Thailand’s Repatriation of Refugees Halted

From my sources on the Thai/Burma border I was informed that the repatriation of Karen refugees to Burma was halted by the Thai government. Though our connection was sporadic at best I was also informed that the three families who were originally reported to be sent back to Burma were safe and back in Thailand. There was some confusion as to if they were turned around because of the fighting that was already in progress or they were simply ordered back to the refugee compound. In any event the repatriation of Karen refugees was halted, for now anyway. But we must be vigilant and not let our guard down since conditions can change at any moment for this may only be a stay of execution. Personally I believe His Excellency King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand got wind of this atrocities action and put a stop to it.

Communications was sketchy at best since it was clear that warring factions were in the midst of combat causing communications with my sources difficult at best. We made many calls to our sources on the border with great difficulty adding to the stress of not knowing the current situation for both the refugees and my associates. But after the link was made it was obvious that communications was strained because of a host of reasons, mainly war. Knowing everyone was safe despite the conflict on the other side of the border was welcome news indeed.   

According to our sources the discontinuation of this repatriation was a direct consequence of international outrage that ensued after Thailand’s plan originally surfaced. Other factors like a battle being waged in the region these beleaguered people were being returned to obviously played a major role. The Karen and other tribal people of Burma are no longer alone in their struggle to survive as journalists from around the world rally to expose Burma’s secrets. This should be an omen for all who have sided with General Than Shwe and his criminal regime for they will soon be under the microscope of world wide public opinion. Corporations who continue to disregard sanctions as well as nations will have to atone for their conduct as well since they are equally culpable for crimes against humanity. The *Dirty List of Burma’s enablers continues to grow.


Your Devil’s Advocate