Address by KNU President Saw Tamlabaw on 61st Anniversary of Karen Revolutionary Day

Dear All Karen Nationals, Officers and Men of the Karen National Liberation Army,

On the 61st Anniversary of the Karen people’s revolutionary resistance which falls on January 31, 2010, I would like to extend firstly, my best wishes to officers and men of the KNLA and the Karen people for the best of health and spirit.

• We the Karen are a people desiring freedom and peace. We have lost freedom and peace due to oppressive domination by the chauvinists. Though the Karen people had peacefully made a demand for their apposite rights, the oppressive AFPFL government not only ignored the demand but also started to militarily attack the KNU headquarters on January 31, 1949, the Karen people’s movement has become an armed conflict, when the Karen people started to resist.

• We, the Karen people, have experienced the oppression and unjust war imposed on us by successive regimes and the ruling military clique for 61 years now. Though we have faced various difficulties and crises, we are still in existence because of the faithful sacrifices, in life and blood, made by the Karen people and members of the Karen National Liberation Army.

• With great foresight, leaders of the KNU have consistently endeavored to resolve the political problems by political means. They have talked with the military dictatorship on a number of occasions. However, the military dictatorship, without any desire to resolve the conflict by peaceful means, has continued its attempt to annihilate the Karen people’s resistance by military means. It has been destroying all the possessions of the Karen people. It is only telling us to “enter the legal fold and surrender arms.”

• I would like to warn all of you to be especially alert to the wicked and evil machination by the ruling military clique to divide and breakup the Karen resistance organization and the Karen people, in this year of 2010. We must oppose all attempts by the enemy to divide us. Though the ruling military dictatorship has been saying that it is going to hold a democratic the election in 2010, it is still waging war in the Karen State and violating human rights. This act is a systematic plan by the military clique to eliminate the entire Karen people. It has also systematically carrying out the scheme to assassinate top leaders of the KNU, by various means. Though the Karen revolutionary resistance has been in existence for more than 60 years, as the entire Karen people have not still reached the expected goal, we must struggle on to gain the free and peaceful Karen land, with self-determination, aspired to by the entire Karen people.

For that reason and in conclusion, I would like to urge the entire Karen people and the KNLA to struggle on under the guidance of the KNU and in accordance with the 4 principles of Saw Ba U Gyi, with durable courage and correct national spirit, together with fellow oppressed ethnic nationalities and the democratic forces, until the termination of the military dictatorship.

Globalization, The Beginning or The End?

So much for national sovereignty since the final nail was pounded in the coffin of America’s sovereignty with the globalization of our financial institutions. Predictably Obama proposed a *“Global” solution to our banking crisis marking the end of national sovereignty by imposing international laws on once American lending institutions. This was the final hurdle in the Globalization New World Order scheme perpetrated by corporatists. Disaster Capitalism at its best and you were asleep at the wheel.

Benjamin Franklin once said;

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”

In all reality this was meant to happen. Its written in prophecies from around the world. Globalization and the colonization of Earth was just a sign that verified we are living in this time of change. So rather than get your boxers in a knot and run for the hills you better prepare for some very turbulent times. The Earth is about to cut loose with a myriad of tectonic and meteorological events that will surly wow the folks back home. It will be better than any HBO Special or pay per view ever produced. As for the corporatists who thought they just cut a fat hog in the ass, well their newly ill gotten gains will soon become worthless since material consequence will be meaningless in the years to come. Poetic justice, don’t you think?

There are other events just around the corner that many cultures were warned about but nobody paid attention as usual. There are no green solutions to Earth Changes. You can’t buy your way out of it with Carbon Credits or electric cars either. Windmills and solar panels will simply be blown off the face of the Earth as more 200+ mph winds begin to take its toll on humanity. We will also learn first hand how wooly mammoths were quick frozen in mid stride while chewing their food.  Besides, if you paid attention to visions and prophecy you would also know electricity will cease to function since the physics behind it all will soon change. This is a cycle Ma Earth was on long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Al Gore first tried to capitalize on naturally occurring events. Economics and greed will give way to survival as clean drinking water becomes more valuable then Blackberries and fancy gold trinkets. A gram of salt will be almost priceless. Paper money will not buy a slice of bread but find a home in latrines around the world.  

In the meantime let the kids play with their doubloons and stolen bounty because it will soon be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. As the noose tightens around civilization and desperation ensues wars will break out as nations struggle to stay in existence just like they did in the Little Ice Age (1600 to 1800 ad). Only thing is, this one will be the mother of them all. Just remember, the time of change is not the end of the world like the media likes to portray. It’s the end of a cycle and the key to survival is written in every dogma on Earth. From the Hopi to the Hunkpapa old timers tried to warn humanity but nobody listened. Personally, I am elated that we are poised to see events never before witnessed by modern civilization. And we all will have a ringside seat boys and girls.

Funny, I just talked to my brother back on the rez about this very thing today. And yup, we have our lawn chairs at the ready along with a case of ice tea to sip as the world runs around like chickens with their heads off. It’s that tea that comes in giant green cans. That way I don’t have to get refills and possibly miss all the excitement, you know. Maybe get some “end of the world” pretzels and pig skins to munch on. That’s the ticket. We have Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers back home so survival will not be an issue provided we don’t get whacked first. But if we do, it ain’t nothing but a meatball since we know where we will be going, back home. Sadly, I will miss spell check because of that lack of electricity. So I’ll probably just carve stories on rocks like them other guys did way back when. My people were on survival mode since conquest anyway so not much will change for us. Course my cousins won’t be hitting me up for gas money or rides anymore so there is a bright side to all this eh. Gourd rattles and drums don’t need electricity so our socials will not miss a beat. The end of processed foods and all that modern junk will spell the end of diabetes and other ills we have suffered as well.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?


Your Devil’s Advocate


The Forgotten American’s

After all the dust has settled and the confetti swept from the floor neither Democrat nor Republican mentioned the on going plight of Americans who continue to be tossed out of their homes. Foreclosures have increased and have become a cottage industry as advertisement after advertisement boasts of “available” homes to be auctioned off. It is funny, in a dark sort of way, how wealthy corporations can get bail-out after bail-out as well as stimulus money while taxpayers struggle to keep their homes and some semblance of dignity.

Not one peep came from the mouths of our politicians when it comes to the 10’s of millions of Americans who’ve lost or will loose their homes and that is in excusable. What will it take for these boneheads to ask for a freeze on foreclosures? People lost their jobs from the lack of good governance by politicians who were supposed to work on behalf of the people not corporations. Now jobs and opportunities have gone to countries with no labor laws or environmental constraints leaving their loyal employees behind to fend for themselves.

Though it’s not a good vision I know we will soon be at odds with China placing US corporations who have relocated to Asia in the crosshairs of Chinese wrath. And it will serve them right when they are arrested and their assets ceased by the Chinese Communist Party. Their greed will have paid dividends for the callous disregard they showed the US workers. The price for cheap slave labor will be their lives in many cases and I will have no pity on them since they had no pity on us. Hey I don’t write these visions, I only report what I see and like it or not we are heading towards war and it will not be pretty for westerners who will be caught in the crossfire. Ironically some will be taken captive and never seen again. Chances are they will be working in slave labor camps they once profiteered from and it will serve them right.

According to businessmen who’ve worked in China they witnessed the military building and building their arsenal. Many heard scuttlebutt about the future war with the West from Chinese handlers. Tensions are growing stronger by the day between the West and Asia. It almost appears intentional since the West is trying to push Russia’s buttons as well. What have we become? It would serve Tony Blair and Bill Clinton right to be enslaved in one of the many Gulags since they sold their countries industrial might and jobs to China. Their minions Gordon Brown and Barack Obama would fit right in as well. And their pleas for help would go unanswered just like the Americans and Britons who lost their homes and jobs to Chinese interests.

But all good things must come to pass since Earth Changes will soon take center stage throwing the aspirations of all nations in a quagmire as disasters alter the course of their histories. In fact, Earth Changes will alter the course everyone’s histories. I find solace in knowing Ma Earth will have the final say though. One thing I can tell you for sure, people will survive the changes. It will truly be a new world order but not the new world order our corrupt politicians were bargaining for either. Now that’s “Change We Need”. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Ushering In The New World Order

What was supposed to be the State of the Union Address turned into a partisan attack on the Republican Party and the Supreme Court last night when Barack Obama lashed out at his dissenters. He used the podium to continue to stump for his Healthcare and criminally flawed environmental agendas in an act of defiance. “I don’t quit” was the apparent theme and true to form he continued his campaign rhetoric about helping the middle class. Except for the jabs he made, this so called State of the Union Address sounded like other more eloquent speeches he’s made during his unending campaign, writhe with promises and false hopes, again.

Noticeably he was pandering to the crowd about Bank reforms but he failed to mention how he and Gordon Brown wanted to impose taxes and control banks internationally. This scheme would take banks and financial concerns out of the hands of sovereign nations and into the hands of a small group of corporatists with no national loyalties. Banking on the fears of economic collapse and other fraudulent claims, their scheme would force the vast majority of legitimate financial institutions to pay fees and taxes for the crimes of an absolute minority of institutions who were bailed out including AIG. Absent was Hillary Clinton who was rubbing noses with Gordon Brown as they continued to stump for “Global” controls of all financial institutions in London. It is funny how he failed to bring up this attempt strip nations of financial sovereignty in favor of the New World Order.

His stimulus packages, notably the Renewable Energy scheme, have given the lion’s share of US taxpayer money and jobs to China to the tune of over $850,000,000. But the most reprehensible crime both the Democratic and Republican party are guilty of is not addressing the continued foreclosures of American’s homes. Why is it so hard to put a freeze on foreclosures? The banks are not hurting for money nor do they need shelter and food for their families. Simply put, foreclosures are the cash cows of the lending industry and both Democrats and Republicans at the top of this pyramid scheme are cashing in on American suffering. AIG was a classic example of how both sides of the political arena profiteered at the expense of the taxpayer. Of course Obama pitched for his lackey Tim Geitner who earlier that day was grilled for his criminality in the AIG fiasco. Body language tells volumes and Geitner was lying his butt off.

Be prepared for President Pinocchio’s pitch for a global solution for those nasty bankers who crippled the US economy. Just remember that it was only a few banks that were not solvent and if you did your homework you would know that members of both parties were heavily invested in these fraudulent banks including AIG. The reality is, if these banks were left to fail, like they should have, other legitimate banks would have been picked up the slack. Securities would not have disappeared causing a financial melt down like these thugs claim. They were only protecting their cash cows and personal retirement accounts, not ours. Chris Dodd and Tim Geitner should have been marched to jail for their roles in the intentional destruction of the US economy. And to think our government was trying to broker a deal that would protect AIG from disclosing their records. How far beyond stupid is that?  

Sure Obama is pulling out of Iraq, GW Bush made sure to reintroduce corporations into the country. Funny how GW brought corporations back to Iraq on the very same day Saddam Hussein tossed them out back in the 70’s. Obama failed to also mention that troops pulled from Iraq would be headed to Afghanistan. And now there is a proposal to bribe the Taliban with $500,000,000 of US taxpayer dollars. What about all those fluffy speeches about how the Taliban was the bad guy? Apparently that was simply for public consumption to justify war for profit. Don’t forget Gitmo and his defunked plan to close that hell hole while giving terrorists American rights in the process. Speaking of GI’s he also made the claim that he pushed an improved GI Bill of some kind. Sadly he also failed to mention that GI’s continued to complain that the government was lax in answering the phones and returning calls for the vast majority of GI’s with tried to take advantage of this fabled GI Bill. This is a scandal unto itself if anyone was paying attention.

So its business as usual in the land of corruption as our steward’s move forward in crippling our economy since it’s Disaster Capitalism as usual. We will be pushed to the brink of starvation then offered a steak. Sadly it will be laced with arsenic since it will be the Trojan Horse of Globalization and the New World Order. Obama’s Irish side of his lineage is showing since it is obvious he has kissed the blarney stone and has prevaricated his way into the hearts of millions with more false hopes and veiled threats. Like it or not his State of the Union was a power play as he prepares to strike a fatal blow on the Constitution of the United States of America.

People will buy into the corporate scheme to Globalize though. Like lemmings society will compromise their liberty for a little financial reward. This was a part of prophecy as well since it was said that mankind would willingly march to the gates of tyranny. But it was also said Ma Earth would throws a monkey wrench in the works humbling all of humanity. Money would become worthless and not a spot on Earth would be spared from change. Globalization is tyranny at its best and the New World Order is a fascist concept. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Personally, it is exciting to watch as the time of change takes hold but no one is paying attention. To witness prophecy come to pass right before my very eyes is awesome to say the very least. Surviving the tumultuous events that lay in store for humanity is really a non issue for me. Our time on Earth is but a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. But it is heartening to know this era of lies and greed will soon come to a close and I am happy knowing that the time of retribution is at hand for all of humanity. But don’t think it’s going to be an easy ride since everyone will face these turbulent times in equality since material wealth will have no meaning. We all will forage for sustenance and shelter.

