Gong. As in previous years, Northeastern China was the deadliest region for adherents.

“The brutality of these extrajudicial killings, the geographical diversity of the incidents, and the impunity surrounding the deaths raise serious concerns about the wider societal implications of such violence for both victims and perpetrators,” says Browde. “There is little to guarantee that those who commit abuses again Falun Gong practitioners today will not do the same to other citizens tomorrow.”

The cases and details cited in the report were compiled from a variety of sources, including testimony of relatives or friends of the deceased, photographic evidence, and follow-up phone calls made by researchers to the relevant police or prison authorities. Photos are available particularly when practitioners were released from custody shortly before their death, in many cases, emaciated and showing marks of torture (case of Mr. Zhu Hongbing). 

Several cases also draw on reporting during the year by international media, the United Nations, and human rights groups. In June 2009, the Financial Times covered the story of Mr. Fu Ziming, who was killed in custody within days of his detention for writing “Falun Dafa is Good” while visiting a popular tourist attraction (case). The death of 66-year-old Mr. Jiang Xiqing in a Chongqing labor camp received widespread attention by human rights groups after the lawyers investigating his death were themselves detained and beaten by police (case). 

“Killed for Their Beliefs” also contains 16 recent cases of Falun Gong deaths due to abuse in custody as recorded by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions in his annual report published in May 2009.

In total, since 1999, the Center has recorded the deaths of 3,352 Falun Gong practitioners as a result of various forms of persecution. Given the Chinese Communist Party’s significant efforts to obstruct the investigation of Falun Gong practitioners’ untimely deaths, the actual death tolls for 2009 and overall are believed to be significantly higher than what the Center has been able to document.

Additional Key Findings

In examining the details of the cases from 2009, several patterns emerge:

•    Fourteen practitioners died within two months of last arrest: These adherents—including individuals in their 30s and 40s—were killed within weeks, days or even hours of being taken into custody, often after being abducted from their homes, workplaces, or off the street.

•    Over one-third of deaths occurred in custody: In 33 of the 96 cases, the victim died in custody of the Chinese authorities, either in a prison, labor camp, “brainwashing” center, or detention center. In several cases, family members were able to view the adherents’ body and reported visible signs of torture.

•    Many died shortly after release due to torture in custody: Authorities routinely release Falun Gong practitioners when they are near death in order to avoid the potential liability of their dying in custody. The practitioner typically dies within days or months, as it is often too late for medical attention or renewed practice of the Falun Gong exercises to enable them to recuperate.

•    Deprivation of the right to health leads to over 20 deaths: Given the significant health benefits that a majority of Falun Gong practitioners report experiencing, denied the right to practice in custody, many adherents experience a recurrence of old illnesses or weakening immune systems that make them vulnerable to diseases such as tuberculosis. 21 deaths in 2009 resulted from either a recurrence of old diseases or contraction of new ones when the individual was denied medical attention or forbidden to practice the Falun Gong exercises.

•    Authorities consistently seek to cover-up Falun Gong deaths: The authorities frequently go to great lengths to cover-up the circumstances surrounding a Falun Gong practitioner’s death and thwart investigations into its cause, in violation of both Chinese and international law. Among the tactics recorded in 2009 were: threats to family members not to publicize their loved one’s death, coercion of relatives to approve cremation in order to destroy evidence of abuse, detention of family members pursuing information or compensation, physically “stealing” the body back from the family, and beating of lawyers trying to investigate.

•    Deaths in 24 provinces, but northeast remains the deadliest: Deaths were documented in 24 of China’s 31 provinces and municipalities, including Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. However, the deadliest region by far was the northeast of the country. Deaths in the four provinces of Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin and Shandong alone accounted for 42 of the 96 deaths. This follows trends from previous years and correlates to the popularity of Falun Gong in the region prior to its ban in 1999.