The millions of homeless and forgotten Americans are already well prepared to survive the coming Earth changing events. One day all of humanity will be humbled as survival becomes the order of the day. Many people will choose suicide over foraging for the basics of survival such as clean drinking water and food. Others will adjust and continue on as a new tribe of people. So in retrospect we really can’t place blame on Barack Obama, Gordon Brown or the rest of these corporatists for they were selected to guide humanity down the path of false idealism and material consequences. It was their destiny to be the Pied Pipers who rallied people to their own demise for that was prophesized as well. They will usher in the New World Order, that is a given. But I can guarantee the New World Order will not be the one they are expecting and you can take that to the bank Paisan, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate


Obama and Brown, Unholy Alliance

Globalization and the New World Order are coming together at a blinding pace it would appear since US President Barack and England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown conspire to *globalize banking. A tax or surcharge on banks internationally as well as limiting the sizes of banks Obama and Brown are proposing are more than just regulatory. Enter the New World Order and the fabled global solution to the world’s economic crises.

Thinly veiled as an attempt to cure world wide financial difficulties this twosome is actually trying to usher in a key element to the Globalization of the planet, financial institutions. Granted banks and mortgage companies have much to atone for but globalizing, taxing and ultimately controlling the size of banks is flat out wrong. This action will skew national sovereignty by removing a nation’s financial institutions from their national jurisdiction since banks will no longer be a part of the nation they reside in. Nations will be subservient to an entity who dictates the nation’s financial future, plain and simple.

It is Disaster Capitalism at its best as the push for the New World Order goes stellar with this Trojan Horse designed to make all nations subservient financially. That means your home town bank will be controlled by foreign entities and subject to regulations they impose on an international scale. Your country will be powerless to stop egregious controls, fees and regulatory requirements since the financial aspect of the nation will be out of their jurisdiction.

Gordon Brown has become one of the most loathed men in England with his pandering to foreign interests and selling off England’s industries to China and India. The fact he was not elected to this position further adds to the disdain Brits have for this man. He was selected by George W. Bush Lackey, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who embraced GW’s New World Order. Tony did more to purposefully cripple the economy than Margaret Thatcher in his tenure. The selection of minion Gordon Brown by Tony was the death nil of England’s industries in favor of international corporations.

George W. Bush pushed American to the brink of financial ruin intentionally. Then like a tag team Barack Hussein Obama plunged the knife squarely in the backs of his electorate to finish the job GW stated. Predictably this unholy alliance with Gordon Brown will be billed as the “Global Solution” for the evils of the banking industry when in fact it’s a major move to globalize the planet. There is no question the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and the United Nations will rally in support of this veiled world take over of financial institutions. They are poised to take over the reigns whence national sovereignties become a non issue and it will be a hand full of people who will profiteer from the world population.

Already written into NAFTA, CAFTA and other trade alliances are the disillusionment of sovereignties in favor of corporations who want to mine natural resources. Throughout the Americas nations have to pay **private corporations millions in violations for refusing to allow them to mine on sovereign land. I bet they did not read the fine print when they agreed to join these economic unions since sovereignty is effectively nullified. Pascal Lamy and his merry band of thugs from the WTO laugh all the way to the bank.

Now financial institutions face regulations and restrictions from sources not from the nation they reside, talk about a hostile corporate take over. And you had better believe national sovereignty will soon give way to the New World Order in financial markets with this seemingly innocuous tax and regulation. The final obstacle will be convincing the masses that global solutions will save their fortunes. The price people will pay is the loss of their national sovereignty and ultimately their civil liberties. Disaster Capitalism at its best.



Your Devil’s Advocate


Hillary Sounds Off, And I Agree With Her

Politics aside I used to work in the Office of Emergency Management, FEMA Certified, and I took exception to France and Italy running their mouths about the US response to the Haitian crisis. Then to hear Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia was talking smack about our response I have to side with *Hillary Clinton against these boneheads. She was pissed off big time and took exception to the ignorant verbal diarrhea that came from these and other nations who sniveled to our embassies around the world.

Logistical and safety concerns are an absolute priority in any disaster response and it simply takes time to gather the personnel and equipment before the operation can begin in earnest. Medical teams live all over the country but must live within 4 hours of an international airport to qualify, for instance. Whence the resources are gathered then the mission can proceed to the target area. Even within the continental United States logistics is a major concern since roads and waterways can be filled with debris hampering humanitarian efforts. US citizens are instructed to have a minimum of three days supplies in the event of any disaster and that’s within the continental United States.

Responders to disasters must be a part of the cure and not part of the problem and the safety of emergency personnel is an absolute necessity. Coordination and a well defined mission are also key to successful recovery efforts. Emergency action plans are in a constant state of flux in the beginning of a disaster since critical data keeps trickling in changing the matrix of the operation. In Haiti’s case this was a complete logistical nightmare since every means of ingress, air, land and sea were damaged or completely destroyed.

It would be nice to wave a magic wand and presto the harbor, airport and roads were navigable. Dumping supplies blindly in crowded civilian areas can cause deaths from a multitude of reasons one being crushing injuries the other being riots. Order must be established in order to serve the stricken in a timely fashion to be a success, plain and simple. Ships laden with supplies travel at a snails pace in comparison to a C-130 but they carry the lions share of equipment and disaster aid. After all this is an island country. The distance between Miami and Port-au-Prince is 617 nm. The average speed of a cargo ship is approximately 22 knots. So even if the ship was already loaded and in Miami it would be approximately 28 hours before it reached Haiti. That is a big if since undoubtedly the ship was not in the area nor loaded with emergency supplies. And it simply takes time to load a ship on a good day. You must remember the port was not navigable in the beginning.

Simply dumping supplies in areas will not guarantee that the people will be served. Qualified personnel must be on the ground to administer aid, operate equipment and relay critical intelligence to HQ so recovery activities can evolve to suit the ever changing dynamics of the disaster at hand. When you have a disaster involving millions of people and total devastation pandemonium and total chaos is most likely the situation. The fact Haiti was on the brink of anarchy also played into the recovery efforts since ground personnel must be protected from mortal harm. Already crowds had to be dispatched with tear gas do to unruly gangs threatening the safety of emergency personnel.

But I can guarantee the people on the ground in Haiti are non political since they are the nuts and bolts of the operation. They are risking their lives as a matter of duty since every one of them chose to work in this field. And believe me, its not for the glory, it’s because these men and women truly care for they are a special breed. Our soldiers are there to keep the peace and protect our aid workers from harm since people seem to think aid workers are a part of the chaotic political arena and nothing could be further than the truth. I stand with Hillary in rebuking the lame comments made by any nation who points an accusatory finger at our men and women on the ground in Haiti. What happens in Washington is another matter and I have my reservations, believe me.  But by no means does this reflect on our angels of mercy. They are healing the injured, feeding the hungry and placing themselves in mortal danger in the process.

Living in the time of change means we will see more and more disasters where millions of people are afflicted with major metropolitan areas completely devastated. I worked in the recovery efforts of the Northridge Quake. That was a wake up call and humbling experience for me even though I worked in other mass casualty situations. I’ll never forget the carnage I saw that never made the press in La La Land. But I am better prepared for the future since there is more to come that will be reflective of Haiti.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Burma 2008 Constitution Null and Void

It did not take a Rhodes Scholar to realize the pending 2010 election in Burma was going to be nothing more than a sham to sugar coat the morally bankrupt regime of Than Shwe. With his minions already buying and threatening the general public into voting “Junta” in the coming October 10 election it is clear nothing has or will change within the borders of Burma. The citizenry was forced to vote on another bogus election in 2008 ushering in a constitution that was not worthy of lining a cat box since it was filled with contradictions and rhetoric. The bottom line in the 2008 constitution was that the Tatmadaw maintained absolute control and the final say in all parliamentary proceedings. In essence nothing would change under the new constitution. The election of 2010 would share the same fate.

On January 26, 2010 Global Action for Burma (GAB) has declared the 2008 Constitution of Burma *Null and Void to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sighting a host of discrepancies. Within this constitution the junta summarily gave themselves amnesty from prosecution for some of the most reprehensible crimes against humanity ever recorded in the modern era. Butchery, rape, torture and genocide were to be ignored under the terms of this fetid document. Surly this was not the will of the people since Gen. Than Shwe hurriedly announced the election during the chaotic aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. Reports of extortion using UN and other relief supplies as bargaining chips to the stricken was one way to coheres votes while others faced the end of a gun barrel. Many never received aid at all and untold thousands died of starvation and exposure. The constitution also paved the way for Than Shwe to attempt to legitimize his criminal regime with the election of 2010. This was critical for international corporations who continue to work in Burma. They are criminally culpable for violating sanctions with human rights violations of their own.

The outcome of the proposed election has already been predetermined by Gen. Than Shwe. From his own mouth he boasted of post election plans and objectives’ proving the election was rigged from the beginning just like the Constitutional Referendum. How far beyond stupid is that? Well, the free world was banking on a positive outcome and that was beyond stupid from a general perspective. The fact the people of Burma voted unanimously for the opposition in a land slide victory against Than Shwe’s regime in 1990 should have been recognized in the first place. Inadvertently governments of the free world empowered Than Shwe by enabling him to continue with his reign of brutality and death on his own people in spite of a legal election Than Shwe sponsored.

Maybe now the United Nations Security Council will recognize the need to nullify the criminally flawed constitution on the solid foundation of facts presented by the GAB. If not, the United Nations will continue to be a party to the genocide of innocent people by legitimizing a criminal regime. From my perspective UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon should recuse himself from any and all proceedings pertaining to issues involving Burma. He has continued to ignore his homeland South Koreas violation of UN sanctions during his tenure at the UN making him personally a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. His involvement with Hyundai and Daewoo reveals a much darker agenda that borders on criminal writhe with human rights violations of its own. It would appear the fox is watching the hen house in Southeast Asia. I pray that I am wrong.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Governator Arnold; Send Prisoners to Mexico

Predictably one of the most inept governors to hit the shores of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed sending *US citizens to Mexican prisons. It would appear his solution to everything points to south of the border. He crippled California’s economy with his assault on diesel engines crippling some of the most lucrative ports in the world. His **California Air Resources Board and their bogus data destroyed every other industry that used diesel engines. Sadly the Obama Administration followed suit. The trucking industry lay in ruins as corporatist Arnie point to Mexican trucks that are exempt from environmental laws to take over at a much cheaper rate via NAFTA. But that’s another story.

Here sits Arnold with a grandiose scheme to capitalize on cheap prisons in Mexico. It is bad enough this bonehead was woefully mismanaged California but adding an unconstitutional scheme to send American citizens to Mexican prisons is down right criminal. This Austrian born son of an ***SS Officer has no loyalty to the people he is supposed to serve. And it is clear he is in full support of the New World Order, better known as globalization. Ironically globalization is a thinly veiled form of fascism known in many circles as corporatism.  

So let’s send US citizens to Mexican prisons and while we are at it, lets send a few to Gitmo and the other emptied secret US government prisons around the world while we are at it. Might as well start globalizing the penal system first so any and all opponents of globalization can be quietly tucked away as well, out of sight and out of mind. The notion a US politician would even consider sending US citizens to other nations wreaks of a darker agenda in the first place. Who will step up and support such unconstitutional ideas next? Is this what is in store for all Americans as the Globalization scam comes to pass? Anything is possible since we the people have forgotten the core tenets of democracy it seems. Break out the Ginko Belova boys and girls since memory loss is epidemic in this country.  

Under Arnie’s plan convicts within California’s prison system will be sent to foreign prisons. If we don’t pay attention next will be ideological prisoners since freedom of speech is already on the chopping block. Arnold’s crony George W. Bush paved the way for ideological crimes with his PATRIOT ACT. The current administration went a step further with more restrictive and ominous laws targeting US citizens under the guise of protecting us from terrorists. Fart on concourse B and see where you end up. Unfortunately the real terrorists have hijacked the political system and are purposefully steering our nation into the rocks of financial ruin, ****Disaster Capitalism at it’s best. Their ultimate solution when it is clear we are totally bankrupt will be a Global one that will strip the US of its sovereignty in favor of a New World Order, another Bush axiom by the way.

Sadly, California is a microcosm and the blueprint our current administration is using including the hopelessly corrupt environmental agenda. And if you’re asleep at the wheel America will someday be relegated to the rank of a third world dictatorship likened to the morally bankrupt criminal regime of Burma. Arnold’s corporate ideology is pandemic within America’s political system for his proposal is totally un-American and unconstitutional. What do you expect from a person who has no true loyalties to this nation? And he used to be a nice and polite guy when he dated my friend’s sister in Highland Park California, remember Arnie? Funny how times change.





Your Devil’s Advocate



In an earlier story about Arnold Schwarzenegger it was reported he proposed to send US citizens to Mexican prisons. Further developments indicate the California governor proposed to send Illegal Alien prisoners back to Mexico rather than US citizens. But could this be a precedent making turn of events that could open the door to US citizens being transferred to foreign prisons? Vigilance in all legislation should be at an all time high since wording could quietly eliminate civil liberties.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Feel Good Speeches Adnauseum

After listening to Barack and his side kick Joe it is obvious they are on a mission of damage control. Unfortunately the damage they are touting to alleviate, the plight of the middle class, has already reached epic proportions. The rhetoric they both expounded, though fluffy and all concerning, comes to 10’s of millions of Americans a year to late. Hindsight is 20/20 but collusion with special interests is pure tunnel vision at the expense of the struggling electorate.

They would not have addressed the continued downward spiral of the middle class if a Democrat was elected to the senate in Massachusetts, there is no question. So I venture to state the true nature of this damage control is not for the sake of the middle class but for the sake of their political careers. Writhe with scandalous bail-outs for wealthy corporations and unscrupulous mortgage lenders the Obama Administration have continued the hopelessly failed policies of the Bush Administration. The only difference being; the quality of the speeches. At least we the people got a kiss before we got screwed this time around.

After interviewing a homeless man with two children today it was clear he used to be one of the millions of voters who actually thought Obama would do something to save their homes and jobs. He like so many other desperate Americans flooded the ballot boxes to insure Obama’s candidacy. They were under the impression Barack would help them save their homes from foreclosure and secure their jobs. The urgency to elect a “savior” who cared for the average American reached a feverish pitch in the final days before the election and when Obama won there was a collective sigh of relief. Sadly, they waited and waited for the new administration to address their plights and stem the tide of foreclosures, but to no avail.

During the closing days of the Bush Administration lenders decided to quicken the pace of foreclosures then when Obama took office they redoubled the rate of foreclosures. Arrogance personified is the only way to describe these mortgage lenders as more and more Americans were tossed out onto the streets to fend for themselves. In the meantime Obama granted even more money to these criminally negligent banks and lenders without a peep about the growing number foreclosures. When you realize that foreclosures are the golden calves and economic boon to the mortgage industry it’s a small wonder the president kept mum on the subject.

Think about it for a minute. A person purchases a home for $250,000 then when he/she losses their job and is delinquent on several payments the mortgage lenders foreclose and cease the home. In the case of the homeless man I interviewed, he was only $5,000 from satisfying the debt when his job went to Mexico. Regardless of the fact he paid $240,000 the bank tossed him and his family out on their ear. Then the bank resold the home for another $250,000 keeping the $240,000 plus the $250,000 from the new buyer with a windfall of $240,000 to add to their corporate bottom line. This is happening all over America as we speak and mortgage companies are reaping the spoils.

Now we face yet another round of double speak from President Pinocchio and how he wants to “save” Middle America on Wednesday in his State of the Union Address. If he was sincere in the first place he would have done something whence he first took office, not a year later. Why didn’t he propose a freeze on foreclosures or give the taxpayer a bail-out to save their homes. Corporate thugs got the gold mine and we the people got the shaft. So you better put on your rubber boots because Wednesday is sure to be a speech to behold as the Incredible Mr. Obama offers us another line of malarkey. Personally, I’d rather watch the Simpsons. At least Homer is real, d’oh!

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Than Shwe Paints a Rosy Picture, In Human Blood

As the criminal regime of Burma continues to paint a picture of reform by addressing a host of human rights issues to the world one thing is for certain, it’s all a lie. Desperate to legitimize his criminal regime and election Than Shwe has begun a series of high profile government projects to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking and child soldiers, just to name a few. On the outside this would appear all well and good if it were not for one thing, it’s all a lie.

Gen. Than Shwe has become as predictable as the rising sun in that it’s business as usual. Show the world the appearance of change while in the back ground he continues his onslaught of terror on ethnic minorities and opposition. In fact he has increased with great zeal his assault on opposition leaders as well as intensifies his program of eugenics. His drug making operations on the Indo/Burma border has increased 10 fold as he gathers funds to buy more weapons to kill citizens of Burma.

Human trafficking and child soldiers are on the increase as well as his program of Burmanization or government condoned rape of ethnic women. Murders and disappearances have increased as he struggles to eliminate any true opposition before the Oct 10 election. By the droves, Karen villagers are fleeing for their lives in Pegu Division of Karen State as refuge centers continue to fill beyond capacity with Than Shwe’s human carnage.

Eye witness accountings of the horrific brutality being administered by Than Shwe’s thugs paint the true picture of his criminal regime and it’s painted in human blood. From disemboweling villagers who refuse to become slaves to mass raping of little girls Than Shwe and his Tatmadaw continue to do the things he claims to be stopping. Call it the bi-polar regime of double speak or bold face lies but reform is not in the cards for this reprehensible and putrefied regime. The international corporations and countries who continue to reap massive profits while laundering billions through Than Shwe’s elaborate financial network, (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, SWIFT), it’s business as usual. Don’t forget that Than Shwe gave false reports on his countries profits which in turn funneled billions in unreported profits into the pockets of corporate heads. And that’s the bottom line for it’s all about the money.

Small wonder the world is so impotent in responding to the cries of the people. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would have continued to work with all these firms and countries whence she took office back in 1990 but it would have meant that graft would have come to a close for Chevron, Daewoo and a host of other corporations who’ve pocketed trillions from this elaborate money laundering scheme. But now that generals and people deep within his regime are spilling the beans there will be a lot of explaining to do when Than Shwe dies and there is nothing neither he nor these morally bankrupt corporations can do to stop it. Only then will true change occur and not a day earlier. On the bright side he is closer to death than people realize and his reward is waiting for him in the afterlife. There is justice.

For more information on who is who in the world of greed, money laundering and genocide read *Burma Campaign UK’s dirty list for detailed, addresses etc.


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Obama’s Knee Jerk Response to Our Economy and Massachusetts

After lining the pockets of corporate interests in America and around for the first year of his presidency now he wants to add a *deficit commission. Only after he spent trillions of dollars he want to address crippling deficits and long term fiscal challenges he helped to create. How far beyond stupid is that? Sadly his attempt to show “concern” for the plight of the American economy falls on numbed ears. It is obviously nothing more than another round of feel good rhetoric he has become famous for.

The damage is already done for he and his stewardship had a hand in this catastrophe plain and simple but the public is not buying into his double talk anymore. In fact people are starting to call him “The Incredible Mr. Obama and President Pinocchio” since the only change we got from this administration was pocket change. On the other hand the elite class languished in record breaking profits and a new round of zillion dollar bonuses. With his golden shovel he dug a hole and shoved his staunchest supported into the abyss of financial ruin, bankruptcy and foreclosures. Like it or not Barack Obama sold the farm and left us chickens to fend for ourselves.

From this point on it will be all about damage control as the Obama administration reinvents them selves by proposing commissions and legislation to “save” Americans from financial ruin. In essence he will play out a scenario that should have been done the day he took office. It will all sound fluffy as he paints a new picture and retools his administration but for the 10’s of millions of Americans who already lost everything they worked for it will be too late. The cat is out of the bag and America has reawakened from its political slumber and all bets are off.

One more thing, everything any president has done that was unconstitutional is actually a criminal act making them, including executive orders, null and void for they are a breach of contract. So don’t let any politician, Republican or Democrat, try to convince you otherwise for they are lying through their teeth. As we all know Washington is full of attorneys these days and attorneys are masters of deception and double talk. But it’s not their fault since that’s what attorneys do, lie for their respective clients. In our case they lie for corporate interests.


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Dear Google…..

As an advocate for human rights and democracy for the people of Burma and the Falun Gong of China I know first hand how China along with her chum North Korea has attacked my site as well as others. I lost thousands of dollars since September of 08 when China waged internet war on us causing the loss of sites and servers. The Chinese government is bold faced liars when they say they had nothing to do with these assaults on our sites. They continue to do so as of this writing since they are gaining access to more and more of our technology.

It is true they don’t need the USA to teach them lessons about the internet since they are totally anti freedom of speech and expression with millions of their own citizens locked away in Gulags or slave labor camps. They continue to mislead their people and the world, lie about their human rights tract record and continue to murder any and all opposition. Their “Black Jails” are out of sight and out of mind from human rights groups and the UN as they torture people to death who dare to speak about conditions in the real China.

In spite of these facts many western corporations continue to sell our technology to China knowing they will use this against us in the future. After all, for most corporatists it’s all about the bottom line and these firms would sell their own mother if they could draw a handsome profit. Civil society and the cause for human rights are simply not profitable and they have blood on their hands for their efforts. I was pleasantly surprised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drew the line on this issue and has taken a stance for freedom as well. You go girl.

You (Google), on the other hand, have become a bastion of morality and hope where other billion dollar corporations grow fetid while lusting for China’s corporate gold. I know I speak for a multitude of other human rights organizations when I say we applaud your position on freedom of speech for you are truly a noble company and a champion of civil liberties. You are a shining light in the darkened world of corporate greed. And it is nice to know you side with humanity and freedom of expression. Beside their economy is a very frail one at best and not what China and investors tries to allude to. With wars just around the corner in Asia you are better off not being there anyway.

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What Obama Fails to Mention about Supreme Court Ruling

Along with the passage of this ruling on corporate donations is the fact that now every dime must be accountable to the donor. This means there will no longer be secret donations like in the case of Obama’s presidential campaign where he received millions in unaccountable funds. The public was in the dark as to who dumped all the cash into his campaign to buy influence.

Now with this ruling we the people will know exactly which corporation is dumping cash on a candidate. No more secrets since this is quite constitutional and Obama does not want any of it. So don’t get snowballed by his eloquent speech on how corporations will rule the roost since this is not the case at all. This will thwart attempts by corporations to buy our presidents since we will know exactly who they are. It’s all about accountability with no more secrets from the general public about who is trying to buy the next election.

If the public notices a corporation buying influence then they can act accordingly and use their purchasing power to influence them as well. This gives us the power that Bush and Obama deplore and it also puts a monkey wrench in the corporate goals of globalization and the New World Order. Empowering the people rather than special interests and corporations is where it’s at. Just remember no matter how big a corporation is they can come tumbling down if we stop buying from them plain and simple. The notion that any company or bank was to big to be allowed to fall was a great lie as well since there are plenty of solvent companies and banks who would have picked up the slack whence regulators took over the accounts.

The Supreme Court upheld the Constitution and empowered the people in the process. Sorry Obama, your turncoat is showing again.

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Can Barack Hussein Obama save his Presidency?

My answer to this trillion dollar question is yes he can, but there are some deep changes that must talk place in order to win back the hearts of this nation. The very first thing he must do is fire all his advisors and say nyet to the globalization scam. It is more than clear his handlers mistook the pulse of this nation by pushing the most radically unconstitutional agenda in US history. Bordering on treason, Barack’s presidency was wracked with unconstitutional, if not criminal, objectives. Climategate was one of them. The Healthcare initiative was only a smoke screen since it only involved several hundred billion bucks. Trillions were going out the back door while we argued over pennies in comparison.  

Like an onion investigators within the United Nations itself are discovering volumes of bogus, inaccurate and fabricated data that has plunged nations into financial chaos. Don’t forget all the e-mails by crooked scientists who deliberately misled the public. California was a microcosm of what all was wrong with the once energetic call to environmental arms. It was all an elaborate lie founded of politically motivated scientists who sold their credibility to the highest bidder. Arnold Schwarzenegger chose to destroy California’s economy by ignoring the fact the scientist who drafted the “war on diesels” via the California Air Resources Board was a fraud and a liar with a mail order college degree. Rather, Arnie went forward with his campaign of destruction and destroyed millions of jobs and bankrupted California knowing the facts about this clown. Arnold had a second agenda since he was banking on Mexico, a future deep water port and NAFTA. The influx of “exempt” foreign trucks unencumbered by US restrictions was also on his agenda. Arnold betrayed California.

Sadly Barack Obama chose to follow in Arnie’s foot steps by accepting bogus claims of man made climate change. The end result was the devastation of a national economy, the loss of jobs and the destruction of America’s infrastructure. The logic behind simply sending industries to nations with no environmental or labor laws still escapes me. But what real dumbfounded me was how the public bought into it in the first place. How could simply moving an industry to another part of the planet change anything? Surely buying Carbon Credits only lined pockets since none of these initiatives solved anything in all reality. The environment still got polluted but it was OK, just so America and the UK lost all their industries. The salvation for the free world was going to be a global one I venture to say. It’s Disaster Capitalism at its best boys and girls. Like it or not, that is what it was all about and the corporate bottom line, of course.

George Soros and Al Gore invested billions on so called green projects in what will be considered the folly of the 21st century, man made Global Warming. Al Gore funneled taxpayer dollars to foreign countries to build his green financial empire. Obama sent the lion’s share of the environmental stimulus money to other nations as well. The reality of global warming was volcanism and solar activity. Science and other known facts pointed to cyclic changes in the Earths environment rather than man and his industries. Granted mankind should have been kinder to the environment, there is no question. Our stewards should have spent their time and our money preparing us for coming natural events that will soon wreak havoc around the world for this aspect of change is just around the corner. It would appear this Global Warming scam was a tool to cripple the economies of the free world in favor of China and other enemies of this nation. It hints of treason.

Now that the staunchly Democratic state of Massachusetts voted into office a Republican senator, Scott Brown, obviously American’s have had enough. Barack Obama now is pointing his energies towards the banking industry like closing the barn door after all the cows ran off. Ironically this should have been his first agenda when he took office since it is clear as the nose on your face the mortgage industry was riddled with criminals who bought politicians. Christ Dodd should have been marched off to jail pending a full investigation into his involvement and collusion with AIG for he was a liar and a thief. By no means is Chris the only morally bankrupt politician but it would have been a start. Obama should have addressed the Inron Loophole and the Wall Street Speculator scandal at the very beginning of his term in office. This was identified as the root cause of our financial disaster in the first place, or did you forget that part? Basically, Barack should have kept at least one promise he made to the public at large, not the concerns of industry, the World Trade Organization and the New World Order.

Sadly, one year into his presidency he failed to address the increasingly and energetic foreclosure industry. One year into Obama’s presidency and Americans were left to fend for themselves while corporations raked in billions and took our homes away with bail-out money he and GW pandered for, surely you remember that, gads. If Barack Obama wants to salvage his presidency and his legacy he needs to clean house and dump all the vermin he adopted from prior failed administrations starting with Nancy Pelosi. He should also rummage through the presidential trash can for the Constitution of the United States of America and try acting like a US citizen. It should be known that tent cities are teaming with new homeless people who voted for Obama on the promise of hope, to save their homes and jobs. No one feels more betrayed then them. His embracing George W. Bush’s executive orders giving the president absolute power while ignoring the constitution revealed volumes about his darker agenda. Obama turned his presidency into GW’s proxy third term in all reality.

If Barack Obama does not do something radical to alter the course of his administration he will surpass Jimmy Carter in being the worst president in US history. In fact he will be remembered as the president who tried to destroy America in favor of the New World Order. I say tried since he and his handlers woefully underestimated the will of the American people. So did the rest of the world for that matter, including China.

Hey Obama, it’s all about “We the People” not “We the Corporation” Capice?

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Latest News From the Miwok Nation

Please Spread this document around so the world knows what is happening to this sovereign tribal nation

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United States Department of the Interior              January 21, 2010

Attn: Ken Salazar, Secretary — Indian Affairs

1849 C Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20240


The California Valley Miwok Tribe Officially Request to be removed from the Jurisdiction of CCA/PRO BIA and be immediately allowed to join the Self-Governance Consortium

Dear Secretary Salazar;

The California Valley Miwok Tribe officially request to be removed from the jurisdiction of the Central California Agency — Bureau of Indian Affairs (CCA/BIA). Previously, we (the “Tribe”) requested to be put in the jurisdiction of the Northern or Southern California BIA Agencies , but since the Regional Director at the Pacific Regional Office in Sacramento California has done nothing to step in to protect our Tribe from the abuses inflicted upon us by the CCA/BIA, and due to the fact that, we (the “Tribe”) have had to endure so much pain and suffering (for instance our Mature Status 638 Contract being illegally stopped (FY2008/2009/2010), and our Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) monies illegally being withheld since 2005), we feel that the local BIA has failed miserably in protecting our inherent and civil rights as federally recognized American Indians. Our Members are suffering due to Tribal monies being illegally withheld.

CCA/BIA has continually allowed outside (Big Gaming Developers to interfere into our Tribal Affairs) and we as a federally recognized Tribe had to stand alone to fight off this vicious attack on our sovereignty and our very existence as a Custom and Tradition Tribe. We (the “Tribe”) officially complained to Department of the Interior Officials and to the Inspector General’s Office about our personal and confidential information being distributed out through FOIA from the Central California Agency-BIA office and we have yet to see anything done regarding this blatant violation of trust and responsibility, what ever happened to our right to privacy? We whole-heartedly believe that we would not be treated fairly within the CCA/PRO jurisdiction and am requesting that the Department of the Interior — Indian Affairs remove us from the jurisdiction of the Central California Agency/Pacific Regional Office and allow us to go into the Self-Governance Consortium with other federally recognized Tribes that deal directly with the Department of the Interior-Indian Affairs in Washington DC.

We (as in our earlier requests) desire to be in the Self Governance Consortium (with the other 260+Tribes). We, the “Tribe” believe that the Self-Governance Consortium will not only protect our inherent rights as a federally recognized Tribe, but will also protect our Tribe and its members as a sovereign Tribal Nation.

We have no reason to trust or believe the Central California Agency (CCA) or Pacific Regional Office (PRO) Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Tribe feels that the only way it will be safe is to be in the consortium and be self governing. We, the “Tribe” foresee nothing but continued suffering in our future if we are to remain under their “abusive thumb” jurisdiction of the CCA/BIA. Please APPROVE our Official Request.



Silvia Burley, Chairperson

California Valley Miwok Tribe (Physical Address) 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212 , .


Cc: via FAX

President Barack Obama

White House Inter-Governmental Affairs

Larry Echohawk, Assistance Secretary — Department of the Interior — Indian Affairs

Self Governance Communication and Education (SGCE)

BIA-Office of Self Governance

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Senator Dianne Feinstein, California

Senator Barbara Boxer, California

Congressman Jerry McNerney, California

Congressman Henry Waxman, California

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California

Rosette and Associates, PC (Tribal Attorneys)

National Congress of American Indians

Native American Heritage Commission

Committee on Natural Resources — Office of Indian Affairs

United States Department of Justice — Civil Rights Division

U.S. Department of Justice — Tribal Justice in Safety in Indian Country

Inter-Tribal Council of California

Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations

Native American Rights Fund

American Indian Chamber of Commerce

California Indian Legal Services

Office of the Navajo Human Rights Commission

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Sac & Fox Nation of the Missouri in Kansas

Quinault Tribe

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe

Crow Cree Sioux Tribe

Calaveras Band of Mi-Wuk Indians

Calaveras County Mountain Miwuk

United Native Americans Inc.

California Association of Tribal Governments

National Indian Gaming Commission

National Indian Justice Center, California

Attorney General’s Office, California Department of Justice

Dept. of Health & Human Services – Indian Health Services, California Area

Northern California Indian Development Inc.

Than Shwe, Arrest All Opposition Before Election

In order to secure the proposed election of 10-10-2010 Than Shwe invented a new law intended to criminalize any and all opposition. Under the guise of Anti-Terrorism Than Shwe announced a new law that will undoubtedly classify anyone who opposes his criminal regime as terrorists. The end result will be the arrest and murder of any and all people who even think the word democracy.

Through the *Department of Transnational Crime, Police Col. Sit Aye announced the new law that is sure to raise the ire of all human rights groups around the world. The law was designed to criminalize every aspect of opposition and in essence making everyone who opposes Than Shwe a criminal. To offer support to the NLD would be a crime. To speak about opposition candidates in a positive way would be a crime. And it goes without saying to vote against the junta would also be a crime. In fact it would be up to the junta to determine what constituted an act of terrorism. This new law smells like the bogus constitution that is filled with double talk that ultimately gives the junta free reign to do as they see fit.

Through all the double talk and contradictions this new anti-terrorism law is nothing more than a veiled threat to all opposition parties who dare to oppose Than Shwe in his sham election. Basically, if you choose to run against any of his selected junta candidates you can be deemed a terrorist and tossed in prison for the rest of your life. The law is nothing more than a tool solely designed to justify the continued arrest of opposition leaders and pro democracy advocates.

The reality is there is no election proposed on 10-10-2010. What is going to happen on 10-10-2010 will be a well rehearsed stage act designed to give the illusion of an election. A sham is a sham is a sham is a sham no matter how Than Shwe tries to dress this bogus election. Personally, I entertain the idea he chose to use October 10 as the day of the election since there is significance on this date. Granted it’s not exactly what Than Shwe is hoping for since the planetary alignment or stars are not in his favor. In fact he and his criminal regime are doomed and there is no power on Earth or the spirit world that can alter this destiny for it is the completion of a cycle. But since he is controlled by the whims of his astrologers he does not have a clue, only what they tell him. Now I hope he lives long enough to see what is in store for his regime on 10-10-2010.  

Than Shwe will undoubtedly read what I have to say since I am his personal psychic whether he likes it or not and I tell what I see and not what he wants to hear. I don’t need fortune tellers since I walk with the craft and see clearly his future as well as that of his family. So chances are he will rebuke what I said, like he always does, he will terrorize and possibly kill a few more innocent people in the process just to show how tough and un-intimidated he is. He will only secure the destiny of his family whence he is dead and he will witness his family members being dragged through the streets of Rangoon city by their legs with a blue Toyota pick up truck. Only thing is, Than Shwe will already be in the afterlife languishing in a vat of boiling blood. He will cry out for mercy for his family members only to be offered a glimpse of their death masks at the moment they die.

Oh well, what comes around goes around and Than Shwe will reap exactly what he has sown. It’s funny in a dark way to note that many of his generals secretly what his family dead. No matter how many times he reshuffles his cadre he will die surrounded by enemies and his family will soon follow.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Haitian’s Are No Fans of Clinton or Bush

Though Bill Clinton arrived with a plane full of supplies his history with the Haitian people has been marginal at best. George W. Bush scored even lower in the popularity scale. Bill’s romance with hopelessly corrupt Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide clearly identified Bill as part of the problem and not part of Haiti’s cure. So it is a small wonder his arrival along with George W. Bush was more of a mixed bag of emotions rather than jubilation like the media purports. Just remember, a drowning man will reach for the hand of the devil himself in desperation.

Last year Bill Clinton’s trade mission to Haiti left many Haitians with a bad taste in their mouths. All they saw was international corporate interests eager to capitalize on cheap labor and the lack of environmental laws. Haitians commented on how western industries were preparing top build sweatshops with Bill Clinton as their flamboyant front man. Disdain is a kinder way of describing how this impoverished island felt about Bill Clinton being appointed as envoy to Haiti. Dismayed by the United Nations choice islanders resigned themselves to more corruption, at their expense.

Tensions between the elite class and the vast majority of impoverished islanders have been simmering for quite some time. The powder keg of anti American sentiment had a little fuse and now that Obama marched into Haiti with waves of soldiers it is only a matter of time before America is involved in yet another conflict. Regardless of America’s good intentions resentment for America and the emissaries (Bill and George) are on the rise. Clearly aid has been hampered by logistical concerns as US forces struggle to distribute food and aid to the needy and sadly unreasonable blame will be placed on American shoulders. Humanitarian assistance will soon give way to bloodshed. With in excess of $600 million dollars already donated to Haiti there is little accountability as corruption and fraud lends a predictable hand.

For Haitian’s this disaster was nothing more than an excuse for international corporate interests to encroach on this beleaguered nation and force their will on starving people. Contrary to popular belief Bill and George are not the poster boys of the poor by any means. They represent all that is wrong in the world and are the faces of corporate greed and the New World Order. Now that word got out about France and Doctors Without Borders lodged complaints about the US and its management of assistance to Haiti. This may be the fodder that ignites the powder keg of violence. Where people should be thankful there is resentment and growing anger.

The fact people were looting since day one after the disaster was an indicator that this was not going to be a clear cut humanitarian mission. On the contrary the disaster has become the rallying call for anarchy and civil unrest. Bill embraced Aristide in spite of Aristide’s involvement in illegal arrests, arbitrary detentions, disappearances, killings, crackdowns on political opponents, restraints on free speech and free assembly as well as a host of other human rights atrocities. This has been ingrained in the memories of the people of Haiti and it will not be soon forgotten. In restoring the existing government writhe with corruption or replacing it with another one will undoubtedly place the USA between a rock and a hard place.

Sadly Haiti is destined to suffer more civil unrest no matter which way the political pendulum may swing and the USA will be caught in the crossfire. Bill and the United Nations plan to place industries in Haiti, already deemed sweatshops by locals, will definitely glean more anti American sentiment. Call it a loose loose situation for American diplomacy since we sent the wrong emissaries (George W. Bush and Bill Clinton) to this region in Haiti’s hour of need and the reward will be gauged in the future loss of human life. Obama, what were you thinking?

Your Devil’s Advocate


Chinese Junk Kills Again

Complemented by numerous complaints along with the death of a 6 month old toddler the Consumer Products Safety Commission has recalled *600,000 baby cribs. Defective and substandard cribs from a Barbados distributor under the Doral Asia brand name will undoubtedly head back to China as the wave of poorly manufactured goods continue to flood the US marketplace.

Cheap at any price, Chinese goods have proven to be deadly killers of both man and beast. The ever present trade deficit and the loss of US jobs and industries should have been the red flag that should have stemmed the tide of China’s sub standard goods. But sadly no one was paying attention or was too concerned about saving a couple dollars. Retailers share culpability since it was they who chose to market these goods in an effort to profiteer from low wholesale prices. It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money.

CAFTA—the China-Asean Free Trade Agreement has Asian nations concerned about their involvement with Chinese goods as well. Chinese baby formula killed scores of children and a growing list of sub standard and defective goods span all sectors of consumable goods. Asian leaders are rethinking their involvement in **CAFTA including Indonesia’s Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa. His concerns focused on CAFTA’s potential to weaken local industries. Finally, someone raised concerns for domestic industries and the negative impact flooding the market with Chinese goods would have on his national economy. Hatta Rajasa could teach a few things about national loyalty to his western counterparts.

In any event China will continue to flood US markets further crippling America’s domestic industries with inexpensive defective goods. Only when death or disaster touches consumers on a personal level will they realize the gravity of their decision. But by them they will have already paid the ultimate price.



Your Devil’s Advocate


India’s Tata Motors Joins China’s BYD Auto, Targets US

News of *China’s BYD Auto and their planned invasion of US markets were sticking enough as US auto manufacturers struggle to stay in business. Like pounding a nail in the coffin US workers and industries **Tata Motors with their “Worlds Cheapest Car, Nano” also joined the fray. But since we are now living in an era where money overrules humanity it is clear that patriotism and loyalty have also taken a back burner to the corporate bottom line.

In a way it is appropriate that both China and India have expanded their assault on American industries and workers though. They also share some very dark secrets that US consumers should be aware of. It is already known China supports slave labor, ethnic cleansing and a host of crimes against humanity. The continued wholesale murder of Falun Gong practitioners, Christians, Buddhists, Uyghurs Tibetans etc, tell a gruesome tale about Bill Clinton’s “Favored Nation”.

On a side bar; nearly a half billion dollars of stimulus money targeting renewable energy (windmills) in an effort to create new green jobs in America went to ***China creating thousands of jobs overseas. With a multitude of US manufacturers already poised to manufacture windmills and other green products this was not only a slap in the face of the US worker but a blatant act of treason to triangulate US taxpayer dollars into another country when the cash should have been invested where it was intended. America. Granted, China is not the only foreign country who has benefited from stimulus money intended to create US jobs. The list of other nations staggers the sensibilities since $849 million (86%) of the 1.05 billion dollar renewable energy stimulus package went overseas. It would appear that treason has become fashionable as well.

Now that Tata has joined China it should also be reminded that Tata Motors is working with the military dictatorship of Burma in the manufacture of military vehicles. In essence Tata Motors is supporting the continued genocide of innocent people Gen. Than Shwe has waged war on. Predictably Tata plans to build the Nano in Burma as well. The quest for the corporate bottom line has taken precedents over humanity tainting Tata Motors products with the blood of human suffering.

Call it what you will but this is the wave of the future and a classic example of Globalization and the New World Order. It’s all about the money and corporate greed at the expense of humanity and national sovereignty. Morality and the concerns of human beings are not profitable these days. Unscrupulous businessmen in collusion with hopelessly corrupt politicians have waged war on the US taxpayer. In reality this axiom of greed has permeated most western nations such as England with their morally bankrupt Gordon Brown and Tony Blair who gave England to China on a silver platter. After all, the New World Order entails the planet and is not relegated just to the US and England. Now Britons are subservient to foreign corporations and soon America will succumb to this fate. Predictably ethnic minorities who pined for equality will have their wish since the ultimate outcome of Globalization will place everyone on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole, lock stock and tomahawk.  




Your Devil’s Advocate


The California Valley Miwok Tribe Fights Eviction

CALL US 209 931-4567 day or night!!! Fax us at 209 931-4333

Please join us. We need your support!!! Alert the Media!!! We need singers, dancers, drummers, sweat leaders, story tellers, flute players, etc…. Come by and show your support. We will also have a candle light vigil after sunset.

Help us stop the Eviction!!!

Most Sincerely,

Silvia Burley, Chaiperson
California Valley Miwok Tribe
10601 Escondido Pl
Stockton, CA 95212


The California Valley Miwok Tribe

“The official and legitimate Tribe”



Help the California Valley Miwok Tribe

Keep Their Land — Stop The Eviction!


California Valley Miwok Tribe – Tribal Land

10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212


Friday, January 15

th, 2010


Gathering at the Tribal property throughout the day followed with a

Candle light vigil to be held after sunset

I hour Press Conference starting at 3:00 pm


We humbly ask that everyone please bring your medicines, drums, candles, lighters,

wood, lawn chairs, and sleeping bags. Please dress warm. We are asking for singers,

dancers, storytellers and drummers. Also donations of water & non perishable foods,

flash lights, batteries, etc… (Need a portable generator with propane).

All Individuals, Media, Tribes, and/or Organizations are welcome

Our Tribe is facing the threat of a forced eviction on Jan 15 th1 2010

Please join us! We need community/public support!

For more information contact the

California Valley Miwok Tribe at (2091931-4567



California Valley Miwok Tribe (physical address) 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212


Stockton, California, The California Valley Miwok Tribe once again is facing the

threat of eviction off its Tribal Property located at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton,

CA 95212.

Stockton is in the top 5 across the nation regarding homes being foreclosed upon.


Miwok territory covers 10 counties and our Tribe is fighting to retain its 1






of land. It is our homeland, our history here in San Joaquin. We do not want to

lose our land. Our people are being threatened to be thrown out in the street (by

the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Dept.) on January 15, 2010.

We are asking for the community to join us. We are asking for One West Bank to

hold off on moving forward with the eviction. We have a lawsuit against the

California Gambling Control Commission that will be heard on February 9, 2010 in

which we anticipate our Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Money being released. That

means, the Tribe can pay to keep its property.

We are asking that One West Bank give us the extra time to have our day in court

and to have the chance to save our land. We (the “Tribe”) have had so much

taken from us in the past that it may only be 1 1/2 acres of land but it means

everything to us.

You may help by contacting Governor Schwarzenegger and tell him that the

California Valley Miwok Tribe (a federally recognized Miwok Tribe) is fighting off

being thrown out in the street due to foreclosure of their Tribal Property because

of the California Gambling Control Commission illegally withholding their Revenue

Sharing Trust Fund Money for the past 5 years. Tell the Governor that the Miwok

people are in a dire situation and that CGCC will not release our funding because

they say they are waiting for the local BIA to say who the Tribal leader is, but the

BIA says they have no jurisdiction or mandate to tell CGCC anything.

President Obama needs to intervene on our behalf and put a stop to the abuses

the local BIA has been inflicting upon our Tribe. RELEASE OUR FUNDS!!!

For more information, contact the California Valley Miwok Tribe Tribal Office:

209.931.4567 Fax: 209.931.4333



China’s BYD Auto Sent to Invade Struggling US Auto Markets

With US industries moving to China for cheap labor and no environmental laws it is clear China and ruthless industrialists have targeted the US again. This time they plan to sell cars made in China further crippling the western industries. Knowing what we do about China’s reputation for selling tainted milk, deadly dog food, bogus dry wall and a host of other tainted and deadly products, *BYD should offer us spectacular auto accidents and more untold loss of life. But since it’s all about the corporate bottom line the loss of life is simply collateral damage and well worth the profits.

US and Canadian jobs and industries have been moved to China leaving the western hemisphere in economical shambles. Since Bill Clinton opened the flood gates of China’s sub standard goods the US and Canadian consumer has paid dearly in the loss of life and defective products. With recalls coming from once quality manufacturers who chose to utilize China’s burgeoning slave labor resources it is clear pride in manufacture has gone by the wayside. Likened to trash in a wrapper Chinese goods have flooded the market place with their cheaper and sub standard goods killing people and pets. The Chinese drywall fiasco added in crippling the housing markets with drywall that destroys wiring and poses major health risks. And this was not an isolated event since millions of homes have become unfit for human or beast from the contaminated drywall.

Insult to injury is the beat way to describe this calculated move to push Chinese cars on the US market. With China deeply encrusted in crimes against humanity, volumes of atrocities are accredited to their portfolio. It is clear their products are drenched in human suffering with China’s bustling Gulag system. The world has grown complacent and only worry about saving a few bucks regardless of how many people died in the manufacture of cheap goods. It is obvious to see why the world as a whole will suffer in coming years for their ambivalence. Knowing what China does to retain cheap prices should have been a major red flag for all consumers but it was not. In fact people have made excuses to justify why they continue to buy goods that are drenched in tyranny making them enablers and financiers of rape, murder and slave labor. Since they support China and China’s human rights violations, in turn they will enjoy the fruits of their ignorance. This is the Time of Change and everyone on Earth is rallying to one side or another either consciously or sub consciously. It’s all about good or evil and the side you choose will affect your destiny. What appears cheap now will garner a hefty price.

It will be interesting to note who jumps on China’s bandwagon to sell these road bombs. Who wants to side with torture, rape and murder? We shall soon see since it was rumored Volvo was considering a working partnership with Chinese tyranny. In any event the culprits of greed will soon make themselves shamelessly known as agents for China’s economy and traitors to their homeland. With blood on their hands they will sell Chinese garbage at the expense of US and Canadian workers who were betrayed by the countries they helped build.

So I guess its OK to sell out our nations industries and workers for the sake of the corporate bottom line. US auto industries who’ve abandoned America for China also plan to sell their cheap second rate junk back to America. Ironically China’s electric cars are targeted for US consumption while they continue to drive Hummers and other gas bombs. What about all the global warming hog wash? Guess it only matters if you come from America since we are the bad guys; just ask our president and Hillary Clinton. They will tell you its all America’s fault.


Your Devil’s Advocate


Eclipse, Omen or Verification

The pending eclipse of the sun has drawn speculation if this phenomenon was either a good omen or a bad one. From my perspective I see this eclipse as a verification of the inevitable demise of both Than Shwe and his criminal regime. When you consider all the omens we’ve been given in the recent past the eclipse is just frosting in the cake. How many disasters and deaths must occur within sacred pagodas Than and his family tainted before we come to realize real signs from the supernatural? Excommunication from the Buddhist faith was a major blow to Than Shwe since this also included everyone who sided with him as well as profiteered from tyranny. The list of the cursed includes foreign companies and countries I might add.

China, Than Shwe’s cash cow, is in the grips of natural disasters and civil unrest in many regions. The China’s Communist Party is on the brink of internal revolt according to sources on the ground in Beijing. Corruption has dishonored the nation and the spirit of Chairman Mao. Thanks to Than Shwe the world has China under the microscope and this will definitely disrupt commerce in a very real way. China’s economy had not taken roots as of yet and is still very frail. Than Shwe’s disruption comes to China at a very critical time in China’s economical development. China’s plans to sell anything in the US and the free world is in real jeopardy since there is growing momentum to exclude anything that may seem pro junta. Inevitably China has plenty to worry about since they are on the wrong side of this omen as well. Besides, people are growing tired of purchasing items drenched in human suffering.

Fact is, the world of international corporate greed that has supported tin horn dictators such as Than Shwe will face tribulations they never though possible. Other nations who’ve banked on murder and rape to push their financial agendas will face impossible challenges as well. Over the next few years the interests of corporations and the greedy will give way to the whims of nature ushering in the inevitable Time of Change and there is nothing mankind can do about it. Mankind is at destiny’s gate and there is no turning back the clock since mankind will soon reap what they have sown over the years. What comes around goes around as they say on the streets. Everything has a cycle with a beginning and an end and Than Shwe is at the end of his reign both in Burma and in life for it is said he will soon be dead.

I see cycles coming to a close in nations around the world while corporate thugs blindly continue to push for more money and natural resources. They can keep their ill-gotten goods since it is tainted with the blood of human suffering. I have already excluded China and her poisoned defective goods and set my sights on South Korean industries who continue to profiteer from Burma’s tyranny. In the near future money and material wealth will become meaningless since nature will have the final say in the course of human history.

Is the eclipse an omen? Well of course it is and if you pay attention it will usher in a new era and the ultimate demise of greed. But like anything else, the road to peace and humanity will be a turbulent one since nothing is free and there must be sacrifices. It will be darkest before the dawn. Than Shwe sacrificed his afterlife and soul just so he could spend a few short years on Earth in opulence and riches. You can be rest assured his afterlife will be an eternity of pain and sorrow since that is the price he must pay for his reign of greed and tyranny. But it’s a nice thing to note he will not be alone since he has the Tatmadaw and a host of allies who will join him in the future.

Than Shwe has forbidden speculation about the pending eclipse with very good reason. Foolishly he believes if no one talks about it nothing will happen. There is a saying, “You can run but you can’t hide” and Than Shwe is running and running as fast as he can. He can play tough guy all he wants on Earth but the place he is going in his afterlife will make him crawl like a baby. Spirits say that he will cry out for mercy like a child while begging for forgiveness. When he observes his family suffering and tortured like the Karen or Rohingya have he will cry out in agony while spirits toss the blood of his loved ones on his face. Sorry Than Shwe, it’s your turn now. Keep on burning your incense, ringing your bell and chanting your chants General Than Shwe because your fate is written in stone on ancient temples. So is the fate of your loved ones and those who did your bidding. What comes around goes around and soon you will reap your just rewards.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Google Takes a Stand on China, Bravo!

In an era where money and material consequence prevails over humanity and free speech it was heartening to learn that Google become the first major corporation to say nyet to China’s censorship. Standing on firm moral ground Google co-founder Sergey Brin simply had enough of China’s far reaching and restrictive censorship policies. The frosting on the cake was when Google investigators discovered China based thugs hacked into China human rights activist’s computers in the USA. From my personal experience I know it was the Chinese government since they hit me many times in the past for my stand on their human rights atrocities.

It was commendable to note that money is not everything for Google. They are a shining example of what a responsible corporation should do in the face of tyranny. Unlike other major firms who’ve overlooked a myriad of human rights violations and crimes against humanity within China, Google has had enough of all the censorship and were disgusted to learn of China reprehensible activities. Google was not going to be a party to tyranny and censorship. Besides China’s financial loss would be nominal at best. If the truth were known, China’s economical bubble will soon burst so it’s a good thing Google is out of there anyway.

If all major corporations were to take a stand for freedom and human rights, humanity would not be on the ropes. China with its Gulag system (Slave Labor) and their continued rape and murder of secular groups such as the Falun Gong is not the happy place seen in brochures. US and UK industries have relocated to take full advantage of China’s lack of environmental and human rights laws. Anything goes for corporations who can learn to over look such issues. For these despicable corporations money is everything and they reside in the cesspool of corporate greed. Google could not close their eyes to the tyranny and refused to lower their moral standards just for money, bravo.

With humble origins, shear determination and some very good friends Google achieved the impossible to become a major player with a multi billion dollar internet empire. They did it through frugal business savvy, keen market awareness and a thing called integrity. To be a Google employee is to be a part of a giant family where the employer actually cares for their people. Google’s decision to stop censorship and pull out of China also reveals moral fiber that is absent in the corporate world these days. It was refreshing to do a story where good prevails over evil, for a change. Google, I salute you.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buy Chinese Goods and Die

In yet another round of recalls for poisonous children’s toys US Product Safety authorities scramble to investigate *children’s jewelry tainted with deadly poison, again. Ironically China’s export earnings have skyrocketed causing an uptick in Asian markets. From deadly Chinese manufactured dog food, date rape laced children’s toy and hundreds of millions of board feed of toxic dry wall China has made a profitable living selling Americans and the free world contaminated, sub-grade and down right lethal products. But the price was right, or was it?

Quality control in China is almost non-existent since corruption has become rampant throughout the Chinese Communist Party and government officials as a whole. Cumulatively China has cost the US consumer billions in their wide ranging defective products. The housing crisis was compounded by the fact millions of homes were built with defective and toxic drywall that literally eats electrical wiring making a new home useless and unlivable. Who will absorb the cost for this disaster, the US taxpayer? For pet owners the loss of their beloved pets from hopelessly contaminated animal products was a priceless loss indeed. Medical expenses and funeral costs for the children who were poisoned by these goods was insult to injury for families who’ve lost a loved one for they paid the ultimate price for cheaper goods.

The date rape drug found in children’s toys was the epitome of China’s inability or intentional disregard for public safety in the western world. How far beyond stupid are we to continue to buy potentially dangerous if not deadly products from a nation with no regard for quality control? The face China sold software to US power companies that are loaded with Trojans should have been a wake up call since now our power grid is hopelessly compromised. The list of contaminated, defective and deadly goods from China staggers the imagination by its shear magnitude.

But it’s all about lower prices and the corporate bottom line since many US retailers pay pennies on the dollar for China’s ravenously defective and bogus goods. You get what you pay for and cheaper prices all but guarantee your products will be made without those costly issues of quality control. After all, they are cheap for a reason. Possibly it’s because slave labor does not put their heart into their work and secretly sabotage their jailer’s products. What ever the reason, it is the consumer who continues to feel the brunt of China’s inability to keep deadly products off Canadian and US shelves. There is no question other nations have shared in China’s defective and tainted goods. How many children have died around the world already? You may not have heard about China’s tainted baby formula that killed many Asian kids in the recent past. And there are more horror stories that don’t make the front page or go un reported.

Many third world nations don’t have consumer laws and many more people may have already died in obscurity. With the US suffering a trade deficit since the very beginning it is clear the only people to truly profit from the sale of bogus Chinese goods are corporations and China of course. They buy this trash for less than pennies on the dollar and shove them in the consumer’s faces for just a few dollars less than quality goods. Ah but it’s all about the money and the life of the consumer has no relevance in the corporate eye. With US and UK industries moving jobs to China soon trusted familiar brand names will succumb from cheap labor and Chinese products they’ve placed their once trusted names on.

In any event people do not pay attention and the price they pay may very well be the loss of their family members or pets. But by the time these consumers realize their mistake, it will be too late. The fact many of these products are made with little or no quality control should have been a red flag. Buying Chinese goods over quality made items costs the consumer way more since they have to replace the defective item they bought in the first place. The item they passed over to save a few bucks would have been cheaper in the long run since they would not have to replace it in the first place.

Fanning the flames of China’s growing economy is not necessarily a bad thing provided the products were quality. But to continue to buy from a country with such a fetid track record for selling deadly and defective goods is ludicrous and beyond all sensibilities. The fact China continues to violate every tenet of Human Rights and continues to commit crimes against humanity should have been another red flag. This makes the worldwide consumer a financier of brutality and crimes against humanity when you do the math. Corporations have gone out of business for a fraction of the continued public safety issues China has been guilty of. Why China gets a free pass on product safety still puzzles all watchdog groups who monitor China’s crimes against the consumer. Corporations turn a deaf ear on consumer complaints and only when there is death to innocent victims do they respond. But in a world that revolves around the corporate bottom line issues of product safety are placed in the same category as Human Rights since these issues are not cost effective.

On a positive note we should all thank Bill Clinton for his continued lobbying for China’s best interests around the world and for giving China “Favored Nation Status”. After all, it was he who opened the floodgates of US and Canadian job losses.


Your Devil’s Advocate


UCDS Students Begin Petition Drive for California Valley Miwok Tribe


In a commendable show of solidarity, University of California, San Diego college students have launched a petition directed to the California Legislature in support of the beleaguered California Valley Miwok Tribe. Leave it to college students to stand and fight for justice when others turn a deaf ear though. I salute their dedication and fortitude as they stand with the Miwok Tribe and fighting corrupt BIA and political officials in collusion with a casino mogul.

UCSD Students Rock!

Hopefully awareness will no longer be an issue since it is clear the mainstream media has all but ignored the Miwok’s cry for justice. I’ve included a copy of the UCSD petition statement along with a direct link to the petition for your convenience.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Justice for the California Valley Miwok Tribe

To: California Legislatures

We the students of UCSD, our friends, and allies stand in solidarity to the injustice that is occurring to our brothers and sisters of the California Valley Miwok Tribe (CVMT). They are a federally recognized Tribe, (listed in the Federal Register and in the Dept. of the Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs, Tribal Leaders Directory, Winter 2009), yet they received an eviction notice to leave their tribal lands TODAY JUNE 17!

The entire tribe, elders and children included, is going to be removed by force from their land with no place to go. They are forced to barricade themselves in the tribal office. Using filing cabinets and anything else they can use to secure the building in hopes to protect their culture, their people, and basically everything they have.

We ask that Miwok tribe be allowed to stay in the land they have lived on for 7 years and be given the chance to dialogue with the appropriate legislatures and/or officials about the matter.

If you can help; by all means contact Silvia Burley, Chairperson of the California Valley Miwok Tribal Council, at 209 931 4567

Thank you,

From the Office of Local Affairs at University of California, San Diego

For more info:


Petition Link:


Than Shwe’s Black List Grows

Though insiders close to Than Shwe are deeply aware of his growing “Black List” they may not be aware of Than Shwe’s “other” black list since he is spying on his spies as well as his most trusted confidants. The death sentences his kangaroo courts just mustered against two of his officers was a veiled threat and warning to the growing numbers of generals who are eager to see him dead. Sadly for Than Shwe he is only stirring the pot of his own destiny for he can’t alter the inevitable. He is going to die and all his detailed plans for after his demise will be summarily tossed out of the window.

He is well aware of the dissention in the Tatmadaw since he planted agents within the ranks to spy on his troops and generals. Quietly Than Shwe is maneuvering to oust other generals who could possibly pose a threat to his posthumous decrees. He has targeted his closest friends for observation including his cronies Tay Za since it was rumored Tay was bad mouthing the junta to business associates abroad.

Tay Za also stirred some very bad blood within the ranks of Than Shwe’s generals. No one is spared from his paranoid eye since he has reservations about his family relations. With the presents of another black book or two there is no question Than Shwe has everyone under surveillance and spying on each other. It’s actually kind of funny in a dark sort of way. Maybe Than Shwe had his pet poodle “Cynthia” tailed by his “special” agents. After all, a xenophobic murdering dictator can’t be too careful these days.

Than Shwe will continue to shuffle and reshuffle his cabinet up until the moment he dies or is murdered. Like an elaborate game of Russian Roulette each general will look down the gun barrel hoping for an empty chamber. Who will be next to face a death sentence? At least he will have his closest allies and generals waiting for him whence he arrives in the afterlife. Granted he had them killed in the first place. It is a guarantee that there is a multitude of angry spirits on the other side who purposely did not continue their journey just so they could personally thank him. Apparently the spirits of the people he murdered have a black list of their own and it is my guess Than Shwe is at the top. Imagine that.

I just love a happy ending.

Your Devil’s Advocate


UK, Phony Tony and his Cronies

It should be apparent to the folks in the UK that Tony Blair and his merry band of thugs have crippled England’s economy. His lackey Gordon Brown has prostituted the UK and her industries to foreign investors. In the meantime Tony went on to sell England to China in one of his whirlwind junkets to China in recent months. Now the UK is reeling from Tony and Gordon’s version of *Disaster Capitalism as they usher in the New World Order at the expense of Britons sovereignty and democracy.

Tony and Gordon should be considered a traitor for the wholesale acts of treason they’ve committed during their tenure in England. The victims of their pandering to international corporate interests are the populations of the UK. jobs are sailing out of the country even before some employees get their termination slips. With China and India unencumbered by environmental and labor laws, England can’t compete since manufacturing costs make Asia the frugal alternative. It’s all about the money and the corporate bottom line. As for the people of England, forget about it Paisan. Tony and Gordy sold their nation to the highest bidder in one of the most reprehensible acts of treason in recorded history.

UK Trade and Investment along with Gordon Brown have dedicated their time to pandering to China while Brit’s continue to loose jobs and their way of life. Gordon Brown was quoted saying in a speech at the **CBI annual conference;

“Over a very short time more than 400 Chinese companies have come to Britain. In our new growth strategy I want not just hundreds but thousands of Chinese companies in Britain and British companies in China.”

Yup, like water through a tin horn English jobs are heading to China while China invests in the UK. They are now number 8 in over 50 countries who’ve invested in the UK since Tony Blair set out to sell England. The UK citizen has been left to fend for themselves as corrupt profiteers and select UK politicians sliced up and sold a nation they were once loyal to. It’s reprehensible to note Gordon Brown has laid down the welcome mat for China with perks not available to the average English citizen. Perks offer 6-12 months rent-free office, industrial or warehouse space on business parks, assist in recruitment and provide ongoing help and support needed to establish a successful business. This is Gordon’s “Soft Landing” package designed to lure more Chinese firms into the void left by the outgoing industries heading to China.

England is going broke but it’s nice to know Gordon and Tony have secured the fortunes of industrialists and foreign nations. But what do you expect from followers of George Bush’s New World Order AND THE Globalization scam. Just remember how Tony pandered to George W. Bush then dumped the UK with Gordon Brown to do his dirty work while he toured China. Wonder if Tony got a chance to view China’s lucrative Gulag system (slave labour camps)? After all, economics and commerce can not be disrupted by silly human rights issues or crimes against humanity. It’s just not profitable and could negatively impact the corporate bottom line.

Gordon’s dream of a New World Order has come to pass, if you remember how he salaciously embraced this axiom while taking US Bail-Out money that disappeared into the coffers of banking officials. His cronies continue to destroy England’s sovereignty and robbing her industries while leaving the British population in economic ruin proving one thing, Gordon Brown is a traitor to his nation along with the merry band of thugs who’ve sold their nations and their patriotism. Globalization is a cancer that is only designed to benefit corporations. Small wonder Gordon Brown has to pop pills since there is no question he is haunted guilt from his betrayal. If Lord Horatio Nelson were alive today he would keelhaul Gordon, Tony and the rest of the criminals who’ve hijacked the UK for personal monetary gain.  



Your Devil’s Advocate


Besieged Miwok Nation Petitions Ken Salazar

Struggling for their very existence, the California Valley Miwok Tribe sent a letter to the Department of Interior’s Ken Salazar in an effort to save their nation from extinction. Almost penniless and bankrupt, this tribe faces criminally corrupt BIA officials and a wealthy casino mogul who are trying to steal their lineage. Their intention is to replace the legitimate tribe with non-Natives who will allow for a casino to be build under the Miwok Nation name.  

The tribe sent me a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Salazar. Officially, the federal government has been made aware of the crisis in Central California. Sadly there are members of the Obama administration that may be part of the problem and not the cure. It would appear Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a financial interest in this fraud either directly or triangulated.

At this juncture it is a matter of public awareness since there is little to no coverage within the mainstream media about the crime being committed in California. The innocent victims of greed and identity theft (Miwok Nation) must fend for themselves with the cards stacked against them since the BIA has discontinued their tribal funding. It’s a classic case of big money and politics verses federally recognized tribal nation. Is this another case of broken treaties and promises being perpetrated by the current administration? Or is this a secreted attempt by a few unscrupulous politicians and businessmen to hoodwink the public while stealing the identity of a sovereign nation just to build a casino?

OK Ken Salazar, the cat is out of the bag. As the tribe moves forward within the court system other filings will be posted on this and other sites for the world to see. The Miwok Tribe may be a small nation but they do deserve justice and protection under the law. Race and creed should not be the determining factor in the distribution of rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no such thing as selective justice but in the case of the Miwok Nation, justice actually means, “Just Us”.

Your Devil’s Advocate




January 6, 2010


Secretary Ken Salazar

U.S. Department of the Interior

1849 C Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20240

Re: California Valley Miwok Tribe

Dear Secretary Salazar;

In light of the correspondence that was submitted to you on November 12, 2009, by Elizabeth Walker regarding the California Valley Miwok Tribe (“Tribe”), I believe it is important, as counsel to the Tribe, to not

only address the numerous inaccuracies in Ms. Walker’s letter, but to also set forth a thorough and accurate account of this federally recognized Tribe’s encounters with government officials and their collusion with non-Indian casino developers. Because neither our firm nor the Tribe was copied on Ms. Walker’s correspondence and it was only recently that we happened to discover this letter on the Internet, we could not provide a response until now. As set forth below, over the course of ten years, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIN’) during the

George W. Bush Administration colluded with non-Indian casino developers and acted deliberately to: (I) cease all stale and federal government funding and benefits to Tribal members, resulting in foreclosure of the Tribal office and residence and the impending bankruptcy of Tribal members; and, (2) manipulate the legal system with frivolous and unauthorized actions, resulting in years of wasted judicial resources at the expense of the Tribe.

I Introduction: Brief Background

In 1979, the Sheep Ranch Rancheria of Me- Wuk Indians of California (subsequently known as the California Valley Miwok Tribe) became a federally-recognized tribe listed on the Federal Register. At the time, Yakima Dixie, son of Mabel Hodge Dixie, to whom the federal government attempted to transfer land pursuant to the California Rancheria Act, served as the sole member of the Tribe. In 1998, Dixie adopted Silvia Burley and three of her relatives into the Tribe. On September 24, 1998, the WA provided correspondence recognizing that Dixie, Silvia Burley, and three other individuals possessed the right to organize the Tribe. Soon after, the Tribe received correspondence from the 13IA formally recognizing Silvia Burley as Chairperson and Yakima Dixie as Vice-Chairperson.

In late 1999, Vice-Chairperson Dixie entered into a development contract in an effort to develop a casino on the Tribe’s land with Chadd Everone, a non-Tribal member and non-Indian. This contract would give  Mr. Everone fitly percent (50%) of proceeds of any casino developed on Tribal land. During the next six years, the Tribe operated with a functioning government and received federal benefits pursuant to P.L. 93-638 contracts with the federal government as %veil as state Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (“RSTF”) benefits through the California Gaming Control Commission (“CGCC”). However, these benefits were terminated based on the BIA’s determination that the Tribe was unorganized with respect to its governing body.

In a letter dated December 12, 2008, Edith Blackwell, Associate Solicitor of Indian Affairs at the Office of the Solicitor, Edith Blackwell, acknowledged the adoption of Silvia Burley into the Tribe, and stated that in this situation “the only answer is for the BIA to wait for the Tribe to organize itself.” However, as elaborated below, through the deceptive, unnecessary and illegal conduct of BIA officials and non-Indians with a monetary stake in the destruction of the Tribe, the Tribe was prevented from exercising its most fundamental right to self-governance.

II The 814’s Fraudulent Scheme in Collusion Chadd Everone to Destroy the Tribe Chadd Everone recognized that a cohesive Tribal body with Silvia Burley as Chairperson would impede his efforts to take advantage of and reap financial gain from the Tribe. Thus, with the assistance of BIA officials, he created a web of deception, conspiracy and fraud for the sole purpose of destroying the identity, culture and membership of this federally-recognized Tribe and establishing a new tribe that he could control and manipulate for his own selfish benefit, with no accountability to others.

In 2000, Yakima Dixie entered into casino-related agreements with developers by the name of Bill Martin and Lr Roi Chapel. After these developers discovered that the casino development process would be more complicated than they anticipated, as the Tribe had a functioning government and leadership in place, they enlisted Chadd Everone for the purpose of devising and implementing a scheme to take over the Tribe with the assistance of government officials.

Despite the outrageous actions the 13IA took over the next six years, the Tribe did not sense foul play until it observed the BIA’s inconsistent actions and correspondences with regard to the ‘Tribal government and the CGCC’s sudden cessation of IISTE funds. In 2006, the Tribe hired a private investigator to examine the extent of Chadd Everone’s interference with Tribal affairs, as well as his involvement with government officials. During this investigation, Chadd Everone (as documented in entails and tape recordings, which are publicly available on the Tribe’s website) made numerous statements outlining his scheme, which included an extensive conspiracy on the pad of local BIA officials.

Specifically, from 2000 through 2006, Everette described his scheme of “turning fiction into reality [by] using the court system, Idle] BIA and the [CGCCI to agree with his requests.” (Exhibit A.) Everone explained Ile “learned the system and used it” by re-filing or appealing every decision that was adverse to his monetary position. (Exhibit A, page 2.) Further, Everone slated on numerous occasions that Arlo Smith and Pete Melnicoe, who served as former CGCC Commission Members (Smith) and CGCC Chief Legal Counsel (Melnicoe), were instrumental in convincing the CGCC to cease the Tribe’s IISTE distributions, and that he had hired them to do so. (Exhibit A, page 2, Exhibit C.) Mr. EVCITM1C also seemed to take pride in the fact that he “controlled” Yakima Dixie with respect to all Tribal affairs. (Exhibit A, page 3.) At no time did Everone ever specify the needs and desires of Mr. Dixie with respect to the Tribe or how any of these deceptive activities would even benefit Mr. Dixie or the Tribe. Instead, Mr. Everette spoke of Mr. Dixie only in passing, as if he were a mere tool that Everone was using to implement his strategy.

Chadd Everone also provided details regarding the collusion and involvement of DIA officials, namely Troy Burdick of the Pacific Regional Office, in assisting Everette with his fraudulent scheme. Mr. Burdick advised Everone to not challenge Silvia Burley’s Pt. 93-638 application on behalf of the Tribe, but rather, to file his own 638 application. (Exhibit B.) Mr. Burdick told Everone that the action of filing a competing 638 application would have the effect of “pushing the 81/1 to make a determination on Tribal authority, and, therefore, who should receive Ithe state and federal monies’? (Exhibit E, page I, emphasis added) Mr. Burdick then warned Everone not to mention their meeting or his advice and labeled their meeting as a “secret or private meeting.” (Exhibit 13.)

Furthermore, based on assurances front B1A officials, Everone stated with certainty that the BIA would make a determination on the Tribe’s leadership in his favor and that his group would be the recognized authority over the Tribe. (Exhibit C.) Most shockingly, Mr. Everone made the blunt statement that former CGCC officials Smith and Melnicoe “do not deal with Burdick — he is my jurisdiction,” indicating that Burdick is not only in collusion with Mr. Everone, but that FATIMIC has control over BIA actions through Burdick. (Exhibit E, page I, emphasis addled.)

The BIA’s actions and statements, as well as those of Chadd E.verone, demonstrate how easily government officials under the Bush Administration and non-Indian casino developers can openly and overtly circumvent federal Indian law to abolish the well-established history and defined membership of a federally recognized Indian Tribe.

 III Frivolous Legal Proceedings

In addition to colluding with government officials to ensure the cessation of Tribal benefits, Chadd Everone, without any approval or authority from Yakima Dixie, has filed countless baseless and meritless legal documents with the IBIA, forcing the Court to expend judicial resources and delay decision-making in order to respond to such nonsense. Among the numerous nonsensical filings are: filings pertaining to current events; requests for documents; a “Request or Calendal (sic) Position and Timing; and, a “Response to the MIA’s Notice of Non-Receipt of Appellant’s Response to [an IBIAI Order.” In addition to being wasteful of time and judicial resources, not one of these documents has ever been signed by Yakima Dixie himself. EN/crone claims to file them on behalf of “Interested Patties,” though it is never demonstrated how these alleged individuals have any right to or claim in connection with the Tribe. The BIA and the Solicitor’s Office, during the Bush Administration, have received copies of all of these filings, yet they have never questioned why a non-attorney and non-Tribal member with a financial stake ill the outcome of this case was actively filing legal documents before the agencies’ own legal tribunal, in violation of state and federal law.

Recognizing that the BIA would continue to ignore Chadd Everone’s illegal activities, on November 25, 2009, the Tribe filed with the IBIA a Motion to Institute Disciplinary Proceedings Against Chadd Everone.

Through this Motion, the Tribe seeks to have Chadd F.verone prohibited from filing any additional pleadings in cases related to the Tribe before the IBIA for the unauthorized practice of law.

In July 2009, Chadd F.verone, through the guise of Thomas Wolfrum, filed another frivolous legal proceeding, this time in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. After reviewing the pleading, the Court granted the Tribe’s Motion to Dismiss, as well as its Motion for Sanctions, ordering Mr. Wolfrum to pay $3,000 to the Tribe and requiring Mr. Wolfium to report the sanction the California State Bar. In its order, the Court recognizes Clinch! Everone’s tactic as a ‘frivolous lawsuit that resulted in a waste of judicial resources and unnecessary costs to Defendants.” (Emphasis added). While the Court here was able to astutely recognize the Rand and irresponsibility being perpetuated by Everone, it is disheartening and disconcerting that United States government officials from the Department of Interior, despite the abundance of supporting evidence, have not only refused to make a similar determination, but have gone so far as to recognize

Chadd Everette has an authoritative figure with decision-making power over the Tribe.

In 2009, despite the efforts of the Tribe to hold a neutral mediation with Yakima Dixie, the BR, again in complicity with Chadd Everone, thwarted any mediation opportunity. Although Elizabeth Walker sent correspondence to the Department of Interior, declining mediation on helm If of Yakima Dixie our firm later discovered that neither Ms. Walker nor Thomas Wolfrum ever represented Yakima Dixie. In fact, when asked whether he was aware of the most recent mediation opportunity, Mr. Dixie suited that he had never heard about

it and had he known about it, he would have participated in such a process. Mr. Dixie also signed an acknowledgement stating such as well as his desire for a renewed mediation offer from the BIA. (Exhibit F.) Thus, one of the Tribe’s most promising opportunities to date to resolve its internal dispute was once again deliberately and forcefully obstructed by the subsequent actions of a casino developer in collusion with the DIA.

IV. Conclusion: Final Request for Assistance

On December 14, 2009, the bank that owns the Tribal residence and office (the address that is listed as the Tribe’s official address in the Federal Register and on all previous and recent government correspondence), served the Tribe with a notice that eviction proceedings will be initiated on January 15, 2010 and that all Tribal members must evacuate the premises on that date. Despite the fact that the two members of this federally recognized Tribe ; Yakima Dixie and Silvia Burley, were and are still ready and willing to participate in

3 mediations to finally resolve this long-standing and wasteful dispute, and even though government officials were well aware of this fact and were in a position to prevent the pending homelessness of the Tribal members, these government officials, including those from the local BIA, the CGCC, as well as the Department of Interior, have allowed a non-indian casino developer with no authority whatsoever, to hijack the entire dispute resolution process, manipulate an elderly man with limited resources, and now, force the eviction and impoverishment of a federally-recognized Tribe located on American soil.

The Tribe is now just days away from eviction and the Obama Administration is now, as it has always been, in a position to prevent and/or delay this eviction in order to allow the Tribe to resolve its dispute and ultimately restore federal and state Tribal benefits. Now that the Tribe’s full story has been accurately relayed and the facts of deception, manipulation and fraud have been thoroughly outlined, the future of this Tribe is now, once again, in the hands of the federal-government. The only question is, whether the federal-government will finally revive this Tribe and attempt to save it from the brink of death, or if it will continue its prejudice and provide the final nail in the coffin?



Robert A. Rosette, Esq.




Larry EchoHawk

Silvia Burley

Yakima Dixie

Trade Stevens

Del Laverdure

Jerry Gidner

Pilar Thomas

Troy Burdick

Pete Melnicoe

Chadd Everonc

Office of Inspector General 4

Olympics Prisoner Dies from Torture Shortly after Release from Labor Camp

So this is Civilization?

How much blood must be on our hands before we realize the true price for cheaper goods from China? Her Gulag System or Re-Education through Labor (RTL) program has become a boon to China’s burgeoning economy. From cheap disposable slave labor to farm house fresh human organs the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has the world by the tail. Manufacturing and the mining industries have embraced how the RTL program drastically lowered costs and increased productivity. Unfortunately US based industries are encumbered with labor and environmental laws hampering efficiency and the corporate bottom line.

China has become the number one medical destination for people in need of organ transplants. With literally millions of healthy Falun Gong members of all blood types at their disposal, organs are just a phone call and a plane ticket away. With Black Jails scattered around China many Falun Gong members simply disappear since these jails are not in the eyes of the public and the UN would over look it anyway. Prisoner’s fates are no different than those within the Gulag System though. Falun Gong members are singled out for torture and systematic psychological “conditioning”. Granted, the Falun Gong members who are beaten and brutalized are not selected for organ transplants. The organ “donors” are fattened up at another location. True story, these victims will have organs removed then left to die in various ghoulish ways. Imagine waking up just before doctors remove your lungs.

There is no degree where torture has gone to far within CCP protocols. It’s anything goes as officers practice with chains, electric batons and clubs while systematically beating men, woman and children to the point of death. Then as an act of shame they quietly release the victim to die with their families. Such was the case with Dr. Gong Hue who was illegally detained in Aug or 2008 then brutally beaten and savagely abused for a period of 15 months then returned to her family where she subsequently dies of her massive injuries on Dec. 4 2009. And we call ourselves civilized.

Your Devil’s Advocate



Olympics Prisoner Dies from Torture Shortly after Release from Labor Camp

Tianjin Falun Gong practitioner tortured severely during 15-month stay in camp

04 Jan 2010

New York—A middle-aged doctor detained in Tianjin during the Olympics died on December 4, only 22 days after her release from Banqiao “Re-education through labor” (RTL) camp. Ms. Gong Hui (宫辉), had been detained by police on August 13, 2008 and then sentenced by fiat to the camp, where she was beaten, tortured, and kept in solitary confinement. She was 57 years old when she died.

Gong was one of 15 Tianjin adherents whose sentencing to Banqiao RTL and risk of torture at the camp the Falun Dafa Information Center reported on last February (news). She is also among over 80 Falun Gong practitioners whose deaths the Center documented during 2009. In the run-up to and during the Olympics, over 8,000 Falun Gong practitioners were detained by the authorities, many of whom have since been sentenced to RTL or prison camps.

“This woman’s tragic death once again highlights the very real danger to life and limb facing every Falun Gong practitioner pulled off the street and sentenced to one of China’s 300 plus gulags,” said Falun Dafa Information Center spokesperson Gail Rachlin.

Local police and security bureau officers detained Gong without a warrant on August 13, 2008, during the period of the Beijing Olympics. She was initially held at Nankai District Detention Center for 35 days, located in a portion of the city not far from Tianjin’s Olympics Stadium. She was then taken to Banqiao RTL Camp in the more suburban Dagang District on September 17, 2008.

In an effort to force her to renounce her faith in Falun Gong, guards at the camp placed Gong in solitary confinement for extended periods of time, deprived her of food and sleep, and forced her to stand for hours at a time. The guards also instigated non-practitioner inmates to beat her.

On November 9, 2008, Gong was reportedly subjected to a particularly harsh session of torture, lasting from 9:00am until 11:00pm and resulting in her near physical collapse. Within three months of being detained at the camp, Ms. Gong had become emaciated, sickly, and had difficulty speaking.

Such violence against Falun Gong practitioners is commonplace in the RTL system, where adherents comprise a significant percentage of detainees. Following his visit to China in 2005, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture reported on the use of solitary confinement on Falun Gong practitioners at Beijing Women’s RTL camp.

“The ‘Intensive Training’ section … houses 10 small solitary confinement cells. Detainees stated that Falun Gong practitioners who had not renounced their beliefs after six months in detention were placed in the Intensive Training section until they were ‘reformed,’” says the report (link). “Falun Gong practitioners formerly detained at this facility mentioned that they would refer to this section as the ‘Intensive Torture Section’.”

A February 2009 study by the group Chinese Human Rights Defenders found: “More than half of our 13 interviewees remarked on the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in RTL camps. They said Falun Gong practitioners make up one of the largest groups of detainees in the camp, and that they are often persecuted because of their faith.” (link)

Despite calls for Gong’s release by family members, the camp continued to detain her despite her deteriorating condition. She was finally allowed to return home after completing the 15-month sentence she had originally been given. Unable to recover from the torture suffered in custody, Gong died on December 4, 2009, slightly more than three weeks after her release.

The Falun Dafa Information Center urges human rights groups and foreign media in China to investigate the full circumstances surrounding Gong’s death.

Falun Dafa Information Center

A selection of relevant phone numbers at Banqiao RTL Camp:
Hao Demin, director: 86-22-63252201, 86-22-63252203 (Office), 86-13803060179 (Cell)
Liu Yuxia, head of the Supervision Section: 86-22-63251069
Liu Jinying and Xiao Chunli, heads of Second Ward: 86-22-63251423 (Office)
Zhang, head of Second Section: 86-22-63251410, 86-22-63251415

California Tribe Faces Forced Extinction

Between corrupt California, Nevada officials and an unscrupulous Nevada casino mogul the hand would appear stacked against the federally recognized Miwok Tribe of Central California. On one side you have a casino magnate from Nevada along with a host of politicians from California, Nevada and within the Obama Administration who want to force this humble tribe out of existence and replace them with non natives. It’s all about the money and gambling revenue and these hopelessly corrupt politicians eagerly want to cash in on the lucrative gambling industry. On the other side of the coin are card carrying Miwok people who don’t want corrupt politicians to steal their blood right and tribal sovereignty. Talk about identity theft, this is a bold faced fraud falls more in the category of bunko rather than political.

In an interview with tribal elders including tribal chief Silvia Burley the names of Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were unmistakably entrenched in this conversation. Apparently they have a vested interest in the fraud that is being perpetrated against the sovereign Miwok Nation either directly or triangulated. In short, fraud and criminality as well as hopelessly corrupt politicians and a casino mogul with unlimited resources and deep pockets laid siege on this nation knowing this tribe does not have the financial capability to fight this well funded adversary. The tribe’s only hope to survive the latest attempt to take their lineage away from them is to petition Indian Country, the American pubic as well as the world for assistance. Their coffers have been empty since their tribal funds have been illegally stopped in this elaborate game of chess perpetrated by morally bankrupt BIA officials. And it’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money.

The real issue is tribal sovereignty and not just in California but throughout Indian Country since the Crow Creek Sioux Nation of South Dakota was the victim of an Internal Revenue Service land sale, on sovereign tribal land. That was an absolute violation of tribal sovereignty guaranteed by the federal government, again. The story about the Crow Creek Sioux Nation should be an example to other nations since this is a very dangerous precedent. The violation of sovereign rights is becoming a trend with various unscrupulous politicians and corporate thugs who continue their reign of greed and hatred for the indigenous people of the continental United States of America. Now we have thugs and corrupt politicians with millions of dollars to spend while bankrupting the Miwok Nation.

The prize will be to steal their federal recognition, their name, their lineage and replace them with people who will “play ball” with non native investors. On the bright side there will be a nice shiny casino with their tribal name boldly embossed in lights. Since non natives would assume the role of Miwok people I wonder where the real Miwok would have to go. Would they still be considered American Indian? Or will they be relegated to “Other”? Maybe the feds will move them to Oklahoma and join them to another tribe. But what about all the money the BIA illegally withheld from them to try and starve them out. Will they get their back pay or will the government make a new excuse as to why they do not deserve illegally withheld funds? I just wonder.

The tangled web of corruption places Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid smack in the middle of this scam to steal a tribe’s heritage and their sovereignty according to inside sources. Sadly as the truth evolves it places the Obama Administration in the hot seat since this crime may involve popular Democratic Party officials. Their close relationship with other unscrupulous business associates will undoubtedly come into focus as well. With money and a hand full of corruptible politicians laws will be ignored for the sake of the corporate bottom line across Indian Country since this is only the beginning I fear. But in the case of the Miwok Tribe they will not go down without a fight even if they do not have the deep pockets of a casino mogul to feed their struggle. I have included the latest press release from this beleaguered nation.

Your Devil’s Advocate




Picket the Central California Agency-Bureau of Indian Affairs

The California Valley Miwok Tribe invites you to join us in our open protest against the local Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept. of the Interior, Central California Agency

Our Tribe is a federally recognized Tribe that is listed in the Federal Register as an Indian Entity Recognized and Eligible to receive services from the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Central California Agency — BIA is illegally trying to re-organize a federally recognized Tribe that has never been terminated, that has a Custom and Tradition Tribal Constitution ratified by the Tribe in March 2000. The local BIA has been illegally withholding our Mature Status 638 Contract since 2008 and by refusing to confirm to the California Gambling Control Commission who our duly elected Chairperson is, BIA has caused the CGCC to illegally withhold the Tribe’s Revenue Sharing Trust Fund Monies (RSTF) since 2005.

Our civil rights have been violated. The local BIA is also violating federal law.

We (the “Tribe”) have no money to fund our Tribal Programs; all employees have been laid off since Dec 2007. The Tribe cannot pay its bills, and the only Tribal Property (1% acres of land at 10601 Escondido Pl., Stockton, CA 95212) has been foreclosed on. The Sheriff’s Department is scheduled to evict the Tribe and its members off the Tribal Property on January 15, 2010.

We are demanding that our funding be released immediately so we can save our Tribal Property and not be homeless. We are demanding fair treatment by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. We are demanding that an investigation into the inappropriate actions and treatment of
our Tribe, by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Dept of the Interior – BIA mission is to “protect and honor its trust responsibilities to American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Affiliated Island Communities”, so why have they failed so miserably with protecting the California Valley Miwok Tribe? Come join us, voice your concerns and issues. Show strength in UNITY!!


John Moss Building – Central Calif. Agency/Bureau of Indian Affairs 650 Capitol Mall,
Sacramento, Calif. 95814


Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 & Thursday, January 7 th, 2010


10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. (each day) followed by a 1 hour Press Conference (each day)

For more info contact the California Valley Miwok Tribe at (209) 931 -4567